BTC Chapter 178 : Fixed in two days

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On the other hand, Wan Yongzhi, who compiled the information, complained: “What does a Brat know? These are all we have worked hard to study.”

Xia Ankang comforted: “Nothing, show him that we have nothing to lose. See what improvement plan he can give, if not, don’t accept it.”

Wan Yongzhi shook his head. “I don’t care anyway. This project is estimated to be less than a year later, and the next company meeting is only going to be cut down.”

“Hey!” Xia Ankang sighed deeply. This project has been researched for two years. It costs more than 100 million yuan. There is still no breakthrough, which makes him very helpless.

“Do your best.” he said.

They handed the core information to Lu Zixin, and Lu Zixin spent a few hours and it was already clear.

He said: “The improvement will take a little longer, about two or three days, can you wait?”

“Yes! I can wait a week!” Su Shi nodded.

“Two or three days?” Xia Ankang and Wan Yongzhi confirmed their thoughts. Isn’t it a joke in two or three days? It is impossible to improve.

In the next two days, Lu Zixin followed Su Shi to Thunderstorm to improve the program. In order to speed up, he also handed over some of the content to the employees of their company.

At Su Shi request, employees can only work according to his requirements.

Two days later, Lu Zixin successfully got the voice interaction function of this so-called smart speaker. Because the knowledge base data is not enough, there are still many gaps compared with Red Cloud, but at least the voice command can be completed rigidly without error.

In order to make Su Shi and others more convinced, Lu Zixin also asked Zhang Qiang to send the sensors they made from the lab of Red Letter to replace Xiaoyu smart speaker sensor.

“Completed?” Su Shi asked in amazement, “So fast?”

“Well, the changes have been revised, and the supplements are almost the same. I think this sample should meet your requirements.” Lu Zixin put his modified sample on his desk, “This The voice interaction system inside is already the latest version I have improved.”

Su Shi looked at the samples he gave, and from the appearance, there was no change. He really doubts that this is the so-called improved product?

How do you feel exactly the same as what the company employees had dealt with before? Actually nothing has changed?

Lu Zixin continued: “You can call Xia Supervisor and Wan Yongzhi together to see how it works.”

Su Shi saw his confident look, nodded in doubt, and then asked people to call them.

“Is it finished?” Xia Ankang is equally surprised. He really didn’t know Lu Zixin’s progress in these two days. Because he didn’t believe that Lu Zixin could improve, he didn’t bother to ask.

Anyway, this person is the son-in-law of Su. When it is time to study nothing, he can arrange a step for him. Who knows that he was suddenly told that Lu Zixin has improved the intelligent voice interaction of the product.

Wan Yongzhi also looked at the samples on the table. This was before Lu Zixin asked him to ask for improvement.

“It’s a horse, and you know it when you pull it out.” Su Shi said, “Go, go to the experience room.”

Smart home appliances, naturally in the “home” to play a role, they came to the experimental room before.

Lu Zixin turned on Xiaoyu, the smart speakers started, and connected with the signals of other smart appliances. Thunderstorm appliances have also developed an app for this purpose, the design is very simple, or a beta version, limited functionality, basically a dispensable thing.

Just turned on the smart speaker, it uses the light sensor to detect that the room is dimly lit, and automatically turns on the light in their room.

“You try to give instructions,” Lu Zixin said.

Su Shi first came and said: “Xiaoyu, turn on the TV, transfer to the central one.”

The smart speaker’s beacon flashes to indicate that it has received a voice command. Then, the smart TV was automatically turned on, and the program was also automatically adjusted, which is the central part of China.

“Hey? A little progress!” Su Shi was surprised. The previous Xiaoyu smart speaker can also do this function. When the order is issued, it is often repeated several times to identify it or make some mistakes.

“This is normal, Xiaoyu smart speaker is not always wrong.” Wan Yongzhi said, he did not think that this smart speaker has been improved.

Xia Ankang gave instructions to it. In order to test whether it’s voice system really improved, he also used the words of mixed dialects and said: “Xiaoyu, I want to take a shower.”

Smart speaker: “Okay, the water heater is being turned on for you.”

The smart speaker is finished, and the water heater in the bathroom has been automatically turned on. If he really takes a shower, he can immediately release hot water at the right temperature.

“Can you really understand? The instructions are executed correctly!” Xia Ankang was surprised. This seems to be a simple operation, but the technical problems involved are very complicated.

His pronunciation was preceded by dialects. If the previous Xiaoyu smart speakers could not understand, they can now accurately identify and connect smart appliances.

Wan Yongzhi also reveals the suspicious emoticon. Is this really improved by Lu Zixin? He did not believe that the order was issued: “Xiaoyu, play “SEE, YOU, AGAIN”.”

Smart speaker: “Playing songs for you, “SEE, YOU, AGAIN”.”

Then, an English song will be played. The interior was full of music, and the smart speakers themselves had sound interference. In the past, Xiaoyu smart speaker could not recognize the voice command.

When the song was so loud and the interference was particularly large, Wan Yongzhi continued to give instructions and said: “The house is dirty, clean it.”

The smart speaker’s signal light flashes, indicating that the voice command has been received, and then the smart sweeping robot in the room starts working and cleans the ground.

Seeing this scene, Wan Yongzhi is really amazing! Now there is the sound of the TV in the room, as well as the music sound of the smart speaker itself. It can also recognize the voice command and correctly complete the home appliance control.

This level has reached their original design requirements! It can be said that this project has been considered success!

And all this, just Lu Zixin completed in two days! Two days! They have been developing this project for two years and have not been able to do this!

Su Shi and Xia Ankang surprise is no less than his, even worse. When the current two voice commands are executed, they are already satisfied. Now they can recognize the voice interference and achieve accurate execution instructions, which has exceeded their expectations!

The two looked at Lu Zixin in unison, and their heart was surprised first, then turned into a surprise! They exhausted their efforts, and the results they dreamed of were actually achieved! It’s like dreaming!

Only Lu Zixin is still calm, and in his opinion, this function is really too simple. A true smart home should do a better job. It is necessary to be able to control every home appliance in a humanized way, without using the master’s instructions, and even give hints in some aspects. For example, the outdoor temperature changes, reminding the owner dress. Or daily recipe suggestions, event reminders. Integrated washing machine, automatic cleaning of the sweeping robot, etc.

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