BTC Chapter 125 : Preliminary Results

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In comparison, the style of red letter mobile phone is too singular, so the decline in sales is also reasonable.

Jiangcheng University, New Energy Technology and Materials Laboratory, Lu Zixin and Red Letter R&D team, as well as several professors who are already technical advisors to Red Letter Group, are doing sample testing of the first phase of lithium-air batteries.

Lu Zixin only provides some important technical materials, and specific research and development and material testing are done by them.

In front of them, there is a palm-sized sample lithium air battery, Professor Luo Hanshan is explaining.

“Battery technology is an energy storage technology. The battery is the medium for energy storage. In the past decade, battery technology has not been significantly broken through.”

“A few years ago, I worked with several colleagues on battery technology and tried to build a new battery model. But we searched the periodic table and the crystal database, and we still found no reliable theoretical model.”

“And lithium-air batteries use the method of changing the anode reactants to achieve greater energy storage…”

He paused a bit and then said: “Lithium air batteries have a higher energy density than ordinary lithium batteries, which means that the possibility of danger is greater. So safety and stability are the biggest problems we are currently facing.”

“In order to ensure stability, we have reduced the amount of reaction. This sample is currently stored four to five times as much as an ordinary battery.”

Lu Zixin asked: “What about stability?”

Luo Hanshan said: “The internal structure of the battery has been repeatedly trimmed and simulated dozens of accidents. The stability and cycle stability are even higher than ordinary lithium batteries! And we have added a safety design even if the battery unexpectedly fails. Can also be under control.”

Cyclic stability is something that can happen to the battery after repeated charging.

“So, do you think this sample can be put into commercial use?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Yes!” Luo Hanshan affirmed, “As long as it is tested by state agencies, it can be put into commercial use. However, for safety reasons, commercial lithium-air batteries have to reduce some energy storage for a while, and the commercial version of the battery can achieve four times the performance. “

“Four times! Four times is enough!” Tang Gang, next to Lu Zixin, is joyfully said that the same size battery is four times the amount of electricity! This is a big advantage for them!

Lu Zixin said with a smile : “Congratulations to Professor Luo, and everyone’s efforts to make this cross-era lithium air battery!”

Those professors are naturally full of joy, but Luo Hanshan calmly said: “This is not enough. This is just a preliminary technology. The real lithium-air battery should be able to be applied to any mobile electronic device, electric car, or even a large energy storage device. We only took the first step.”

Lu Zixin nodded. “That is quite remarkable. Next, we will still provide research funding to try to make this technology more mature. It is hard.”


When he came back from Jiangcheng University, Tang Gang was still excited. He said: “I just asked, within half a month, we can make a commercial version of the mobile phone lithium battery model, and submit it to the relevant departments for review. After one month, it can be put into production!”

“What happened to the battery factory?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Find a small factory, the business situation is not good, and their bosses are willing to change hands. However, if we want to be wholly-owned, change equipment, expand the factory and the like, invest a lot.”

“It’s still going to be invested. The profit of the battery may not be less than the mobile phone in the future!” Lu Zixin said, the lithium-air battery itself is a huge profit point.

As long as the market sees its performance, it is estimated that the battery order can not be completed.


A few weeks later, Red Letter got the certification results of national agency. Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology announced a news of shaking the industry. After the research and development team of Red Letter and the joint research and development of Jiangcheng University, it finally made breakthrough progress in lithium battery technology and developed a commercial version of lithium-air battery. The performance is More than four times that of ordinary lithium batteries.

Jiangcheng University also issued this statement, which was also published on the official website of the school as an honor show.

When this announcement came out, it immediately caused an uproar. First, the media reported it.

Science and Technology Daily: “Chinese companies have independently developed lithium-air batteries, which is epoch-making!”

Tencent News: “Red Letter announced the development of new battery, the performance is more than four times the average battery!”

Phoenix Science and Technology: “Another breakthrough in new energy technologies, Red Letter announced the successful development of lithium-air batteries!”


Ordinary people may not pay much attention to these things, but people in related industries are surprised.

The most concerned about Red Letter is naturally a competitor of the same industry.

Rice company, Tian Xiangshan saw the announcement of Red Letter, immediately scared, four times the performance of ordinary battery, if it is used for mobile electronic devices, how strong?

“Is this true or false?” Tian Xiangshan asked the company’s technical staff.

The technicians don’t know, saying: “If it’s a model of a lithium-air battery, that’s possible. But the commercial version is hard to say. But the battery technology hasn’t been innovated for many years. I still think it’s a gimmick.”

“Hope is a hype.” Tian Xiangshan comforted himself. If Red Letter can really commercialize this battery, it would be a disaster for them.

Other mobile phone brands have also felt the crisis, but like Tian Xiangshan, they also feel that Red Letter is in hype. How long does it take for Red Letter to be in mobile phone industry? Even if HX2 is not out, a new battery is developed, which is unscientific!

On the Internet, there is also a new energy technology expert to speak, he said: “The lithium-air battery claimed by Red Letter is probably just a technical model and cannot be commercialized!”

“A few years ago, Cambridge University had built such models and samples. Japan and Israel also issued similar batteries, but it can only exist in the laboratory now.”

He also said: “Red letter is doing this. It is hype. In the past few months, it has speculated that it will be a billion-dollar gamble. Now it has to speculate on new batteries. It is recommended that everyone should look at it rationally and not be tempted by the hype of the business.”

Not only him, but some battery companies have also said that lithium-air batteries are still some distance away from commercial use.

There is even an Japan scientist named Masaki Kisuke who stood up and declared in front of the media: “The Japan New Energy Technology Development Association made a lithium-air battery in the laboratory a few years ago. The red letter is away from us, and at least ten Year’s technology gap!”

His statement has won the unanimous approval of everyone. Some media have reprinted the statement of Masaki, saying that the announcement of Red Letter is speculation.

“Which is this onion?” Lu Zixin asked in the office.

Su Zhirong looked at the phone and said: “Member of Japan National Institute of Industrial Technology, an expert in new energy technology. Yes, he is also the chief technology officer of Fujitsu Battery.”

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