MST Chapter 144 : Raise lottery stakes

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In fact, this is the first time that Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan have been quarreling since they got married. Oh, it can’t be said that it is a quarrel.

When husband and wife get along, there will be some contradictions between the two. Like daily necessities, or the collision of some ideas, it is unavoidable, the foolish thing is that both sides are paranoid, do not win, and eventually cause a quarrel and greater contradiction, even to the end is because what noisy is not important, but both sides can not bear the other person, which leads to things like divorce.

In fact, many times, in the eyes of outsiders, there are some trivial things, some simple words collide, but in the eyes of the parties, these seemingly simple speech collisions are the most intolerable.

We are always accustomed to using the most hurtful words to poke the most intimate people. We are also the least used to hurt people in the most intimate population. If you change to outsider, will you really care about these words? Not necessarily, in the final analysis, it is because they care about each other.

In fact, smart couples only have two more factors than other couples. Tolerance and communication, tolerance can weaken contradictions, and communication can resolve contradictions. Occasionally, such a couple is not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes it is better to let each other know better and to understand the other’s mind, to be more harmonious in the future.

Something is far away, we return to the topic.

Since Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan were in a hurry, Liu Chiyan has returned to normal, and occasionally she has a look at the song, but the frequency was already extremely low, even less than normal when she hadn’t received The Strongest Voice notice.

Liu Chiyan also figured out, whatever she had The Strongest Voice, let it go, anyway, Ye Guang said that there is him, then give it to him.

Sometimes women have no reason to blindly believe in their own men.

Besides, what about The Strongest Voice, Ye Guang said that Liu Chiyan is more important to him than The Strongest Voice, and Liu Chiyan does think so, compared to The Strongest Voice, of course, it is the family and Ye Guang are more important.

The thoughts are well-understood, Liu Chiyan has a lot of spirits in these days, and they are very happy all day, causing the company’s employees to be confused and paying attention. What happened to President Liu during this time? Did you win the lottery?

Yiyi is also curious about Liu Chiyan’s recent state. “Aunt, has Ye Guang bought you something delicious? You are so happy.”

Liu Chiyan gave her a blank look. “You just know to eat.”

The Strongest Voice is about to begin, and the time starts on Saturday night four days later. Since last week, the news on Internet about The Strongest Voice has been flying.

For three-year program, the audience in the country is still very valued. This is basically equivalent to a three-year event, so the ratings of this program are also surprisingly high. When it is broadcast, any program ratings will be overshadowed in front of it, no one can be defeat it.

This time, The Strongest Voice is held in Hangzhou, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan are also preparing for the trip to Hangzhou. They will start the competition on Saturday. They will arrive at the venue on Friday and have to prepare one day in advance.

“Who else will the studio take?”

“Bring Sister Jiang, you are not familiar with the things in circles. It is better to take Sister Jiang avoid blindness.”

“Well, that line, Yiyi, let’s put with my parents?”

“Is it convenient for parents? If it is convenient, let her go to our parents for a few days. If it is not convenient, let us take her to play.”

“Convenient, what is inconvenient, let my parents take her for a few days, anyway, she also likes to go to the parents’ house, but still ask Yiyi first, see what she wants.”

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan asked Yiyi’s opinion, and Yiyi said that she would go to Grandpa without thinking about it.

Yiyi is of course willing to go to father and mother’s house. My parents like her as a baby, especially my father, who is even more dear to her like granddaughter. What do you want for, snacks are enough, she she can’t wait to go to my parents’ home for a few days.

In the evening, Ye Guang took the opportunity to draw a few prizes. He was going to Hangzhou soon. He didn’t have much skill, he could get the best skills, and he could be more confident.

During this time, Journey to the West storytelling rating has been very good, stable at around 1.1, slightly floating, but not fluctuating. To be honest, the ratings are not disappointing

It’s been a while since the last lottery, and Journey to the West’s storytelling his still very powerful and has brought more than one million reputation to Ye Guang.

Currently prestige points 1,027,687. Discipline points are also 81.

Old routines, first use Good Fortune Pledge.

Then [Raise lottery stakes].

Speaking of which, Ye Guang wants to draw more skills, it is actually better to do it one at a time. The probability of taking the skill is also larger, but Ye Guang also has his own research. He and Liu Chiyan went to Hangzhou this time, mainly to deal with The Strongest Voice.

Last time, I had already won Erudite Temperament, now let him make an original song he may not be able to do it, but according to the song he will sing to write down or can do it, but Ye Guang want to be more proficient, this time The Strongest Voice for Liu Chiyan is very important, his cowhide has been blown out, he wants to help Liu Chiyan won the throne, the current Erudite Temperament is not enough, if raise raffle stakes can in pumping in a Erudite Temperament that will be duly completed, if you can upgrade this skill to one level, at least this time The Strongest Voice he is convenient in composing without worrying too much.

[Raise lottery stakes]

The lottery large turntable pointer rotates at a rapid speed.

Very good, the middle is treasure chest.

Open the storage bar, um, four treasure chests, it seems that 6 are the same kind of skill.

Open one by one.

“Congratulations, you obtain Good Fortune Pledge – 1”

“Congratulations, you obtain Good Fortune Pledge – 1”

“Congratulations, you obtain Good Fortune Pledge – 1”

Ye Guang is speechless, three treasure chests are Good Fortune Pledge. This is also the last guess of his last guess. There should be only upgradeable class skills for multiple items.

“Congratulations, you obtain Director Knowledge x6”

Six Director knowledge, Ye Guang is a little disappointed, he can’t use it now.

Once again, the effect of Good Fortune Pledge is still there.

[Raise lottery stakes]


2 treasure chests.

Open the treasure chest.

“Congratulations, you obtain Firm Rock – 1”

“Heavenly spirits, earth spirits.” Ye Guang worshipped the Quartet first when he opened the second treasure chest. This was the time when the Actor’s knowledge was drawn.

“Congratulations, You obtain Actor knowledge x9”


Ye Guang almost squirted out of old school, system old iron, four gods, what we want is the temperament, what we want now is the temperament, now give an Actor knowledge to use, The Strongest Voice does not have to perform on stage!

No way, already pumped and can’t come back again, Ye Guang used both Director’s knowledge and Actor’s knowledge.

Two groups of white light flashed, Ye Guang Director’s knowledge +7, Actor’s knowledge is somewhat different, the font in the system is green, it seems that this is an upgrade, Ye Guang does not feel where there is a difference, it is estimated that this skill effect is necessary to use it when it comes to performance.

There are 320,000 prestige points left, I can do it again.

[Raise lottery stakes]


No more, no, no!

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