MST Chapter 134 : Invited hate

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Ye Guang also learned about the group activities organized by the Provincial Writers Association.

The theme walks into the mountains, walks into nature, and looks close to nature to find inspiration from nature. To put it bluntly, it is a group of people who go to the woods for a drill and wander around, looking for inspiration what is basically nonsense.

The event time is the day after tomorrow, the participating members gather at provincial association in the morning at 8:00, and the provincial associations arrange the car to the target location.

Ye Guang nodded and said that he must be present. He talked with Guan Zhenxian for a while and Ye Guang went back.

Bext Day

The days of the provincial association’s group activities.

Ye Guang got up early.

Liu Chiyan is helping him pack up the things he wants to carry with him.

“Hot sunscreen with it.”

“No, what sunscreen do my old men bring.”

“Just take it, it doesn’t take any place anyway.”

“Bring a thin coat, cold in the mountains.”

“Yes, take it.”

“There is also one with insect repellent water.”

“Okay, listen to you.”

“The dagger also carries one.”

“What are you doing with a dagger?”

“There are many situations in the mountains, and they are equipped with self-defense.”

“Well, take it with you.”

When Liu Chiyan saw everything she wanted to bring to Yeguang, she felt that everything could be used. If it could not be packed well, she would have wished to put her house in..

The bulging sac of a backpack is full.

“Oh, it’s not that light.” Ye Guang picked up his backpack.

Liu Chiyan: “Would you like to take it out?” Liu Chiyan also felt that it was too heavy and it was not right. After all, it was into the forest, and the backpack was too heavy to move.

Ye Guang waved his hand. “It’s okay, take it with you, and move back. It’s really not possible. I will put some unused on cars in advance.”

Ye Guang doesn’t care about bringing more things. Anyway, the things in his bag must have entered the storage bin. He will carry an empty package. In fact, Ye Guang’s storage bar is now basically a small supermarket with everything in it. Since the last time I found Liu Tianwang’s signature, I can’t find a pen and paper. Ye Guang has a habit, as long as it is used. He can stuff the storage bar into the storage bar, in case of emergency.

Today, Ye Guang had to go out early and couldn’t send Yiyi, so Yiyi could only be sent by Liu Chiyan.

Liu Chiyan was inconvenient to show up in Kindergarten, so she brought Yiyi to Studio in advance and then let sister Jiang help.

Provincial Writers Association.

Some early members have gathered at the door.

Ye Guang found a parking space.

Many people getting off the car are watching him, oh no, it should be said to look at his car.

The brand of Skyhawk is still loud, Ye Guang car is also looking at the grades, very cool, and no wonder these writers look at them more.

Ye Guang just arrived, Guan Zhenxian, who received him the day before, first greeted him.

Ye Guang smiled and said hello to him: “Old Guan, early.”

“Little Ye, come on.” Old Guan is very enthusiastic, pulling Ye Guang and going to the crowd.

Guan Zhenxian: “Big guy, I will introduce him to you. I believe you have guessed it. This is the young writer Ye Guang who joined us in the province.”

Everyone looked up and down at Ye Guang, and he smiled and nodded to him.

Ye Guang smiled and succumbed to the big guy. “Good morning, I am Ye Guang. I will ask the senior teachers to take care of me when I first arrive.”

The next step is to introduce each other to the greetings and compliments. To be honest, Ye Guang does not like this occasion.

More and more people are coming over.

Ye Guang was chatting with the editor of a newspaper, and suddenly there was a voice behind him.

“You are Ye Guang?”

Ye Guang turned back and saw a middle-aged woman, milf, but there are still a few points left. Just dressed up… Well, how do you say it, heavy makeup, some demon.

Ye Guang: “Hello, I am Ye Guang.” Ye Guang is polite and friendly smile.

Middle-aged women looked at Ye Guang’s eyes and looked awkward, disdainful and scorned and turned away.

Ye Guang is confused.

Is this what is going on? Have you seen this woman? Have you offended her? Why do you meet the labor and face when you meet, you who are you.

Ye Guang’s temperament is still a bit, and he didn’t care about middle-aged women. He was suddenly so cold and was brought out by people. He felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

This scene has also been seen by many provincial association members. The eyes of the people are different, and the weather is uncertain, but no one says anything.

After waiting for a while at the provincial association, the members of association who came to participate have arrived.

Although it is a group activity, there are not many people, more than 20 people. The activities are voluntary, and the meaning is not big. It is just a small activity. It is basically a provincial association in Nanchang. Members of other cities are far away, and it is not convenient. Moreover, this activity is to drill in the woods, some older, poor legs, or unwilling to take the mountain road involved are reluctant to participate in such activities, today’s participation in the activities are more than 20 people, most of them are relatively young writers, of course, this young is relative, and for Ye Guang, they certainly not young, When his father was enough. This young person refers to the age of the members of the entire provincial association, these people are still relatively young.

The oldest of the event was Guan Zhenxian, and the event was also initiated by him.

The group went to a bus.

Ye Guang sat behind, and there was nothing wrong with it all the way. The middle-aged woman sitting in the first row occasionally looked back… amount, look at him.

Ye Guang is speechless, unclear, so when did you offend this?

Sitting in a row with him is a big brother in his early forties, named Hong He. He is very dark and very honest. It looks like a good old man. He whispered to Ye Guang explained, “The woman is called Kong Xiulian, usually very mean, don’t go to the heart. I guess, she is because you grabbed the location of his husband, so it is malicious to you. ”

Ye Guang: “Old man, what do you mean by this?”

Hong He moved to Ye Guang and lowered his voice. “Little Ye, my old brother looks at you with pleasing eyes. Just tell you, you have to keep your own eyes and don’t be overcast. To join Province Writers Association is very difficult, this you know, this woman husband is also a writer, works is some, but has not been famous, this time this woman and his husband has been operating everywhere, want to let her husband join Province Writers Association, it is said that it seems to be fast, Provincial Writers Association leaders have put his husband on the list, but today turned out to be a you, the limelight pressure on her husband, this is not, this time to recruit new members, the Provincial Writers Association leaders selected you.”

Ye Guang suddenly realized that “This does not blame me, if her husband really has the ability, whether I am not there is the same, the members of Association do not say that there is a limit.”

Hong He: “This is the case. In fact, it doesn’t matter to you. It doesn’t matter if you hit the iron. It’s still not enough for her husband. Otherwise, it is not impossible for a colleague to absorb her husband, but people don’t. What do you think, she feel that you have blocked the way, and recruited people to hate.”

Ye Guang shrugged, and when they spoke, Kong Xiulian looked back at Ye Guang.

Ye Guang is speechless, and this is not over yet.

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