MST Chapter 16 : Bringing Home the Goddess

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Closed Weibo, Ye Guang opened the system, Weibo fans are so much, prestige points should also rise a lot.

“Oh!” Ye Guang is happy.

Sure enough, prestige points have risen to 82,498.

“I can finally Lottery.”

Open Lottery system.

Confirm Lottery.

The Russian big roulette on the panel turned wildly, and after a moment, it was firmly pointed to a small golden treasure chest.

“The luck is still good, come again.” Ye Guang did not bother to open the treasure chest, more than 80,000 prestige, each time consuming 30,000, enough for him to pump twice.

Turning the roulette again, Ye Guang’s luck seems to be very good today. This time Lottery, the final area where the pointer is parked is a blank, and there is only one treasure chest in that piece. However, the pointer stopped in the treasure chest in the end.

Prestige points balance is not enough, I can’t pump anymore, I think about prestige points that Lottery had to spend, Ye Guang couldn’t help but vomit, too expensive!

Don’t make him think, open the treasure chest! This is Ye Guang’s first Lottery in addition to the free Lottery given by the system. Think about it a little excited.

“Congratulations, You get skill book Sounds of nature’s tone.”

“Congratulations, You get skill Director’s knowledge +1.”

Made it! Great! Both treasure chests are skill books, and Ye Guang knows that the skill book is much better than some of consumable items that are applied. After all, the item is external, and it is one time use, it is powerful and it is also a short-lived, but the skill is different, directly become your own instinctual skill, it can be used for a lifetime!

However, Ye Guang also found that the two skills seem to be a bit different. The original skills are like a costume book, but the Director’s knowledge is a faint light group, with a careful exclamation mark next to it, Ye Guang Click to open, inside is an annotation: The current skill can be upgraded with the same type of overlay. (PS: The number of skills required for each upgrade *10).

Ye Guang is a dumbfounded, multiplied by 10! Not 10. What is this concept? For the first time, it’s better to say that if you fix only one lottery each time, you only need 300,000 prestige points, but the second upgrade? Fuck, want 3 million! The fourth time? The fifth time? The key is to know that system lottery can not be drawn every time! Today, Ye Guang is lucky, twice in the middle, but who knows what his Lottery is, and it is definitely not realistic every time! Moreover, every time lottery gets something is not fixed, this time got Director’s knowledge, but next time? Still pumping? I really want to raise Director’s knowledge one or two levels. I don’t know how many prestige I have to spend.

If you think about it, you can’t think about it.

Have a look at the Sounds of nature’s tone – use the Perfect sound line to make the song more pleasant. (Daily speaking is not affected.)

The two skills were turned into white light and used by Ye Guang. Ye Guang looked at the system again and was very satisfied with nod.

System property :

System Rank : Primary

Prestige points : 22498

Disciple points : 11

Protagonist’s attributes :

Physique : 100

Strength : 110

Agility : 90

Title : none

Skill : Highly Retentive Memory, Beginner painting, The Gift of Gab, Singer’s Excellent Emotions and Voice, Sounds of nature’s tone, Director’s knowledge 1

Item :

Good Fortune Pledge 1

Innocent Disaster 1

Hearty Vigour 1

Spirit Tickling Soul Click 1

Herculean 1

Firm Rock 1

There are more than 20,000 Prestige points left, the discipline points have not changed, and several powerful consumables in the item column have been lying there. Ye Guang is not willing to use for experiment. The power and authenticity of the system has long been doubtless. These things are too expensive, can’t afford to play, and have to be used in the right place! Good steel also has to be used on the blade.

In the afternoon, Ye Guang drove to work.

“Little Ye, come.” The staff of Radio station greeted Ye Guang.

Ye Guang smiled and nodded. “Come.”

“Little Ye.”

“Ah, Teacher Liu, hello.”

“Little Ye is coming to work.”

“Well, Teacher Li, you are off work.”

A young staff member also nodded with him: “Teacher Ye.”

“Yeah?” Ye Guang stunned, and returned to the face of the spring breeze, a heavy bang, “Hello!”

Ye Guang was so happy in his heart, Today, everyone he knew and did not know was very enthusiastic. Some people greeted him along the way, and many younger staff called him Teacher Ye. Ah, Teacher Ye! This Teacher Ye is not the Teacher Ye in the primary school campus. Ye Guang is proud in his heart. This is a happy one. It feels so good that I feel a few centimeters taller.

On the same day, Ye Guang has always been happy, and his work enthusiasm is high. He will help Old Wang, and then go to telephone service to ask for experience. The program group is a little annoying. He is rushing to work, busy and busy, one night. The whole person has not stopped.

” What is this Little Ye today? So excited.”

“I don’t know, forget to take medicine.”

Yes, the staff member was talking about it, Ye Guang, who was just around the corner, heard, “You didn’t take medicine!”

The staff member who said that he forgot to take medicine was embarrassed to smile at him.

After Ye Guang left, he said that his staff member who forgot to take medicine whispered to his companion: “I know the reason!”

“What reason?”

Five or six employees gathered around and looked for curiosity.

“He said it himself, he took the medicine.”

Ye Guang, who happened to pass by, heard it again.

“……Don’t leave after work!”

The program was broadcasted, still “Ghost Blows Out The Light”. There was nothing wrong with the live broadcast. It was the last part of the telephone interaction. The audience call was especially loud. Ye Guang called one after another, and didn’t even have time to drink.

Old Wang Seeing that he had a hard time picking up the phone, he asked if he would take a music for a break. Ye Guang didn’t want to refuse, “Why? I like to listen to them on the phone to praise me. I haven’t heard enough, can’t stop!”

After picking up the last call to praise him, Ye Guang was still out of work.

Ye Guang went to the parking lot to pick up the car, and there was a throb in the heart.

Looking around, then Ye Guang’s gaze was locked in a white car, Liu Chiyan’s car.

How is she? The windows were closed and Ye Guang couldn’t see the inside, but he was sure that Liu Chiyan was in the car.

Hesitated for 0.5 seconds, Ye Guang walked to Liu Chiyan’s car.

Liu Chiyan also seemed to feel a little bit, and slowly put down the window, and the unusually beautiful face appeared in front of Ye Guang, it was Liu Chiyan.

Ye Guang approached, “How come so late?”

Liu Chiyan’s eyelashes trembled, fluttering with big eyes, watching Ye Guang, spit out the words: “Wait for you.”

Ye Guang looked at Liu Chiyan with a confused neck. “Wait for me?”

Liu Chiyan snorted.

Ye Guang’s mouth twitched unconsciously, and there was no stupidity to ask Liu Chiyan what she was waiting for. Eyes smashed into several opened snack bags in Liu Chiyan’s big bag, and Ye Guang asked, “When did you come?”

Liu Chiyan: “In the afternoon, your forefoot just got in, my hind foot is here, I saw you go in.”

Ye Guang asked again: “So you have been waiting here?”

Liu Chiyan glanced at Ye Guang, “I thought you would come out soon… I didn’t expect it to be so late.”

Ye Guang: “Why don’t you go in and look for…”

Liu Chiyan gave a look at Ye Guang.

“That, it seems that it is not convenient for you to find someone.” Ye Guang smiled and touched his nose. “Are you hungry?”

Liu Chiyan shook her head and pointed to the snacks in the car. “I’m full of snacks.”

Ye Guang looked at her with some distress, and his voice was blaming. “Go back before you wait, and you won’t go to eat. You see what time it is, really.”

Liu Chiyan has some grievances. “Where do you tell me to eat alone? Is it eating or being watched? Do you think that I am willing to wait for you for so long, if I don’t dare to go to the hotel to open the room, I will not wait for you! Hum!” After that, Liu Chiyan snorted and turned her head.

Ye Guang thinks about it, really, Liu Chiyan is famous and popular. If a person goes to eat, if it is discovered, it must be blocked. She is a girl’s house, and there is no bodyguard around her. It’s not easy to get rid of it, and there may be accidents and chaos. Staying at the hotel is the same, as long as she dares to use her ID card to stay at the hotel, it will be blocked by a lot of reporters, guns and short guns in the hotel tomorrow, and all kinds of rumors will fly. Moreover, Liu Chiyan can’t always live in a small hotel that doesn’t have to be boarded and messed up.

Ye Guang said with a smile, “I am not good, sorry, don’t be angry, I will pay the crime, what do you say?”

Liu Chiyan was not really angry. She thought that she was blaming Ye Guang for her concern. Instead, she was warm and very cute. “Let’s go find a hotel to help me open a room, be the best!”

Ye Guang nods, “Yes!” Then touch the pocket, “Oh, my ID card is at home.”

Liu Chiyan looked at Ye Guang again and again.

Ye Guang scratched his head. “What can I do?”

Liu Chiyan didn’t talk, she didn’t dare to go to the hotel herself, she didn’t know what to do.

Ye Guang asked: “Would you to go to my home with me?”

Liu Chiyan continued to look at Ye Guang.

Ye Guang quickly explained: “I mean, I am going home to get my ID card, and then I am going to help you find the hotel.”

Liu Chiyan blinked her eyes and thought about it. She didn’t think of any better way, so she nodded.

She just agreed, and Ye Guang felt very surprised. Ye Guang has a different feeling for her because of Dream World, but Liu Ruyan is a goddess with Heavenly Queen status. Goddess Liu, so promised to go home with him? Of course, just go back and get an ID card, but it is also very unexpected.

“Good, then go to my house first. If you drive at night, it will be more than 20 minutes.” See Liu Chiyan agree, Ye Guang is very happy, “Don’t drive your car, take my car, I will send you tomorrow.”

Liu Chiyan didn’t refuse, Ye Guang went to his Anda, and helped Liu Chiyan to open the front passenger’s door.

Liu Chiyan originally wanted to sit in the back seat. Seeing Ye Guang has opened the door for her, so there is nothing to say.

“The seat belt is fast.”

“I have it.”

“Get it, start.”

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