BTC Chapter 356 : Real Estate Tycoon

Edited: XiaXue

Zhang Kaile took off his hat and handed it to the waiter next to him and walked with Lu Zixin.

In the most central position, there is coffee table. The whole coffee table has precious roots and roots carved by the root carving masters, it is like a lying tiger.

Art-grade blue-and-white porcelain teacups, Xianglong spit water teapots, jade-carved tea pets, precious tea, and other treasures. This tea set is estimated to be worth no more than ten million.

Sitting on both sides of tea table are two middle-aged people of forty or fifty years old. One person is somewhat similar to Zhang Kaile, and it is estimated that he is one of his relatives.

Another person, Lu Zixin, was a bit familiar. When I came closer, I remembered it. This is an entrepreneur who is now very successful in China. Not doing the science and technology industry, but doing real estate business.

Dayuan Real Estate is currently the highest real estate company in China. Prior to this, Wan Family property ranking was also very high. In the past two years, Dayuan Real Estate has overtaken them for various reasons.

The person sitting here is the current president of Dayuan Real Estate, Pang Mingyuan, who has topped the top list of China’s richest people. He has many names, one of which is one of the top ten philanthropists in China and the honorary president of a provincial charity association, is not surprising he is here at the charity reception.

“Second uncle, Uncle Pang!” Zhang Kaile walked over with a smile. “I received another guest.”

The two looked over and saw Lu Zixin, and his eyes were full of doubts. It was obviously strange.

Zhang Kaile introduced: “This is President Lu of Red Letter Group. I had just met, I don’t know that President Lu is coming.”

As soon as he finished, the two people who were still sitting up stood up and showed a polite smile. They said, “It turned out to be President Lu, scorning, scorning!”

There are few people in the business community who can let them both stand up and welcome, but Lu Zixin is definitely one of them.

Created a miracle in the world of Science and Technology, the Red Letter Group has gradually become the world’s number one mobile phone brand, and is also famous in the game, software development and other industries.

Most importantly, Lu Zixin’s personal data privacy level is simply against the sky, and they still remember being warned by an agency when sending someone to investigate.

“This is my second uncle, Zhang Dezhang, president of Asian region of Wan Family Real Estate.” Zhang Kaile also introduced to Lu Zixin. “There is no need for me to introduce Uncle Pang here?”

“Of course not, Pang name, I have long been heard like thunder piercing the ear.” Lu Zixin said with a smile.

“President Lu is coming right!” said Pang Mingyuan. “We just talked about the current development trend of the company and talked about red letter.”

Lu Zixin sat down and chatted with them, Zhang Kaile sat and listened. Those who can achieve this achievement are all extraordinary, and they are still excellent to the world’s top glimpse. In the conversation, Lu Zixin also benefited a lot.

Zhang Dezhang was originally talking about real estate issues with Pang Mingyuan. Recently, Wan Family Real Estate was preparing to transfer a property in a certain city to Dayuan Real Estate. Lu Zixin came the topic change to Science and Technology and Information Industry.

Wan Family Real Estate and Dayuan Real Estate, as a huge business group, have invested in a number of Science and Technology companies, winning and losing.

“If any of the subsidiaries of Red Letter is listed, I guarantee that the capital in the world will rush to invest. Has President Lu considered it?” Zhang Dezhang asked.

Lu Zixin shook his head and said: “Our subsidiary operates smoothly and does not currently need to enter the capital market.”

Pang Mingyuan smiled and said: “Red letter has this emboldened spirit. Every subsidiary company is in the industry it’s a leader. Last week, I also talked with General Qian  of Thunderstorm Home to prepare a kind of new smart eco home community and smart business district.”

“We agree that operational virtual projection technology and smart homes will completely rewrite the real estate ecosystem.”

“Operational virtual projection technology, I can hear the word no matter where I go and what I am doing,” Zhang Dezhang said.

“That is a must. Now, no matter what product or industry, without a virtual projection, I feel that it’s out of date.” Zhang Kaile interjected, “My company has recently drummed this thing and encountered some trouble.”

Zhang Dezhang said with the cooperation: “What trouble, talk about, we think about you.”

Uncle and nephew singer sang one and one, Lu Zixin didn’t care, entrepreneurs met, and it was not normal to talk about business.

“On my live broadcast site.” Zhang Kaile said that he invested in a live broadcast site, which was not bad in the days of live broadcasts.

However, in the past two years, it has been somewhat weak. It has been surpassed by other live broadcast websites. The family’s elders suggested that he transfer shares. He is somewhat reluctant.

“Do you have a virtual social software launched by Red Letter Virtual Entertainment? Our company thinks that this new type of network interaction has great potential, so we want to add this virtual interaction to live broadcast.”

“That is the virtual projection live broadcast, through the virtual screening and operational interaction, let the live broadcast more close to life…”

Lu Zixin listened to him and nodded. “We have considered this point, but the company is currently limited in energy and has not been involved.”

“Then we can cooperate!” Zhang Kaile said quickly. “My live website traffic can also be ranked in the top five in China. The virtual social software of Red Letter is also in a period of rapid development. Strong alliance, mutual traffic interaction, this We are also more professional, we can do better, maybe we can achieve the first traffic in the industry!”

“This is a matter of virtual mutual entertainment. I have rarely interfered.” Lu Zixin paused, still gives Zhang Kaile some feelings and said: “President Xue is here today, I can tell her later. Honestly, I think this proposal is not bad.”

“Hahaha, thank you! I believe that President Xue is definitely a visionary!” Zhang Kaile said with a smile.

They continued to talk about the changes in China-US trade and the world economic structure from the enterprises, and so on, more than an hour passed.

“That, second uncle, Uncle Pang, President Lu, you talk first, the reception starts, I will arrange it.” Zhang Kaile got up and said goodbye.

Lu Zixin also got up and said: “I will go too.”

“Well, you go first, we will go down later.” Zhang Dezhang and Pang Mingyuan have no interest in the reception, and they will go when they donate charity.

At this moment, in the main hall, the guests are already full.

Zhang Kaile first went in, thanked and so on, and then held a glass of wine to welcome some celebrities. Lu Zixin is looking for Xue Yao’s position.

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