MST Chapter 245 : Running Man’s Network Broadcasting Right

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The major media also reported on Running Man ratings were quite high, and they won the first place in the variety show ratings.

Various stations, Weibo, and news platforms are full of news about Running Man.

“Domestic Variety Show Hits a New High”

“Beijing TV Station Breaks the Years of Deadlock”

“Running Man ratings against the sky”

“A variety show myth written by Ye Guang is about to be born”

News like this kind of headline spread wildly on the Internet, indirectly filling the popularity of Running Man with high-concentration fuel.

Countless people who don’t know about Running Man, or hadn’t watched it almost compulsively saw the news. There was no way, too many news, as long as they online, it was hard not to see it.

Suddenly, a large number of viewers who are looking forward to Running Man have increased. Many viewers want to find the video of Running Man last night to see what kind of show to cause such a big response. It’s really crazy, the top ten on Weibo popularity rankings, the first, second and third are all about Running Man.

The few words left by Weibo friends also tickled the hearts of viewers who had never watched the show.

“Hahaha, I was smiling in my dreams last night, it’s so funny.”

“I just want to say, I love the guests, except Ye Guang!”

“Ye Guang is too bad, it’s a naked abuse, without any cover.”

“This is the first time I have seen this type show. The celebrities fight melee, haha, it’s so good.”

“The impression of Goddess Liu in my mind has changed drastically. I thought she was a goddess, but I didn’t expect her to be a woman in her bones!”

“Lan Bao is so funny, why didn’t I find out?”


There are countless messages in and out of this numerous category in Weibo’s topic about Running Man,  which has attracted many friends to search for Running Man’s videos, wanting to see what happened.

However, to their disappointment, they didn’t see any videos of Running Man! There is no network platform to broadcast! There’s also no news on which network video platform to broadcast it!

How come? This is simply unreasonable. Generally speaking, after variety show broadcasted, won’t they have the video on network platform the next day? Why this Running Man didn’t?

Countless viewers wont to ask at Weibo Beijing Satellite TV, Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang.

However, the three parties have not responded.

Running Man is indeed not on the network platform, Ye Guang and Beijing Satellite TV have not sold the Running Man network broadcast right.

Of course, it’s not that they couldn’t sell it, but they didn’t sell it.

At the beginning, after the news Running Man wanted to be produced. Immediately, there is several network video platforms contacted Beijing Satellite TV. They wanted to buy the network broadcasting rights of Running Man, and their price was not low. After all, this program has Liu Xuecheng and Liu Chiyan. Well, no matter how these two pressers, the program will not go bad, so these network video platforms also give full sincerity.

However, Beijing Satellite TV and Ye Guang didn’t agree, and they didn’t even talk about it.

This idea was also given by Ye Guang. After hearing the quotations from major online video platforms at the beginning, Beijing Satellite TV was actually already excited. So, they asked Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan to discuss the rights to the network.

After Ye Guang learned the news, he refused without even thinking about it, and tried his best to discourage Zhang Zhi from selling it.

Zhang Zhi also wondered, why not sell it? Are you rich? Isn’t this stupid?

Ye Guang gave the reason, “Director Zhang, we haven’t broadcast the show yet. The price given by the major stations is only an estimated price. If it is a general program, the price is indeed not low, but in this show, we have Heavenly King and Queen sitting in the town. Moreover, it is a rare investment of over 100 million yuan. If you sell it at this price, isn’t it a pork selling at cabbage price?”

Zhang Zhi thought for a while, but he still hesitated. The prices from the major platform really made him tempted, “But sooner or later, we have to sell it. Now the price is not low. And we still don’t know what results we will have at the end of the show. If you decide that the price is low, you can talk about it again.”

Ye Guang said, “Director Zhang don’t need to worry about this show performance. Let’s not talk about this. I will ask you, how does the price they offer now compared to Happy Camp’s network rights?”

Zhang Zhi: “That can’t be compared, Happy Camp is the first in the country and the price is definitely high.”

Ye Guang: “That’s not enough, my goal is not just a Happy Camp.”

Zhang Zhi stunned, thinking for a long time before saying, “Is that so confident?”

Ye Guang, “That is, of course. Director Zhang, do you think that we can have higher price than Happy Camp? Take a step back, let them pay the same price as Happy Camp, are they willing?”

Zhang Zhi shook his head. The show hasn’t been broadcast yet, the ratings also unknown. It is impossible for them to pay such high price, unless his brain is kicked by the donkey.

However, what Ye Guang said now is based on the premise that the show is really hot. Otherwise, everything is empty talk. Zhang Zhi doesn’t really want to take risks. In case the show is not as Ye Guang said after the show is broadcast. It’s not warm, although is not worried about not being able to sell, but the price is definitely not high. Now, the prices from major platform already very high, otherwise Zhang Zhi, this kind of people who have seen strong winds and waves are not easily tempted

Ye Guang knew that Zhang Zhi’s heart is wavering. So, he continued to persuade, “Director Zhang, since you asked me to make the show, then you should trust me. I’m the most understanding of my own program, I also has its own estimate. Moreover, our program has earned a sum of money from advertising. No matter what, it won’t lose any money. Even if the program goes wrong and doesn’t get popular, the network broadcast right can’t sell with high price, it’s just a little bit less. But, if the show becomes popular, the price will be doubled, or even several times.”

Ye Guang paused and continued. “As you said, the highest bid now is 38 million. Compared to Happy Camp, it is said that their price is 80 million, so the difference is more than doubled. So this price is actually not that high. Moreover, if the program becomes yellow, the ratings are not ideal, but there is  Goddess Liu and Heavenly King Liu signs. What can be worse, the network copyright will sell for a total of 10 to 20 million yuan. Is it still okay?”

“The difference is only 20 million. And if our show is really popular and pulls the Happy Base Camp down, at this time the network broadcasting rights are at least equal to the Happy Base Camp? At least 80 million or more, 80 million and 38 million, a difference of 42 million, with 20 million used to bet 40 million or more. Wouldn’t this counted on Director Zhang account?”

So, this moved Zhang Zhi.

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