MST Chapter 167 : Heavenly King Liu loses

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Next day.

The show started.

The proposition of today’s game is Sea.

Ye Guang prepared Liu Chiyan a classic song in Dream World, Listen to the Sea.

Although this song is very good, Liu Chiyan doesn’t like it very much. Ye Guang asks her why, and Liu Chiyan sighs with words. “Because it was written by you, I don’t like the lyrics of this song. This is a song with sadness. I don’t like sobbing, not approaching, tears, and leaving.”

Ye Guang smiled, touched her head, and pecked her lips. Well, last time Liu Chiyan taught, Just comfort her and kiss her.

Ye Guang: “Fool, it’s just a song, and I won’t leave you.”

Liu Chiyan was then cloudy and sunny.

In the evening, after several soy saucers sang songs, Han Yurou and Heavenly King Liu pk game began.

Heavenly King Liu sang a very heroic song. The song was called a man’s chest to the sea, a very heroic song.

Han Yurou is taking the love song route and singing a love sea.

The two played very well this evening, and the mood of the audience was completely detonated. Various screams, shouts, and the tsunami in the mountains were endless.

The game is the game, and ultimately it is necessary to have a winner and loser.

Heavenly King Liu lost the vote in the judges vote. Five judges, Zong Zhengguang and Sui Si voted for Heavenly King Liu, and Huang Bin and Yu Fengnan supported Han Yurou.

In the end, Chun Yumin, the vice chairman of the Chinese Musicians Association, was left. After struggling and thinking for a long time, Chun Yumin finally voted for Han Yurou.

Han Yurou leads Heavenly King Liu by 10%.

10% said that there are not many, The off-site and on-site audiences still have 50% of the votes. Judging from Heavenly King Liu popularity and his performance tonight, it is not impossible to catch up.

Subsequently, the audience vote rate was announced, Heavenly King Liu support rate was 14%, and Han Yurou’s support rate was 11%. Almost the same.

In the lounge, Ye Guang squeezed a cold sweat for Heavenly King Liu. He was Heavenly King Liu powder, and Ye Guang didn’t like Han Yurou. Han Yurou had beaten Liu Chiyan, how could Ye Guang like her.

The vote in the field, Heavenly King Liu did not lead much. Now it is still 7% short. It is a bit difficult to rely on off-site audience to score the most, but it is not impossible.

After the on-court voting was announced, the vote of the off-site audience also came out.

Heavenly King Liu off-site support rate is 15% and Han Yurou’s support rate is 10%.

In the end, Han Yurou’s total support rate was 51%, Heavenly King Liu total support rate was 49%, and Heavenly King Liu lost with a small gap of 2%. Han Yurou eventually won and became the champion.

Ye Guang was a little angry in the lounge. “Why let this woman win? It means that the vote ratio in the hands of the judges is too high. It’s 10% for one person, which is too difficult to tie.”

Jiang Xin: “The vote rate of the judges is quite high, but this is what it should be. Many times the audience vote is not objective. Today, Heavenly King Liu and Han Yurou have their own merits. I don’t say who sang it well, not a style, but with conscience, in terms of the degree of vocalization in the future, Han Yurou’s song must be popular and reasonable. In fact, Han Yurou’s song tonight is going to overwhelm Heavenly King Liu, but you have also seen it, obviously Heavenly King Liu support rate from audience vote is high. This is entirely due to the large number of fans and high popularity of Heavenly King Liu. The high percentage of votes in judges hands is to prevent the audience from voting based on star effects and affecting the setting.”

Ye Guang didn’t talk, he understood everything, but his idol lost the game, he was not comfortable as a fan.

The game was over, Han Yurou became the champion, and Heavenly King Liu lost and entered the resurrection match with several other players.

The judges also gave out the propositions of resurrection race. This proposition is not like one element in the previous few games, but a multi-element proposition: love, devotion, persistence.

The three elements can be described as very detailed. Not to mention, it is very difficult to select a song that meets these three elements, and it must be a good song. If a bad song is not good, even if it fits. The proposition is not competitive, unless the other players do not sing the proposition, but is it possible?

Ye Guang was very excited. When Sui Si said the resurrection proposition, Ye Guang immediately flashed a song in his mind, and then couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth, full of confidence.

Liu Chiyan just returned to the lounge from the stage, and Ye Guang hurriedly greeted her to show off. “Liu’er, I tell you, tomorrow you won!”

Liu Chiyan glanced and laughed. “So confident? Just published the proposition, do you want to sing a song?”

Ye Guang is proud of himself. “That is, That is, don’t look at who we are, it’s not love, devotion, persistence, what’s this, what a little meaning?”

Jiang Xin was tearing down the stage from the side. “I don’t know who was so devastated in the second scene that I couldn’t think of a song…”

Ye Guang has a black line, and his face is a little hanged. He smiles bitterly. “Sister Jiang, you can’t let me finish this wave of dismantling.”

Jiang Xin: “No! After you have finished installing, you two will have to chirp and start to get tired! Show affection in front of me all the time, have you considered I’m still single!

Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang looked at each other and smiled.

Liu Chiyan: “Go back to the hotel. Go back to the hotel and write out your confident song for me to see. Let me see if I really won as you said.”



Ye Guang gave a song to Liu Chiyan.

Liu Chiyan took it and looked at it, her eyes flickered, and then she hooked her finger at Ye Guang.

This situation is not once or twice. Ye Guang naturally understands what Liu Chiyan means, and quickly moved his head to receive the reward.

Chu” Liu Chiyan kissed Ye Guang’s cheek.

Jiang Xin rubbed her forehead. “You are getting tired of it slowly, I can’t stand it anymore, I’ll go back to my room.”

Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang laughed at each other. By the way, seeing Sister Jiang’s appearance, both of them felt inexplicable. I feel very happy and refreshing, no wonder those young couples on the street like to show affection so much.

Ye Guang: “How about it, this song is not bad.”

Liu Chiyan: “Well, it’s really good, the tunes are good, the lyrics are better.”

Ye Guang: “I have confidence this time. I don’t believe it. They can find songs that are more promising than me.”

Liu Chiyan gave him a blank look: “Look at what you can, the tail is tilted up again, but don’t underestimate those few people. They are all the top characters in the music world. The songs of love theme can definitely be found. Even if it is not a problem to find someone, the key is to see how the quality is.”

Ye Guang smiled: “I feel that we have won.”

Liu Chiyan: “Did you write the lyrics in this song to me?” Liu Chiyan blinked his eyes and asked Ye Guang expectantly.

“Uh…” Ye Guang erred, and then nodded quickly, “Of course!” At this time, if he denied it, it would be stupid. Maybe he had to be driven out of the room by Liu Chiyan tonight.

Liu Chiyan smiled, her smile is very sweetly, her brows were filled with happiness.

“You write to me, I sing to you.”

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