MST Chapter 310 : Give me 100 million first, please

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To be honest, this system upgrade really made Ye Guang feel depressed.

Don’t talk about the lottery, the system had pitted seven million prestige points. So, I can’t try it and don’t know what it looks like, but with his understanding, the system shouldn’t change much.

Ye Guang was in tears when mentioned the store. It doesn’t mean the items in the store are not good, but Ye Guang felt pain for the original one-time consumables.

The only comforting point is the Ability Upgrading Sphere. It’s still difficult to upgrade the skill by lottery. Even if, this Ability Upgrading Sphere is more expensive than the lottery upgrade. However, it’s a perfect item, with this, as long as he has prestige points, I’m not afraid the skills can’t be upgraded.

Ye Guang now has a lot of skills, but most of them are first-level skills. They are good, but they are not refined. There is an old saying that is good, everything will be as good as the same, hehe, who said this sentence?

After being pitted by the system, Ye Guang was a little bored, took off his shoes and collapsed on the bed.

“Sleep!” Ye Guang said angrily.

Only one sleep can make a depressed mood a little better.

When he was going to sleep in a daze, Ye Guang heard the door twisted open with a click, and a dark shadow came in.

Needless to say, it must be Liu Chiyan. Except for her, no one would run into Ye Guang room in the middle of night, lift a corner of the blanket, and Liu Chiyan naturally got in.

Ye Guang had already woken up, and he reached out and hugged Liu Chiyan in his arms, and said, “Why are you here?”

In the dark, Liu Chiyan smiled and said, “Can’t sleep, it’s still early, come over and talk to you. Why are you sleeping so early today?”

Ye Guang: “Nothing, just want to sleep.”

Liu Chiyan said, “Then you go to sleep.”

Ye Guang smiled, “I’m already awake, don’t you want to chat, we chat.”

Liu Chiyan didn’t talk immediately, took her phone, opened a page on Weibo, and handed it to Ye Guang, “Look at this, Zhong Jing and Luo Yu both spoke.”

Ye Guang took it and looked at it.

Zhong Jing Weibo :

“Everyone already knows the matter. I don’t deny that Luo Yu and I are indeed together. This is a private matter for the two of us. I didn’t intend to say anything more, but I saw that our two fans have been attacking each other. To be honest, I’m sad, because whether it’s me or Luo Yu, to us, fans are like our relatives, supporting us. Because of love, we are together, and what we hope to get is yours Support and blessings, here, I call on my fans not to attack each other with Luo Yu’s fans, because we are a family, Luo Yu’s fans, I also want to tell you, please believe me, I will If you are good to Luo Yu, I will take care of her and will always love her. This is my promise to you and also to Luo Yu! @Luo Yu.”

Luo Yu  also responded. She reposted Zhong Jing’s Weibo and attached a speech:

“I always wanted to find a place to rely on, find someone who can love me wholeheartedly, protect me, shelter me from the wind and rain. I am very lucky, I found it and hope everyone can bless me, bless us. @Zhong Jing, love you.”

There are already a lot of messages under the two people’s Weibo. Most of the messages are blessing words, blessing them to be happy, and they are also mixed with some negative voices of fans who don’t understand.

Ye Guang took a look at it. It’s not bad. At least most of the fans now express their understanding and support. There is no way for a few stubborn fans. When two people are together, there will be more or less a price, and it is inevitable to lose some fans. Yes, this is already the best result. I just hope, those fans can slowly understand and accept it in the future.

After reading the two people’s Weibo, Ye Guang laughed, “Tsk, look at their love show, my mouth is full of dog food.”

Liu Chiyan also chuckled lightly.

Ye Guang: “Since they are all very open to show their love, then I have to say hi.”

After that, Ye Guang took his cell phone from the bedside and logged in to Weibo.

“Say something better.”

Ye Guang  muttered, after thinking about it, he wrote a little poem on the phone screen.

Before Fuhui cultivated to be a virtuous woman,

Good jade will be planted in Lantian.

Taoyuan Road connects to Tiantai Road,

Create a happy life in this life. [X-N: can’t find English translation for this poem]

@Zhong Jing, @Luo Yu.

Weibo issued.

This little poem, Ye Guang remembers it from Dream World. When passing a hotel, there is a wedding in that hotel. This poem used as a couplet hanging at the door.

Sending this poem to Zhong Jing and Luo Yu is also Ye Guang blessing to their love. I hope they can always be harmonious and beautiful, walk into the palace of marriage, and be with each other for a lifetime.

Liu Chiyan also very interested and immediately reposted Ye Guang  poem, and @Zhong Jing and Luo Yu.

Putting down the cellphone, Liu Chiyan rolled over and lay flat on the bed, looking at the ceiling in the darkness, whispering, “Some envy them.”

Ye Guang: “What do you envy? Don’t you have me?”

Liu Chiyan: “You know I’m not talking about this.”

Ye Guang is silent.

Indeed, let alone Liu Chiyan, Ye Guang is a little envious, envious that Zhong Jing and Luo Yu can be together in an upright manner, and fans bless them, but what about him and Liu Chiyan? You have to pretend in front of others.

Sometimes, Ye Guang wanted to be ruthless and make the relationship public with Liu Chiyan, but he and Liu Chiyan knew that it was not the time now. It’s not necessarily impossible to make it public, but I really don’t know what kind of impact it will bring after the disclosure. They are in different situations from Zhong Jing and Luo Yu. Although Zhong Jing and Luo Yu also artists, they are not big, and the identity of the two people is not very different. Except that they are paired with a sense of disharmony. As for the rest, the fans has not difficult to accept it.

However, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan is different, Liu Chiyan is too dazzling, the Chinese entertainment queen, the goddess of the country, and had countless fans. Without adequate preparation, the timing is not ripe, the relationship between the two is open, maybe, no, it will definitely cause an earthquake, and no one can predict any adverse effects that will follow. Even so, if Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan insist on making it public, it is nothing more than to pay some price, but don’t forget, Ye Guang also has the task given by this cheating system. He wants to reach the top of domestic entertainment circle, so he also needs a relatively stable development situation.

Liu Chiyan understand him. Although, she may not understand why Ye Guang wants to become famous, but she knows Ye Guang wants to become famous. So, she is willing to act as his green leaves, to support him, to help him, even if this will let two people’s love into the darkness and, Liu Chiyan also hope Ye Guang can have achievements, not because it to make Ye Guang can deserve herself.

This problem, Liu Chiyan never and don’t want to think about it. If she thinks so, she will not marry him, but Liu Chiyan hope, in others eyes, it is oneself can deserve Ye Guang, hope others, hope his family, hope Father Liu can recognize Ye Guang.

Men are all creatures who want face. Why Liu Chiyan didn’t want to make their relationship public? Some people will say Ye Guang is eating soft rice, saying that he is all dependent on his wife, and doesn’t want him to lift his head.

Based on these kinds of things, they can only choose to let their love sprout in the dark.

However, if you can be fair and honest, who is willing to sneaky?

I have to say that sometimes a person’s achievements are too great, and a star’s halo achievements are too many. Which will become another kind of bondage and shackles on her or his body.

Ye Guang stretched out his hand and stroked Liu Chiyan’s hair. He said softly, “I will work hard, so you can get me some money.”

Liu Chiyan stunned. Why did he suddenly switch to taking money, “What do you want the money for? How much?”

Ye Guang said calmly, “I don’t know how much I want, just give me 100 million.”

“One hundred million…” Liu Chiyan suddenly became speechless. Do you know how much one hundred million is, and give me one hundred million first?

Can you not say it is like a hundred yuan?

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