BTC Chapter 530 : Second Conference

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“No, this is a gift for your sister!” Lu Zixin emphasized.

“I like it too, please! I know you can still make it.” Su Xiaomeng ran over and hugged his arm and pleaded, “Okay?”

“It’s really gone,” Lu Zixin said seriously.

“Sister, look at my brother-in-law, he bullied me!” Su Xiaomeng looked wronged at Su Zhirong, Su Zhirong smiled helplessly.

Lu Zixin pinched Su Xiaomeng’s nose and said, “I knew you would be like this, so look!”

He pointed out the window, another logistics drone with a metal box hanging below.

“Airdrop is coming!” Su Xiaomeng said in surprise, “Don’t anyone grab it with me!”

Said, she ran out joyfully and opened the metal box. Inside, Big White quickly inflated and popped out. This Big White and Su Zhirong’s Big White appearance is different. This Big White is a black and white inflatable airbag.

“Do you call Big White or Big Black or Big Black and White?” Su Xiaomeng said, “Come and let you stay big.”

Big white: “(●-●)!”


In the first batch of medical assistant robots, Lu Zixin gave his relatives and friends One robot for each person. With this, it can take care of them instead of myself when I am inconvenient in the future.

The second batch is for commercialization and sale. During the preparation of medical assistance robots to pass the approval of civilian robots and obtain sales qualifications. Red Letter Group has accelerated the construction of the central science and technology tower of the Future City. This is the place to held various press conferences and ceremonies in the future.

In the center of the future city, the science and technology tower is like a sharp sword, straight into the sky!

Its main structure has been completed. Leaving only the decoration and layout of each floor. The ninth floor is used for the development conference has fully constructed.

One month later, on the ninth floor of the Science and Technology Tower, the second conference of Future City series officially opened!

Media from all over the world came to this building full of technological sense, to visit and report.

On the ninth floor, dedicated to the technology conference. The area is huge, with the main hall, dressing room, backstage, rest area and more.

The main hall is currently the most advanced virtual projection equipment in the world, covering the entire main hall, with vocal music, light and shadow and other equipment, giving people an immersive experience.

This time, for the second conference of Future City series, the tickets has sold out within one hour of the sales.

The highly anticipated press conference finally began. Lu Zixin walked into the center of the main hall and applause had already started. After the last press conference, Lu Zixin has long been known all over the world. Various media have reported on him. Some media rated him as one of the most influential people in this century. Nobel also invited Lu Zixin to accept the award, but he refused.

After a simple opening remark, Lu Zixin said: “This conference is the second in our future city series conferences. Today, our conference stage belongs to – Future City Intelligent Technology Robotics!”

“Everyone probably already knows. A few months ago, the most popular firefighting robots on the Internet is the products of our robotics companies. Now, our robotics companies bringing new robots to the press conference.”

“I will hand over the stage to today’s real host, Big White.”

After Lu Zixin finished speaking, a big white balloon flew over the stage. Someone had noticed this balloon a long time ago, but no one cared, thinking it’s just a stage decoration. Now it seems that it has another effect.

The big white balloon flew to Lu Zixin side. Under everyone’s attention, its hands and feet came out with a beep.

“Is this a balloon doll?” Everyone puzzled and found the white doll has standing on the ground.

A “(●—●)” pattern appeared on the small balloon on its head, as if it had opened its eyes. Then, a childish and cute voice sounded: “Hello everyone, I am your medical assistant Robot, Big White, can I help you?”

“Wow!” the audience watching the press conference cried. They never expected, this big balloon actually a robot!

“This robot is so cute!”

“It’s white and fat, I really want to hug it!”

“This is a new product, hurry up and record it!” The media workers hurriedly filmed.

Lu Zixin retired from the stage, then this special “host” started the introduction.

Big White first introduced himself: “I am very happy to know everyone. I am the first generation medical assistant robot developed by Future City Intelligent Robot Company, Big White. I can scan your physical condition and make corresponding medical assistance.”

“Today’s press conference is hosted by me. I hope to make everyone’s emotions happy.”

Big White began to host, it first introduced its various functions in detail, then invited guests to come for an actual experience.

“This lovely lady, would you please come on stage to cooperate with me?” The intelligence of this “Big White” is written by the staff. It added the intelligence of “stage host” that other Big White didn’t have.

The selected young girl was very excited, “Is it me?”

“Yes.” A light hit her, making her the focus of this press conference.

The girl immediately flushed with excitement. Red Letter press conference is watched by the world. At this moment, she seemed to have become the focus of the world.

After she comes to the stage, Big White scanned her body and after obtaining her consent. Big White announced her health condition and gave corresponding treatment assistance.

“Really, you are right, thank you!” The girl thanked Big White. Her eyes full of longing. She also hopes to have such a close-fitting medical assistant robot that can help herself when she needs it.

This press conference is broadcast around the world in real time.

“It’s so cute, so cute, I want it!” Netizens expressed their desire to have one too.

“What kind of boyfriend do I need to have it?”

“Now, I don’t have a culture, I am lying in the world, lying down!”

“Thousands of words turn into a good match!”

“Quickly, quote, my money is ready!” The local tyrants can’t wait.

The prices are usually announced last, and the press conference is still in progress. Next, Big White introduced the emergency rescue robot, which was the previous firefighting robot.

At the press conference, everyone learned about its more detailed functions and information. This robot is extremely expensive and if you want to buy it, you must be eligible to purchase it in accordance with the latest special robot management regulations! In order to prevent criminals from buying and using it for evil.

The last one is industrial octopus. The unique appearance and powerful functions of this industrial octopus has attracted everyone’s attention. Of course, those factory owners and entrepreneurs are more interested in this product more than Big White.

In addition to the three robots. Future City Intelligent Robot Technology Company also released a human mechanical exoskeleton developed in cooperation with Red Letter Medical Institution. This is a device to help the disabled people to perform exercises. The structure is exquisite, powerful, and cost-effective.

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