MST Chapter 159 : Smashed Goddess

Edited: XiaXue

Han Yurou song is beautiful.

Even Ye Guang was amazed. It turned out that the babbling national style songs in his impression could really be sung so nicely. “I looked down on the heroes of the world.” Ye Guang has some feelings.

He originally thought that Liu Chiyan would sing “Millennium Tour” and she would be able to control the group. But when Han Yurou came out, Ye Guang didn’t have a bottom. He even thought that Liu Chiyan’s song was not as good as Han Yurou in terms of national customs.

At the same time, Ye Guang also had some doubts in his heart. Han Yurou sang this song, how did he listen to some inexplicable familiarity?

Han Yurou song not only made Ye Guang experience, but the audience and several judges and teachers were also amazing, and also praised it.

Huang Bin: “Good, really nice! This is one of the best folk songs I have ever heard.”

Zong Zhengguang: “The singing method has changed a little, it is still the old singing style of national style. It is just right, and your voice is empty and beautiful. It is indeed a rare song.”

Chun Yumin: “The word beauty, the beauty of song, the beauty of sound, the beauty of people.”

Several judges spoke highly of it.

Ren Keling: “Yurou song is really amazing to all of us. It’s so nice, Yurou, is there anything you want to share about this song?”

Han Yurou smiled very confidently, “Thank you for your love and affirmation, I have always been very fond of national style music, but in recent years, national style has declined, I want to change this situation, so I have this song to meet with everyone, I am very glad that everyone can like it. It proves that national style repertoires are not unpopular by everyone. In recent years, national style repertoires have not been welcomed by the public. It may just be that their own quality is not good. In addition, my mission is that national style is national style. It has it’s unique charm and tune singing method, so it is called national style. In my opinion, the national style songs of some people are actually pop songs wearing the coat of national style. Among the external defeats, I don’t think it is a national style song. If national style develops in that respect, I am even worried that there will be no real national style songs in the future. Just say so much. Thank you everyone.”

Ye Guang watched Han Yurou speech on TV in the lounge, and blurted out a “fuck”.

Jiang Xin: “See it. This woman is not a fuel-efficient lamp.”

“It’s not fuel-efficient, it’s just sick!” Ye Guang said, “She sang her, why did she pull on our Liu’er and stepped on it? I have never seen such a person!”

Han Yurou’s last words were undoubtedly directed at Liu Chiyan. She is talking about someone, but this was almost naked and ordered Liu Chiyan’s name. One has it’s own watch, a golden flocculent outside, which is tantamount to pointing at Liu Chiyan’s nose in front of national audience.

On the right side of the stage, He Xing and Mu Feng & Mu Huang looked at Liu Chiyan with an unusual look.

Liu Chiyan is expressionless, as Han Yurou said, she has nothing to do with her.

Heavenly King Liu was sitting in a sly manner, as if nothing had happened.

Outside, many fans of Liu Chiyan are also excited in front of TV.

“Fuck! This girl is sick, why is the Goddess Liu in our family? She is a dog, biting people indiscriminately.”

“It turned out that she had smashed Goddess Liu. I didn’t believe it at the time. Now I believe, I didn’t say it, I will be black in the future!”

“Die. Han Yurou!”

The show continues.

Ren Keling and Yi Shan didn’t dare to interact with Han Yurou, fearing that she would say something bad.

Ren Keling now has a beast in his heart, not to mention that Ren Keling himself is saying that catkins are true or false, but what is the occasion today? The scene of The Strongest Voice, live broadcast, the national audience is watching, this old girl can not pay attention to words? Does this dare to say anything that is directly provocative? People are Heavenly Queen, fans are many times more than you, how dare you? Is it that you are ignorant and fearless, or do you say that you are pure and straight?

Fortunately, Liu Chiyan is worthy of being Heavenly Queen, the mood is not in the same color, there is no on-the-spot and Han Yurou, or will this The Strongest Voice still do?

Even so, Ren Keling felt cold in the face of Liu Chiyan with no expression, and the air seemed to be full of gunpowder.

After a few words, Ren Keling and Yi Shan invited Han Yurou to the election chief.

Ren Keling: “Now, all five players have already finished singing. Next, we will count the votes of five players.”

Yi Shan: “A second statement, all of our audience voting will be fair through the comrades of notary office, absolutely true and effective.”

Yi Shan: “The audience in front of TV, you can edit the number of your favorite star in the form of text message and send it to us, or you can call and press the number to select the player you support. The player number is: 1 Liu Xuecheng, No. 2 Feng Qiu Huang, No. 3 Hexing, No. 4 Liu Chiyan, No. 5 Han Yurou.”

Ren Keling: “The off-court voting time is 10 minutes. If there are still viewers who are not clear about the voting rules, please see the scrolling captions at the top of the screen.” Yi Shan: “In addition, in order to ensure that the vote is true and effective, the viewer who votes from cell phone must use cell phone number registered in real name to take effect. Each viewer can vote only once, and multiple votes are invalid. For example, multiple cell phones under one name. No Vote, only one vote is valid.”

Ren Keling: “Below, I announced that the off-court voting channel is officially open!”

Off-site voting began, and the audience who had been watching TV were very responsive to participate; Ye Guang also quickly took out the cell phone and sent a text message to vote Liu Chiyan. After the vote, he immediately turned to Jiang Xin cellphone, “Sister Jiang, fast, cellphone, give me, I vote for Liu’er.”

Jiang Xin: “Well, it’s not bad for us to have two votes.”

Ye Guang: “Why don’t you get it, one vote and two votes are tickets, fast and vote.”

Jiang Xin did not yell at him, took out the cell phone and voted for Liu Chiyan.

On the field.

The show continues.

Ren Keling: “Next, I will invite 10,000 viewers present to vote. When I call out the voting, the audience members who are present can vote by pressing the corresponding player’s number on the hand. You have one minutes of voting time. Vote begins!” [X-N: In original the audience is 10 million so i edit to 10,000]

The audience at the scene used the pre-programme group to vote for the players they like on the prepared voter.

In no time, the audience voted over, and the comrades of notary public were still conducting justice. The off-court vote was not over. In this gap period, it was the turn of five judges to vote, and five judges were unavailable. It has a 10% vote rate, a very heavy rate, so each of their votes is very important.

But today’s vote is not that important, because there is a player destined to be eliminated: He Xing!

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