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Ye Guang took out the domestic orange cell phone and called his father friend, Li Delong, who worked at Radio station.

“Hey, Uncle Li, I am Ye Guang. I have already arrived at the entrance of Radio station. Well, ok, ok, um. I wore a black suit and carried a brown satchel. Well, well, I am waiting for you at the door.”

The phone hangs up. After a while, in front of Radio station entrance has a man who is about 50 years old. The man is very burly, with a long walk and some heads. The hair is a bit whitish, but the finishing is meticulous.

Li Delong greeted Ye Guang from far away, “Little Ye!”

Ye Guang greeted and said, “Uncle Li.”

Li Delong walked to Ye Guang. Very kindly patted Ye Guang’s shoulder, “Hey. Little Ye, I haven’t seen you again since vacation time and you have became strong.”

“It’s all fed by my mother’s, Uncle Li, too, still so strong, let us young people are self-defeating.” Ye Guang said.

“Haha, old, old.” Li Delong said with a smile, “Don’t stand here, go, let’s go in.” Said, Li Delong took Ye Guang into the Radio station.

Li Delong came to the ninth floor with Ye Guang. Along the way, many staff members greeted Li Delong, calling him Chief Li and entering Li Delong’s office. Ye Guang saw the sign on Li Delong’s desk: Radio station Chief – Li Delong.

“Hah, Uncle Li, you are Radio station Chief. My dad told me that you are working at the Radio station. He didn’t tell me what you are doing here. Co-authoring with my dad is looking for a big backing for me.” Ye Guang smiled.

Li Delong personally poured a glass of water for Ye Guang and greeted Ye Guang to sit down and smiled. “Your father is a temper, hey, although I and my old comrade in arms have been in the same city for many years, they have never asked me for anything, what a busy life. I occasionally asked him to go out for a drink, and always said that your mother is in charge. Yesterday, your dad called me and gave me a shock. Your dad never asks for help. This is an exception.”

“Hey, who said no?” Ye Guang smirked, “Uncle Li, are you having no trouble? If you have trouble, you can tell me directly, I don’t want to trouble you.”

“Hey, what did your bad boy say!” Li Delong yelled: “Nothing is difficult! Your father and I have been in friendship for so many years, and I have seen you grown up since you was a child. When I was with your dad, I went through the comrades who slept together and slept in the bunk. When your dad asked me to do things, I will definitely do it for you!”

“Oh, thank you Uncle Li.” Ye Guang smiled. Ye Guang is not too emotional. In these years, Li Delong and their family have many intersections, and both sides are very familiar. Now that I have been looking for someone to help me, I’m a little bit tempered by the twists and turns.

Ye Guang and Li Delong also chatted for a long time in the office for half an hour, and finally talked about Ye Guang’s work arrangement.

Li Delong asked Ye Guang what he wanted to do.

Ye Guang said that he wouldn’t do anything, and he had to learn from scratch. Let Li Delong look at the arrangement.

He was casual, but Li Delong was somewhat guilty. After thinking for a long time, he said: “Little Ye, you didn’t know anything when you first came, and I can’t arrange for you to go to any sought-after department or position.” Li Delong thought about it and said, “Like this, I have a late night channel. Now the Radio host is an old brother named Liu Bayi. It will be retired in half a month. He is an old senior with experience and have qualifications, you first follow him to learn, add fuel, if you can get acquainted with the work before he retreats, I will let you pick up his show!”

Sure enough, there are acquaintances who can do things well.

“Uncle Li, does this let me go to the show? Will it be a little…” Ye Guang is a bit strange. He is a newcomer. He came to the first place and didn’t understand it. Is this arranged for the show? They all say that they are quite Anchor, and they have been in the background for three years. Even if Li Delong is Radio station Chief, it will not really let him stay for three years, but it is too fast, right? Li Delong is so afraid that it is not very good to explain inside and out.

“It’s okay, a late night channel, there is no listening rate, these little guys in stage are disgusted, I am worried that no one will take Old Liu class, good, you are coming!” Li Delong said with a smile: “Isn’t it because your kid is not confident? Well, it is also a graduate of a prestigious university. Although it is not professional, it is no problem to exercise. Don’t worry!” Li Delong gave his final word.

Ye Guang didn’t refuse either. He really needed the opportunity. It didn’t take much time, so he nodded. “Well, I have confidence, thank you Uncle Li.”

“Just be confident.” Li Delong nodded. “Right, Little Ye. These days you follow the old Liu to learn more, read more, and then look for training materials and books for the host yourself. And Host Certificate, there will be a centralized examination ten days later, I will find an acquaintance and see if I can get the host certificate for you. Although it is only a radio host, without a certificate is equivalent to leaving a pigtail for others.” [X-N: Leaving a handle or weakness for others]

Ye Guang heard the words, and he admire Li Delong. This burly man is still a meticulous master. It is no wonder that he can become Radio station Chief.

Host Certificate, to be honest, Ye Guang did not consider the Certificate itself. After all, I didn’t expect to be able to go to the show so soon. In fact, many well-known host are unlicensed, not to mention the broadcast host, there is no evidence, but as Li Delong said, without a certificate is equivalent to leaving a pigtail to others. There is a talk show called tonight after the 80’s talk show, host is Wang Zijian, the comic actor was born, and later made this program, the show is not bad, claiming to be a Chinese talk show, but because of an Host Certificate, was people holding the pigtail, the hard-working stuff came in with an optional host, and he became a guest.

“Good, Uncle Li, I know, you don’t bother with Host Certificate. Let me test it myself. I will go online today after I get off work. Since you don’t want to give someone a scorpion, then you are clean, otherwise you will be afraid that someone will take my Host Certificate to make a fuss about the relationship.”

Li Delong drank and said, “Well? Ten days, are you confident? This test is difficult, but it is not so good.”

Ye Guang nodded. “No problem, Uncle Li, don’t worry, I have confidence.”

“Good. Just have confidence!” Li Delong patted Ye Guang’s shoulder. “Go, I will take you to the department.”

The eighth floor is the centralized office area of Radio station, which is large in size and has seven or eight areas separated by wooden partitions.

A glance at the past, Ye Guang found that these employees were actually quite leisurely at work. They looked down and played with mobile phones, read newspapers, play games and chatted. Few of them are doing business. When Li Delong came, they only converge one by one.

“Chief Li.”

“Chief Li is good.”

“Leadership is good.”

The staff greeted Li Delong one by one.

Li Delong nodded, took Ye Guang walkway to the central area, clap his hands and said, “Let everyone stop.”

Everyone stopped their work in the hands and looked at Li Delong.

“I will introduce you to a new colleague.”

Li Delong pointed to Ye Guang around him.

“This is a new colleague, Ye Guang. It didn’t take long before he graduated from college. he will work with you from now on. You all are considered to be his senior, and you all will take care of the young comrades in the future.”

Ye Guang smiles and looks around, humble nod greets.

“Everyone applauded and welcomed.” Li Delong took the lead.

Everyone applauded, and the applause was not too enthusiastic, but the employees who were basically present applauded.

Just kidding, the person that Radio station Chief brought in personally should have a relationship with his toe, and it is directed at the Radio station Chief, who doesn’t give a little face.

“Little Zhao, you will take Ye Guang to check in later.” Li Delong said to Zhao Rui, who has short hair in her thirties.

Zhao Rui nodded with a smile and nodded with Ye Guang smiling, and said hello.

“Old Liu, you are also here.” Li Delong said to Liu Bayi that he was already half-white hair, with a Chinese character face, and with round-rimmed glasses.

Old Liu nodded. “Well, some of the retirement procedures need to come and I will go back soon.”

Li Delong nodded with a smile and said: “That’s right, I am looking for you in the evening, Old Liu, you are old, you will retreat in a few days, play a waste of heat, bring a new arrival of comrade Little Ye.”

Liu Bayi looked at Ye Guang with a strange look. He squatted for a while, didn’t refuse, and faintly snorted.

Ye Guang obviously feels that many people’s eyes are focused on themselves, they are strange, envious, and with a little dissatisfaction, even Ye Guang also found a young man with black-rimmed glasses at the corner. There was a trace of resentment in the man’s eyes.

Ye Guang is not stupid. He have already guessed it. It seems that Li Delong said that there is no listening rate in the late night. No one is willing to accept anything but to listen to him. Li Delong, in the face of so many people, is basically the same as the decision to let Ye Guang take over the show of Old Liu. Ye Guang came the first time, there is no qualification, and the program is on, even if Li Delong gives him support, I am afraid that it will also cause some right and wrong.

Things are a foregone conclusion, and Ye Guang is not good at anything. He can only thank Li Delong in his heart. I will have the opportunity to repay my feelings in the future. This person, he remembered!

Later, Zhao Rui led Ye Guang to run up and down the office. Zhao Rui is a very kind and talkative woman, 32 years old, married and has a seven-year-old child. Probably because of Li Delong’s relationship, Zhao Rui is still very enthusiastic about Ye Guang. All the way to gossip, Ye Guang and Zhao Rui soon became familiar.

Ye Guang is kindly called Zhao Rui, Sister Zhao and Zhao Rui is also very enthusiastic and introduces all aspects of the Radio station to Ye Guang.

After the last busy schedule, the entry procedure was finally completed by eleven o’clock.

The labor contract is signed for one year, and the probation period is 2 months. The probation period is the same as the formal salary. The monthly salary is 3,500, full attendance is 500, meal is 500, and transportation subsidy is 200. It is 4,700 in one month. For the newly graduated university student, it is not low. Ye Guang estimates that there is Li Delong’s face.

Ye Guang saw that it was almost time for dinner, and proposed to invite Zhao Rui for a light meal, after all, she ran up and down with him in the morning. Zhao Rui was kind, but did not refuse in the end, and proposed to eat in TV station’s cafeteria.

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