BTC Chapter 295 : General…

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Su Xiaomeng sorted out the clothes, and Tingting’s came from afar, her posture was graceful, and she walked like a dance. It really had a few charms of ancient costumes.

In front of Lu Zixin, Su Xiaomeng’s expression suddenly turned into a pitiful look, carrying her long-sleeved face and saying with a sly voice: “General, you have to be the master!”

Lu Zixin didn’t think about it, what role was this, and he found that he had forgotten to ask her what game it was. Isn’t that a pit?

“What are you doing?” Lu Zixin asked.

“General…” Su Xiaomeng, while pretending to be sobbing, leaned over and put her face on Lu Zixin’s chest, scaring Lu Zixin.

Su Xiaomeng said “wandering”: “He is Prime Minister, he wants me to enter the palace, and I am afraid I can’t serve the generals in the future!”

Said, her body still trembled slightly, covering her face with her sleeves.

“Prime Minister? General?” Lu Zixin recalls, “What is your cosplay is Diao Chan? Is it from Soul of Three Kingdoms? Hey, this look good! Last time I was in the company, they haven’t put Diao Chan character models.”

He guessed it, Su Xiaomeng still stunned, Lu Zixin wondered: “I guess wrong? This word, what role can you have?”

He pulled Su Xiaomeng’s cover-up sleeves apart, but he saw Su Xiaomeng smirking in the cover, “Hahaha…”

“Brother, you are so funny, I was shocked when I came over! That expression… Hahaha, teasing me!”

Lu Zixin have a black line and shouted: “Let’s laugh and drag it down!”

“Don’t dare! Please forgive the sins!” Su Xiaomeng gave him a blessing, and she did half of it. She remembered what she had just done, and she couldn’t play with her waist.

“Well, I don’t laugh. But my brother-in-law, although you guessed it, but you still owe me a virtual projection game console.”

“You are a joke!”

“It’s not a joke!” Su Xiaomeng rebuttal remarks, “I have publicized Red Letter game. You sent me a game console. Isn’t it normal?”

“You are reasonable, I can’t refute it.” Lu Zixin said she was.

“Well, my brother-in-law, let’s go out and go shopping. I just saw a lot of fun.” Su Xiaomeng asked.

“Go yourself, I have to look at the effect of virtual projection here.” Lu Zixin has not seen the rehearsal, according to employees, this time for ChinaJoy, they deliberately repeated the special effects of virtual projection game, the scene effect ratio is a hundred times stronger than video demo and Lu Zixin is ready to take a look.

“Brother-in-law, you see, I look like this. There must be a lot of wretched men who want to simmer oil. What should I do?” Su Xiaomeng pretended to be a pitiful look. “Oh, I am pitiful. Elder sister does not accompany me. Friends don’t accompany me, brother-in-law will abandon me, what meaning it this life?”

“I really doubt that your university is study a professional drama?” Lu Zixin had no choice but to say, “Let’s go, go shopping first.”

The two left the background and went to the scene to watch. In addition to red letter, there are many digital manufacturer’s booths. They also launched some interesting activities and performances. They have seen them all the way.

Because Su Xiaomeng wears cosplay clothing, there are often passers-by asking for a group photo, and some anchors are also coming over, which has delayed a lot of effort.

But Su Xiaomeng was very happy and enjoyed the feeling of being worshipped.

They went to the interactive area of ​​Red Letter and found that the traffic was already much smaller than before.

At this time, someone said next to him: “The white baby is coming, just in Tencent game interactive area, interacting with the fans on the spot!”

“White baby? Hurry up!”

“It’s a white baby, I’m her fan! Go for a walk!”

Many people walked toward the interactive area of ​ Tencent game, and it was so crowded.

Lu Zixin also became curious and asked: “Who is this white baby? Which net is it?”

He doesn’t pay much attention to Net Red, so he is not clear. Su Xiaomeng shouted with her nose: “A fascinating stock!”

“What? You have a hatred with her?” Lu Zixin said curiously.

“I didn’t bother to care for her, she was jealous of me!” Su Xiaomeng said, “This white baby and I were broadcast live on a live broadcast platform. One of her fans brushed me 50,000 pieces. This girl was jealous, and arranged behind me. Find someone to take me to the rhythm.”

“I have returned all those 50,000 pieces. I don’t want a piece of money. This slut said that I installed HD, and I still fight with her on Weibo!”

“It turns out that there is such a thing, tell me directly, don’t let her talk nonsense!” Lu Zixin said with the enemy, some people want to use cyber violence to bully his little sister, really dead!

“Go, brother-in-law, let’s see what tricks she plays.” Su Xiaomeng took Lu Zixin in the past.

In the digital interactive area of ​​Tencent, the place is full of people, the white baby is standing on the stage and is chatting with the host.

Lu Zixin is far see a long, slim, slick face, wearing cosplay costume from Tencent game King of Glory, and others screaming underneath: “White baby, I love you!”

“White baby, I want to have a baby with you!”

“I unilaterally announced that you are my girlfriend!”

On the stage, the white baby is fascinating his skills, using Loli to say: “Little big brother online love? My Loli sound.”

“Online love!” everyone shouted.

“It’s so cute, I think…” There are men looking at the white baby with their eyes shining.

“Disgusting!” Su Xiaomeng whispered.

Lu Zixin made a suspicious voice and said, “Is it wrong, is this white baby’s chest fake? How do you feel that there is something thick inside?”

“Of course it’s fake!” Su Xiaomeng said. “He has a chest! It’s a pity that he is pseudonym, and he can’t grow a hormone!”

Said, Su Xiaomeng is quite a chest, showing her pride.

“Pseudo-naughter?” Lu Zixin Only then did you know what was wrong. Although the white baby looked very beautiful, he always felt that the makeup was a bit too thick and deliberate. He did not expect to be a man.

At this time, when he heard the words of the male fans, he felt the goose bumps.

“Brother-in-law, you see, our popularity has been taken away by this guy. Can’t make him so proud!” Su Xiaomeng saw that the white baby was sought after by everyone, and her heart was dissatisfied.

“Let’s go out and put the virtual projection game out now? I haven’t played it yet!” Su Xiaomeng suggested.

“OK, although the time is a bit early, but since you said, then let them start early!” Lu Zixin nodded.

“Great, I want the first operation! Let them all be shocked!” Su Xiaomeng excitedly pulled Lu Zixin to the interactive area of ​​Red Letter.

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