MST Chapter 257 : No loss, no loss, bet on the right treasure!

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The next day.

The news that the second episode of Running Man ratings finally reached 2.16 swept the country. This make domestic variety show and entertainment circles in an uproar.

Everyone knows that sometimes media reports always like to exaggerate. Once the entertainment media exposed a little bit of news, it may be presented to the audience with unlimited magnification. Running Man is no exception. Moreover, this show is not exaggerated. Enough to shock people’s attention.

“The Birth of Variety Show Miracle”

“The Son of Miracle, Ye Guang”

“Running Man is a New Height in Variety Show”

“Top Ten Rules for Running”

“The Strongest Debut of Miracle Artist – Ye Guang”


One by one, the eye-catching headline news has screened netizens on the Internet and earning enough traffic. It also made Running Man, as well as several resident guests in the show more popular at the same time. Ye Guang is the planner and chief director of Running Man, he also one of the guests, so he was pushed to the forefront.

Several other guests have also risen in popularity. Lan Bao, Zhong Jing and others originally belonged to the second-line celebrity. In the second-line celebrity, they were also at a top-notch level. However, after two episode of Running Man, their popularity also grown wildly, this popularity has approached many top-tier celebrity.

Netizens on Weibo are also talking about it.

“The ratings are 2.16, amazing! New heights in variety shows!”

“Running Man v587!”

“Mom asked me why I was kneeling while watching the computer.”

“My dear, is it really so good-looking? I think it’s just average. It has such a high rating.”

“I haven’t watched this show, but for this rating, I must go and see what this show is like.”

“Upstairs, unfortunately, can only wait to see the next issue, there is no online version! NOTHING! MMP! I worked overtime last night and didn’t see it!”

“Ye Guang is good! Worthy of gifted scholar.”

“Cut, it is because of our family Heavenly King Liu that we have such a good rating.”

“Nonsense! Obviously by Goddess Liu! Goddess Liu is the biggest credit.”

“Rely, when our home Lan Bao baby doesn’t exist?”

“Zhong Jing powder comes to report!”

“Xu Chen’s fans, stars like me, lift me high, let them know that Xu Chen is not a decoration!”


This scene has inexplicably appeared in Weibo, where several resident fans of the running group competing to compete.

Fortunately, most of the netizens made comments to support their favorite running group guests, and there’s no scene where the fans of several running group guests attacked each other.

If a few fans of permanent guests really fight, it really means that the family does not recognize the family, even if Ye Guang and other guests see it, they have to laugh and cry.


The program’s ratings have reached new heights, and it is such an incredible achievement that it has created a precedent for viewing. Zhang Zhi and Ye Guang are naturally happy, and at the same time, they talked about the remaining issues, online copyright.

On this day, Zhang Zhi came to look for Ye Guang himself. He would rather have a little bit trouble than talk about it with Ye Guang on the phone. After the two met for a while and congratulated him, the two entered the subject.

Zhang Zhi: “Little Ye,how do you think you can deal with online copyright matters now? It’s only been a long time, my phone has almost been blown up by the person in charge of these video sites, all asking me about online copyright matters, their prices higher than other.”

Ye Guang smiled, he and Liu Chiyan also received calls from many video websites. There is no doubt that all of them are asking about the Internet copyright. Now, Running  Man is sweet steamed buns, no one can’t help but want to take one bite.

Ye Guang smiled and said, “Brother Zhang, don’t worry, it’s not too early, if you want, let’s wait…”

“What are you waiting for?” Before Ye Guang finishes his words, Zhang Zhi will blow his hair. “What are you waiting for? This is the second issue? The ratings are already 2.16. The prices on other websites are already sky-high, so what are you waiting for? Can’t wait!”

Zhang Zhi is now anxious to sell network copyrights. Firstly, the prices of various websites were indeed very high. Secondly, Zhang Zhi and Ye Guang id not sell their network copyrights in the first two episode. Ye Guang side is nothing but Zhang Zhi has a lot of pressure. One is the personal relationships of various online video companies. Many of these video sites come to him. Many of them are acquaintances, how many people in the inside. There is also pressure inside the TV station.

Although Zhang Zhi is the second-in-chief of the TV station, but TV Station is not he alone to decide. He has been pressing down on not selling online copyrights, and other people on the TV station will also have opinions. The first two period Zhang Zhi may be able to use the rhetoric given to him by Ye Guang to suppress them, but they are now at this level. In everyone’s opinion, this is already the best time to sell online copyrights. What is the deal if you don’t sell it?

It’s one thing to have good ratings, good ratings is to make money, but now that a lot of money is in front of your eyes, how can other leaders in the TV station have no opinion.

What’s more, the outside audience is about to explode. Because after the first period they didn’t sell Internet copyright, so many viewers didn’t see the first issue. Many people have already clamored online and attacked Beijing TV and Youxianqi Entertainment. Yes, Ye Guang and the others are alone. They don’t need to worry too much. They only need to make a show and as for the others things they don’t need to worry. However, Beijing TV has a brand name, they have to consider the audience’s feelings. There are many other programs on the station that point to the audience.

Ye Guang smiled bitterly, “Brother Zhang, if you want to sell, let’s sell it. I won’t say anything. You can sell it earlier. You can make up your mind about this.”

Seeing Ye Guang nodded, finally relieved Zhang Zhi. For fear that Ye Guang would regret it, he said hurriedly, “Well, Little Ye, this matter is set. I will go back to contact various online video platforms, and I will finalized it today.”

Zhang Zhi scorched eagerly, coming quickly, leaving more urgently, and working efficiently.

He came to look for Ye Guang at noon.  In the afternoon, Beijing Satellite TV and TT Videos jointly issued a statement, stating that Running Man program from Beijing Satellite TV and Youxianqi Entertainment has authorized TT Videos to broadcast exclusively.

As soon as the statement was issued, countless audiences applauded. Finally they were able to see the show on the Internet. The news that TT Videos won the online rights of Running Man also quickly spread on the Internet. At the same time, another news appeared:

Refused to be named, the unknown insiders broke the news, TT Videos obtained the copyright of Running Man at a sky-high price of 200 million yuan.

This news was also posted on the Internet. A network copyright was sold for a sky-high price of 200 million yuan. What concept? Network copyright 200 million yuan. This is something The Strongest Voice has never done. Of course, The Strongest Voice network copyright not being able to sell at this price is directly related to its short broadcast cycle, but in any case, 200 million is also an absolute sky-high price. Everyone thinks that TT video is a bit crazy, 200 million yuan, can you earn it back?

This news is topped by unknown insiders, but it is actually the news that TT Video released itself. Without them being the promoters behind the scenes, no one will knows how much the network copyright has been sold if Beijing Satellite TV and Ye Guang don’t disclose it and it’s impossible for this news to go viral on the Internet so quickly. The reason TT video does this is also very simple. It is nothing more than to use the gimmick of sky-high Internet copyright to attract viewers attention with the sky-high Internet copyright fee of 200 million yuan. After the program is launched on the website, there will be more and better traffic.

Very old-fashioned, but also very practical propaganda tactics. Many netizens is attracted by the sky-high network copyright fee of 200 million yuan. They became curious about Running Man, then went to TT Videos to see Running Man program.

TT Videos’s action is very fast, and there is not much publicity work. It only puts the poster of Running Man online in the recommended position of the carousel on the homepage of my website. Everyone can’t wait to go online that night, they want to watch Running Man first episode.

However, there is no need to bother and spend money on publicity. Running Man is now in the limelight. There are too many viewers who have not seen the first issue, and there are countless viewers who want to watch it again. TT Videos only needs to show when they will broadcast the news to attract a large wave of traffic specifically for the Running Man.

The show officially launched at 8:00 in the evening.

That night, Running Man went online on TT video for only ten minutes, and the number of hits exceeded 10 million.

This data made the person in charge of TT website, who has been following the data of Running Man in the background, to laugh and scream, and continue to swear, “No loss, no loss, bet on the right treasure!”

The audience’s enthusiasm is indeed very high. Many viewers missed the first episode, and now there is finally an online version. Everyone wants to make up for the first episode. The viewers who have watched also want to watch it again, and many viewers also attracted by the discussion about Running Man on the Internet or the news that TT video buys online copyrights at soaring prices.

The traffic of TT Videos this night showed explosive growth.

As of 8:00 the next day, 12 hours from the network premiere, TT Videos Running Man has reached 50 million hits.

However, you must know that in fact, in these 12 hours, at least 8 hours are sleep time. There are still a small number of people surfing the Internet in the middle of the night. Most of this 50 million hits is actually concentrated between 8pm and 11pm. Strictly speaking, for these few hours, 10 million hits per hour couldn’t be stopped.


There are still 12 hours from 8:00 pm, and these 12 hours are also prime time. The growth rate of Running Man online traffic has slowed down a lot, but it has been steadily increasing. If nothing else, within 24 hours, Running Man network traffic is enough to break through 100 million!

The number of clicks on the Internet has exceeded 100 million, and it has broken 100 millions in 24 hours! This will break the record of network variety and create a new height!

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