MST Chapter 170 : The Strongest and Most Eye-catching Songwriter

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The audience voting rate of Liu Chiyan and He Xing is also for a reason, not a sudden and unconventional.

There are reasons for this.

Let’s talk about He Xing. He Xing has been mediocre in the previous games. Today is his best performance. Under the strong contrast, it is easy for the audience to have some illusions, and there is another very important one. The reason- he played before Liu Chiyan.

Yes, because Liu Chiyan, today Heavenly King Liu today low audience support rate is actually a disaster, Liu Chiyan song is too amazing, so many audiences still immersed in her song, the song after Liu Chiyan, that feeling is far away, in fact Heavenly King Liu song today is similar to He Xing level, but in the eyes of the audience, today’s Heavenly King Liu is not as good as he Xing, because He Xing poor performance before, this time, the audience’s impression on the stage was amazing, but Heavenly King Liu was behind Liu Chiyan, but let the audience produced a feeling like that.

I have to say that there is no harm without comparison.

Besides, Liu Chiyan have a high vote  rate is also due to the reason. The first thing that is crucial is that Liu Chiyan’s song today is really good, nice, and fit, which makes many sensible judges willingly vote for her.

Another reason is interesting. If several judges at the site of The Strongest Voice go to the Internet and look at Weibo, you will know why Liu Chiyan has such a high support rate.

On the Internet and Weibo, there is such a voice everywhere.

“I am going to return a vote to Goddess Liu.”

“Lilac a few days ago, I misunderstood Goddess Liu, didn’t vote for her, and must vote for her today.”

“Don’t say it, it’s Lilac, support Goddess Liu.”


Yes, because lilac in second game, Liu Chiyan because Lilac was sentenced to be eliminated, but a lilac and the story behind it also touched countless people in that day, but it is already in the voting results, so many in that day is not to Liu Chiyan Vote, or later want to vote for Liu Chiyan, but Liu Chiyan has no contest right, they have no chance.

So today’s resurrection, a large audience with the same mind, voted for Liu Chiyan, and also a vote for Lilac.

Many viewers have decided secretly before the show has started, and they don’t even care what Liu Chiyan sang today. They just want to vote for Liu Chiyan.

Liu Chiyan performed very well today, ‘I Do’ gave surprise the audience, which makes the audience willingly vote for Liu Chiyan. Many fans who were not originally fans of Liu Chiyan, or even fans of Heavenly King Liu, are also responsible for these two reasons, chose to vote for Liu Chiyan.

The resurrection is over.

Liu Chiyan qualified for the resurrection with an absolute advantage from audience support.

The game is over tonight, and the finalists of the finals tomorrow night will be announced, because there may be two pk, so two propositions of tomorrow are given at one time, namely love and courage, the most sincere feelings.

If Liu Chiyan loses in the first game, then the second proposition will not be used, and the champion belongs to Han Yurou. If Liu Chiyan wins the first, then there will be another pk, and Liu Chiyan and Han Yurou will decide the championship of The Strongest Voice.

When Liu Chiyan returned to the lounge, Ye Guang saw Liu Chiyan push the door in and almost blurted out a ‘wife, you are too powerful.’ Fortunately, he stopped the car because Liu Chiyan was followed by several people behind her.

Huang Bin, Heavenly King Liu, He Xing, Yu Fengnan, and Feng Qiu Huang’s, Mu Huang and Mu Feng, brother and sister are all coming.

Ye Guang secretly said in his heart that it was dangerous. If he didn’t close the door just now, the fun would be great.

In front of outsiders, Ye Guang still has to look like, “President Liu.” Ye Guang got up and greeted Liu Chiyan very professionally.

Liu Chiyan nodded to him.

Ye Guang and Jiang Xin then greeted Heavenly King Liu, Huang Bin and others one by one.

Liu Chiyan smiled and said to Ye Guang, “Everyone is coming over to see your big gifted scholar.”

Ye Guang sighed and waved his hand. “Don’t dare to be, I dare to be a big gifted scholar. I’m really flattered when everyone comes to see me.”

He Xing laughed, “Big gifted scholar is so humble, I specifically checked your information. After checking it, I made a jump, in advertising industry now has a known as the textbook, which is Fruit Run beverages, that planner actually you do, there are Goddess Liu Studio advertising film is also you do, your program Journey to the West storytelling is still in CCTV, and this time The Strongest Voice Goddess Liu Song, each capital is your lyrics composition, and the first capital is a boutique, most let me unexpectedly, you are still a poet, also joined the Province Writers Association,  Tsk tsk, my darling.”

Ye Guang touched his nose. “It’s all small hits. It’s not worth mentioning, and it’s incomparable to everyone.”

Mu Huang said: “Big gifted scholar is still modest. Haven’t you ever spoken out about talents, and you’ve seen them in the newspaper.”

Huang Bin: “That is, big gifted scholar should not be modest. We will come to see your deity this time. I want to know you. ”

This mouth is a big gifted scholar, Ye Guang is boasted by everyone, a little floating.

Ye Guang: “Everyone don’t call me a big talent. I don’t dare to be. If you don’t see the outside, call me Little Ye.”

All of them are people with heads and faces, and their qualifications are much higher than Ye Guang. Ye Guang said that several people are also welcome, and he is called Little Ye.

Heavenly King Liu: “Little Ye, you came to me last time but promised to write songs for me. Don’t forget this thing. Today, I was given a pk by your boss Liu Chiyan. I am not happy now, you have to write one for me, otherwise I will find your President Liu.”

Yu Fengnan: “Little Ye, I am also here to invite songs. On the stage, your President Liu promised me, you can write it.”

He Xing: “I am also cheeky to invite songs. Come see you by the way. You, big gifted scholar who made Liu Chiyan the biggest winner of this session The Strongest Voice.”

Ye Guang smiled and nodded. “Write, write, everyone come to me to invite songs. You can afford to see me. I definitely don’t quit. I must do my best to write good songs for you.”

Ye Guang promised to write songs, Heavenly King Liu, Huang Bin and other people were satisfied with a smile and nodded.

Ye Guang: “Mr. He Xing, what do you mean by President Liu is the biggest winner of this session? The finals have not yet begun.”

He Xing: “In any case, Liu Chiyan is already the biggest winner.”

Yu Fengnan nodded: “It is true that not only Liu Chiyan is the biggest winner, but Little Ye. You should be sought after by many people when The Strongest Voice is over. In these issues The Strongest Voice, Liu Chiyan’s song, lyrics, and composition are all you, and each capital is a boutique, I believe many people have noticed you.”

Mu Huang blinked and looked at Ye Guang: “On the stage of The Strongest Voice. There has never been a player whose song was written by a single person all the way, so you will get hot because of this, at least you want to get hot in the music world. You didn’t see us all looking for you to invite songs.”

Ye Guang thought for a while, as if what they said was a little bit reasonable, the previous The Strongest Voice not only made the singer or the song popular, but also won many outstanding songwriters who were selected by the singer during The Strongest Voice. Ye Guang is undoubtedly the strongest and even the most eye-catching songwriter of The Strongest Voice.

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