MST Chapter 15 : Hot Weibo

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You know, Voice of traffic, in fact, it is not particularly good for the quality of his programs. Entertainment new broadcast are still inferior. There are two broadcast times every day. The morning and evening peaks of commuting to work, this time is the most concentrated time for car owners to listen to the radio. Think about how many channels are on the way to and from work, and you know how many audiences there are. Therefore, this program is also the first place in Radio station listening rate! And late night channel? How many night owls do you not sleep? Ok, I admit that there are quite a lot of night owls, but how many night owls can you sleep without watching? Late night channel actually smashed Voice of traffic?

Five minutes, five minutes of suffering, the computer finally turned on.

What’s new on the Internet? On the speed of communication and the highest level of netizen participation, Weibo is undoubtedly, and Ye Guang didn’t think about it and went to Weibo.

Log in to Weibo.

“Ah!” Ye Guang was surprised. “There are more than 30,000 fans?”

Yesterday, Ye Guang weibo just added V. At that time, the number of fans was still some friends and relatives who were concerned about each other, only a few dozen. However, in overnight that it has skyrocketed more than 30,000! What is the speed?

Weibo has more than 3,000 messages underneath, which is very lively.

I am a little rabbit : “Front, Sofa!”

Want : “Ghost Blows Out The Light, I have felt that the novel is so powerful! Visually Ghost Blows Out The Light is on fire!”

The old cow eats young grass : “It is not already a fire. Ghost Blows Out The Light is really great, and it’s the other story that makes suspenseful horror!”

Charm Dragon Tiger Mountain : “Let’s pass by, don’t talk.”

Four-legged snake : “I have been listening to Ghost Blows Out The Light for two days, I feel that I have been circled!”

A mouse that is not afraid of cats : “circle powder +1”

High-speed male deer : “circle powder +1”

Three Chinese white tigers : “Circle powder +1, keep the formation downstairs!”

Hen Hen Hen : “Powder +1”

Miē miē sheep : “circle powder +10086”


Professional film : “I came to destroy the formation.”

Foot bath pedicure Yang Meimei : “Oh, people like Ghost Blows Out The Light, there are not many people in the middle of the night, usually come to a guest, the little goblins in the store are rushing to say hello, last night are all around listening to Ghost Blows Out The Light, no one came to the service. There is also a wonderful guest to watch our happy, but also to listen to it, listen to a while, actually do not serve, and we gathered together to listen to Ghost Blows Out The Light! I really laughed at me. Unfortunately, Mommy has already spoken today, and she can’t listen to the radio after work.”

Pan Cough for ten years : “The beauty upstairs, where is your store open! Brother, I came to cheer.”

Strength pit teammates : “Yes! The sisters upstairs don’t have to be afraid! Tell me the address, I am also coming to the show, and I have to ask for a pedicure while listening to the radio Ghost Blows Out The Light!”

There is a bitter sea : “Join +1, while soaking feet, while listening to Ghost Blows Out The Light!”

The monkey loves peach : “Hold the +1, while bathing, while listening to Ghost Blows Out The Light!”

Hey, let’s go : “Keep the formation! +1, while listening to Ghost Blows Out The Light!”

Professional film : “I am going to destroy the formation again. Do not accept you to bite me.”

Three Chinese White Tigers : “B upstairs B, don’t let me see you near Sanzhong!”

Cool little Nan brother : “Who knows @professional film where the goods are placed in the film, I will take the younger brother to collect his protection fee tomorrow!”

Professional film : “Hey, the labor network name is professional film, but it is not really film, can you find me? Humph! Hoodlum.”

The Emperor : “I said, you haven’t found any problems with Anchor Ye Guang’s Weibo profile?”

Preliminary  : “Introduction: Jiangxi Radio station Hosy (Editor Jing personally confirms , “This person has a poisonous tongue and a cannon for a mouth !). LOL.”

Going away from Xiaozhengtai : “Ah! What happened? Ye Guang offended the Weibo editor?”

Don’t eat pumpkin to eat watermelon : “Ha ha ha ha,  Killing me How much hatred is this?”

I love you for 10,000 years : “There is definitely a story in it.”

In the midst of it : “I like it!”

Shabu-shabu selling iron : “Please ask Host to explain!”

100,000 why : “Yes! Seek the truth and tell the story of the matter.”

The wind blows rice flowers : “Seek truth +1.”

Have to love : “Seek truth +1.”

Hey, let’s go : “Seek truth +1, @Professional film, you dare to break the formation, we are really human!”

Professional film : “…Who said that I want to destroy the formation, I also want to know why, seek truth +1.”

Passerby A : “Haha, upstairs has changed, and the truth is +1.”

Downstairs black : “Seeking truth +10086”


Ye Guang looked at Weibo’s message and was happy.

The netizen is really the most joyful and funny group!

Looking at the hot search list, the topic of Ghost Blows Out The Light has also been topped up, and there is a good comment inside. Of course, there is no shortage of porridge mice, and there are some of them. For these comments, Ye Guang select automatic filtering.

Ghost Blows Out The Light is on fire, it’s really hot, and there’s no doubt about it. Ye Guang is very happy, after all, this is his first step into the entertainment industry, the first work. With so many netizens support, what reason is he unhappy?

For the majority of netizens seeking to introduce the truth, Ye Guang thought about it and sent a text:

“Thank you for your support for me and Ghost Blows Out The Light. I am also very angry about my Weibo profile, but I am also responsible for this. Hereby explain.

Weibo’s staff member called me yesterday. I thought it was a scam call. So if I said something is not very good, it might be that the staff member felt a little wronged and made a bad job of my profile. At that time, I said the following: I don’t buy a house or sell a house, don’t rent a house, don’t buy insurance, don’t buy a fund, don’t make a credit card, don’t make a loan, don’t learn English, don’t listen to lectures, don’t buy Amway, don’t be beauty, don’t wear hair. You don’t want to tell me any good news. I won the prize. As of now, I have already won 667.89 million, plus seven sports cars and nine properties. Qin Shihuang died for two thousand years and will not swindle. Chiang Kai-shek’s rejuvenation plan I don’t want to blend, my parents are by my side, no friends have been kidnapped, just resigned, no money, no work, you don’t have to pay for it. fee! The liar dies a house register. Ok, please start your show!”

“I am also solemnly apologizing to the Weibo staff member who contacted me at the time. I also hope that Weibo can modify my Weibo profile as soon as possible. Thank you!”

This Weibo post is the first Weibo post from Ye Guang Weibo with V. Weibo has just sent out, and there is a message from netizens.

Jiangxi Tucai : “Haha, laugh at me, Host said that the cross-talk comes from?”

One-armed crab : “It’s absolutely! It’s absolutely perfect! Qin Shihuang died for two thousand years and will not swindle. Chiang Kai-shek’s reinstatement I don’t want to incorporate this SB’s fraud routine. I have also encountered it, but is there anyone who believes?”

Sad little fox : “Tell you very seriously, there are!”

Eat more walnuts : “I tell you very seriously, really, I am one of them, so my mother is now forcing me to eat walnuts every day, make up the brain!”

Kelp : “Heart hurts upstairs.”

Potato : “I just want to know, when the Weibo editor heard the passage, it was the shadow area.”

Green pepper fried pepper : “Ha ha ha, too funny, after reading this, it was said that the Weibo editor had done too much, but I think it is Host who should be alive, haha, the mouth is not blaming!”

Iced Watermelon : “I am already memorizing. Later, a liar is harassing me. I will use this to kill it. (It is not a typo, a liar is not a person, a deceitful hard-earned money!)”

Night Weiyang : “Yes, right! Learn it! ”

The wind blows rice flowers : “I have learned! Please start your performance. Haha, this sentence is absolutely. Visual inspection of the wall will become a network buzzword.”

I have to love: “Haha, Host Ye wants Weibo to give him a brief introduction. Just follow me, just keep it.”

Downstairs black : “Yes! Keep it! Must be kept! ”

In the midst of it: “I like it!”

100,000 why : “Haha, right! Keeping this introduction, Weibo is the only one here, and it is more domineering!”

Patter : “Second! Editor Jing personally confirms , “This person has a poisonous tongue and a cannon for a mouth!” This introduction.”

The only selfishness : “attachment +1”

The world only has you : “attachment +1”


She said that I am dead old man : “attachment +10086”


Ye Guang looked at the comments by Weibo netizens, the black line of the brain.

Who are you!

Forget it, no matter what, the eyes are not bothered.

After closing the post, Ye Guang brushed Weibo again, and suddenly saw a Weibo of Liu Chiyan also entered Weibo search.

Click to open.

Nothing else, the whole post has a poem, which was the one that Ye Guang read to Liu Chiyan yesterday.

“《See Or Not See》”

“It’s doesn’t matter if you see me or not, I am standing right there,With no emotion.”

  ”It’s doesn’t matter if you miss me or not, The feeling is right there, And it isn’t going anywhere.”
  ”It’s doesn’t matter if you love me or not, Love is right there,It is not going to change.” 
  ”It’s doesn’t matter if you are with me or not, My hand is in your hand,And I am not going to let go.”
       “Let me embrace you,”
  “Let me live in your heart,”
  ”To eternity.”
  “Let’s love silently.”

Liu Chiyan is a Weibo V with more than 90 million fans. This 《See Or Not See》 was issued, and the message area was very lively.

Death loyalty Goddess Liu : “Sofa is mine!”

Powder life : “Wow! Goddess Liu actually makes poems.”

Ordinary Miss : “Good poetry, it’s good to write.”

Looking back like a dream : “Goddess Liu big military!”

Left hand reflection: “Is this beautiful poem really written by Goddess Liu?”

Dominant cold : “Upstairs is nonsense! Of course it was written by our family Goddess Liu!”

Some grass : “Support Goddess Liu! Goddess Liu is awesome in writing poetry!”

M-day constellation : “Too beautiful. This is a very good modern poetry.”

Life and death help : “I am already familiar! Go back to my girlfriend in the evening. Support Goddess Liu!”


Ye Guang looked at this Weibo, and the ten fingers crossed to work, sinking into the water, and didn’t know what to think.

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