MST Chapter 256 : The ratings are going against the sky

Edited: XiaXue

Zhang Zhi came to Telecommunications Office very early tonight. He really cares about Running Man ratings. He didn’t have the patience to wait until tomorrow to get the results, so he went straight to the door. While the show being broadcast, he watched Beijing TV’s ratings through the curve rate on the monitoring screen.

While looking at the constantly changing curve on the screen. Zhang Zhi asked the nearby staff of Telecommunications Bureau, “Little Li, you can help brother, what’s going on now? I don’t understand how high it is.”

The The schematic diagram on the monitoring screen is indeed not something that ordinary people can understand. It is densely packed with a large number of lines, and the lines are dazzling and can make people dizzy.

The staff member named Little Li is on duty tonight. He operated the computer, enlarged the screen a bit, pointed to one of the curves, and said, “Look, Brother Zhang, this is the ratings of your Beijing TV.”

Zhang Zhi looked at it, but he  still didn’t understand it. He simply said, “I can’t understand it, Little Li, you tell me directly, what’s the ratings of our station now?”

Little Li also looked at the screen carefully, and then turned to Zhang Zhi and said, “Brother Zhang, is there any new show on your station? See you specially come here today.”

Running Man are on fire, but it’s not the whole world knows. Everyone knows that many people don’t watch TV nowadays, and even if they watch TV, it doesn’t mean they must have seen the show. Although Little Li work is also related to TV, but he, himself doesn’t watch TV very much. So Little Li didn’t know about Running Man on Beijing TV.

Zhang Zhi nodded, “Yes, there is a new show recently. I can’t let go of the ratings in my heart. This is why I came to see you.”

Little Li nodded and said, “Brother Zhang, your show is terrible. At this time, your ratings are the best.”

Zhang Zhi nodded, the first episode of Running Man already the first in the country. The best rating during the period is definitely, but what he want to know is, how much is the specific ratings, “Little Li, can you see the specific ratings? How much?”

Little Li looked at the monitor screen again, “I can see it, 2.13, and the trend is still rising. Ah, this show is amazing, Brother Zhang, what kind of show you guys do, the ratings are going to be against the sky. It’s unprecedented, I almost thought that I was wrong. I have to watch your show later.”

Zhang Zhi stunned, and it took a long time to come back to his senses, “Little Li, how much did you just said?”

“2.13.” Little Li glanced at the screen again, “No, now 2.14. Brother Zhang, your program rating is really amazing. I have been working for so many years. Except for The Strongest Voice, I have never seen other program on local channels have such a high rating.”

Zhang Zhi still looked incredulous, and said twice, “2.14, 2.14.” Then said to Little Li, “Little Li, are you not wrong with this data?”

Little Li decisively shook his head, “How come, we can count the number of errors in our detection system data for more than ten years with one hand. The last time an error occurred was four years ago. Don’t worry, Brother Zhang,there is absolutely nothing wrong with this data.”

Zhang Zhi nodded, then wandered out of the sky again, thinking about things in a trance.

When Xiao Li told Zhang Zhi that the audience rating was 2.14, Zhang Zhi was really taken aback. He really couldn’t believe this data, so he asked if it would go wrong, the audience rating of 2.14, what concept is this. Put aside the strongest voice, this special existence is a height that no one has reached in all local TV stations, including CCTV and other variety shows!

But now, on a whim, I want to try and gamble on a show that was not too caring at the beginning, and it was only the second episode, with 2.14 ratings, this is nothing short of miracle for domestic variety show.

The surprise came too suddenly. Zhang Zhi had such a feeling that he wanted to have afternoon tea, so he called takeaway for a small cake, but after he receive the takeaway. He found the merchant has sent him a grand luxury version. The most important thing about the cake is that after the cut, there is a big diamond ring hidden inside it!

At this time, Zhang Zhi also remembered the day when he signed the contract with Ye Guang. Remembering that day, he felt that Ye Guang was very arrogant. So, he didn’t take the words and rhetoric that Ye Guang said into his heart. Young man is young and vigorous, so he felt Ye Guang just  bragging nonsense, but now I think about it, there is a feeling in my heart that I can’t say anything.

Surprise? Happy? Incredible? There are all, and there are some helplessness and bitterness. If I remember correctly, when I signed the contract with Ye Guang, there was a gambling agreement. If the audience rating exceeded 1.4, then the advertising fee Ye Guang and Beijing Satellite TV Divided into 5-5. After 1.7, the advertising fee is divided into 6-4, the audience rating 2 to 7-3, reaching 2.3 becamo 8-2.  At that time, Zhang Zhi didn’t believe in the unspecified things that Ye Guang said afterwards, but he didn’t expect that the ratings have exceeded 2.

The rating has reached 2, which means it’s divided into 7-3, the big head go to Ye Guang. Beijing satellite TV as a broadcast platform, is responsible for for the advertising and investment promotion. In the end, it also took the small head. Originally, the ratings of first period exceeded 1.4. If it is divided into 5-5, Zhang Zhi still felt acceptable. The ratings are good, everyone got half of all. If you make money, everyone makes money together, but after 1.7 it’s divided into 6-4, which Zhang Zhi never thought of. He thought, it’s impossible for the program ratings to break 1.7, and even if the breakthrough, that 6-4 is also acceptable, but now it is 2.14, and the score is 7-3. This makes Zhang Zhi feel uncomfortable, no matter how he thinks, he feels painful.

Fortunately, he looked at Liu Chiyan’s face at first, he was kind, and took the initiative to lower the bottom line. Yeguang also voted for the bottom line at the time, saying that no matter how good the ratings are, he will only get 70% at most, otherwise he will break through 2.3. Then divided it into 8-2, and then up… Fuck, do you just want to pay him? Although the program has not yet reached 2.3 ratings, but with today’s big surprise and accidents, it is hard to estimate how much the ratings of subsequent programs can reach. So, everything is possible.

Thinking of this, Zhang Zhi sighed, thanks to the fact that he didn’t think about cheating at the time, and he was really kind, so being kind to others is rewarding!

Of course, the division is not possible without a bottom line. Even when Ye Guang id not promise to get up to 70%, no matter how good the ratings of the program afterwards, it is impossible for Beijing Satellite TV not to make money. Ye Guang alone accounted for all 100% is also impossible. He said at that time only divided to 8-2. Then, the highest he take is 80%, the remaining 20%, no matter how, I have to give Beijing satellite TV a bit of sweetness. At least must earned back the investment money, right?

Ye Guang said that we are still very kind.

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