BTC Chapter 505 : Who is this person?

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“This woman has no quality at all! I will teach her!” Su Xiaomeng has always been not afraid of big things, and directly went straight.

“Forget it, we have limited time, but also go to the dressing room, let me come.” Lu Zixin said, taking out a badge from his suit pocket and putting it on. It’s a badge only senior officials of Red Letter Group can wear.

He went straight and said to security staff: “Let me handle it.”

Seeing the badge worn by Lu Zixin on the chest, several staff members nodded quickly and shouted: “Hello, boss.”

“You are in charge?” Belle saw this scene and said in an unreasonable tone: “What do your people do? Not only stopped me from enter, but also tried to molest me! You said, this matter must be resolved now, otherwise it will not end!”

Lu Zixin didn’t want to talk nonsense with her. He said: “I have witnessed the whole incident. Our staff is not wrong. It is you, who is unreasonable. Now I ask you to immediately apologize to our the staff. Otherwise, the consequences will be at your own risk.”

“What? I apologize, are you sick?” Belle cried, “Everyone saw it. This is Red Letter, the store is bullying, and the overbearing is unreasonable!”

The surrounding people didn’t know the truth, they just pointed out. Belle’s live broadcast room is not closed, and her fans just started spraying.

“Sabi stuff, call the police!”

“Bullying our Belle, you don’t want to live!”

“Who is this cargo? Make our Belle to apologize. Who does he think he is?”

“Garbage company, garbage management staff, everyone help, expose him to the Internet!”

“Exposure, exposure, these people are too unreasonable!”

The accompanying staff around Belle also came up and blamed: “You are in charge here? We are from Mengtu Entertainment. This is our artist, Miss Belle. Her random appearance fee for any stage is starting from a few million. Now, you not only blocking her, but also suspected of assault. If you have this attitude, then don’t think about reconciliation! Think about it yourself, will your company blame you at that time?”

“Hahaha, this fool!” Su Xiaomeng couldn’t help but laughed. This person was so stupid. He said this in front of Lu Zixin. If he knows Lu Zixin identity, he might be scared to pee now!

“Do you want me to explain?” Lu Zixin asked rhetorically.

“Yes, you must give us explanation!” The man said confidently.

“Yes, then give you a explanation.” Lu Zixin snapped his finger. His portable smart device projected the scene just now. It was the whole process Belle asked to enter the venue.

“Everyone can see clearly. Our company’s has regulations, you must be the invited media before you can bring related holographic photography equipment into the venue. Otherwise, it will interfere with the holographic projection effect in the venue. These people didn’t meet the requirements.”

“Then the lady claimed our staff had personally violated her. Fortunately, we also had evidence.” Lu Zixin slowed down the video ten times lower. We can clearly seen our staff didn’t deliberately touch Belle’s body. It was her own “collision”, which is very horrifying.

Belle absolutely didn’t think the scene just happened is recorded! And it was so clear that everyone saw the slow-moving scene, and suddenly cast a contemptuous look on Belle.

“Fuck, this woman really shameless, but also net red! There is no quality!”

“Obvious you touched others, but you said other people are hooligans, hehe!”

“Framing others, but also justified, I have seen it!”

“Don’t be pitiful!”

Seeing everyone began to accuse her. Belle was so embarrassed to the extreme. She is little angry and said: “Well, you wait. I will contact your company now!”

“No,” Lu Zixin said, “If you don’t apologize, the venue will refuse you.”

“We are from Mengtu Entertainment! You know…” Belle’s accompanying bodyguards haven’t finished yet, Lu Zixin nodded, “OK, Mengtu Entertainment is it? If you don’t publicly apologize for this. Then your company will be pulled into Red Letter Group blacklist and we will stop all cooperation!”

Red Letter Group’s Science and Technology products, such as smartphones, glasses, and computers have occupied most of the entertainment products, and Red Letter’s virtual entertainment has dominated the new entertainment era. No entertainment company dares to offend Red Letter Group.

“You think who you are! You wait!” Belle snarled indignantly.

Lu Zixin issued the order. Soon security personnel came over to deal with the matter. However, Belle and others are embarrassed to stay here because the video was exposed. So they had to leave dingy.

Outside the field, Belle was still complaining to the audience. Said: “The video just now was definitely not intentional. I was anxious and didn’t pay attention. Normal girls would react like this. But they are too much! They actually drove us away and threatened me…”

Some ideal audiences already left, but Belle wins many brain fans, and brain fans are still helping her speak.

“Yes, bullying our Belle. It’s not a good thing at first glance!”

“Human flesh!”

“Post a post to report him! How to mix in the future!”

“Belle, look for the company, see what the company says!”

“I will contact the company first. After calling the company, I will live broadcast again.” Belle shut down the live broadcast and went to bathroom to call the top of Mengtu Entertainment.

“Godfather, wū wū, I’m bullied!” Belle was bitter to the video. On the opposite side of the video, there’s a bald old man. He was Fang Dahai, chairman of Mengtu Entertainment.

“Oh, don’t cry, it won’t look good if you cry. Who has short-eyed, bullying our Belle! Godfather will vent your anger!” Fang Dahai comforted.

“That’s it…” Belle added more energy and jealousy in her story. She finally cried: “That person is too bullying. Their Red Letter Group is big, but they can’t bully me like that, right?”

“Yes, Red Letter Group can’t bully people casually. Don’t worry, godfather will vent your anger. That little security guard will be fired!” After Fang Dahai finished talking. Belle smiled and said, “Thank you. Godfather, I’ll see you after I go back.”


Lu Zixin didn’t pay attention to this episode. He came to backstage with Su Xiaomeng. The makeup artist gave him clothes and makeup. Next, Lu Zixin made his debut in the world for the first time. Naturally, he wanted clean and better image.

In the venue, guests and audiences gradually came, all sitting in their seats, discussing the theme of this conference.

In the center of the venue of the wide Bird’s Nest Stadium, which has now been transformed into a large virtual projection stage. Before the conference official start, Virtual idols from Red Letter virtual entertainment is performing singing and dances on the stage for the audience, making the audience even more exciting.

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