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Ye Guang and Xu Rui are staggered during working hours. There is no intersection between these days. Ye Guang does not like this person, but he does not care about him. But today, since Ye Guang entered the conference room, Xu Rui has never hesitated to show his hatred attitude. He has been provocative, ridiculous, and screaming at his nose. Yes, anyway, I am ready to resign, Ye Guang is not afraid of offending people, barefoot is not afraid to wear shoes. A sentence absolutely forbidden to use for Xu Rui is completely ruined his thoughts, and also makes a group of people who support Xu Rui headed by Director Yang as uncomfortable as eating a fly. Looking for brother is not happy? Humph! Who is not happy when you see the bottom!

Xu Rui suddenly gnashed his teeth and hated itching.

Everyone gave sympathy to Xu Rui. Ye Guang only authorized Li Delong and gave Ma Tao the right to use. Xu Rui was Director Yang person. Basically, it is not related to Ghost Blows Out The Light. Ye Guang doesn’t care if he talks about it. Now it ’s just for the sake of others.

The Lord who is not willing to suffer at all!

Director Yang and others are not very good-looking.

Li Delong is also looking gloomy. “The meeting stop here today! Ye Guang, come with me to the office!” Said Li Delong, got up and left.

Ye Guang touched his nose and quickly followed. I rely on it, Uncle Li is calling his name, it seems that this is really angry. Hey, I can’t help it, it’s all for my wife.

Li Delong office.

Li Delong poured a glass of water on his own, didn’t give Ye Guang a cup, and poured a glass of water. “You give me an explanation!”

Ye Guang smiles: “Uncle Li, you are suffocating. I don’t have a way.”

Li Delong was angry: “You don’t have a fart. I don’t think you have a lot of ways? Speak What happened?”

Ye Guang sweats, swear words are coming out, this is not too mad, weak way back: “There is something at home.”

“Fart! What can happen to your family? I will call your dad. I would like to ask him what is happening in your family. As an old comrade, I also have a relationship!” Say, Li Delong is going to opened cellphone.

“Don’t.” Ye Guang hastened to organize, “Uncle Li, I know that I am not doing enough things to make you feel embarrassed, but this is really a little thing, my own business.”

“What the hell is it? You can understand.”

“It’s not convenient to say, Uncle Li, really, the guarantee is not because of impulsiveness. I thought about it before I came.”

Li Delong was silent and said nothing.

Ye Guang added: “Uncle Li, you can rest assured that I will write the follow-up story of Ghost Blows Out The Light, and I will not affect the live broadcast of this evening. I will finish all the follow-up stories in the next two days. I will give it to you, and it will not affect the program.”

Li Delong said with no anger: “Do I care about the show? What I’m doing are for you? I am not a person inside and outside, and there is your father, how do you tell me to explain!”

Ye Guang quickly apologized and apologized. For a while, Li Delong had stunned him for a while, and his anger was almost gone.

“Uncle Li, can’t you tell me my dad? Help me for a few days.”

Li Delong listened, angry and happy, “Don’t think about it! I can’t help you with this. Not only don’t help you, I have to take a look at your dad, let him pack you!”

“Don’t, Uncle Li, you can help. Just a few days. ”

“Fuck off!”


Ye Guang resigned. It took two hours at the Radio station to get the Ghost Blows Out The Light content to be broadcast live tonight, hand it over to Ma Tao, and then left. He was still in the internship period, and the contract was not signed yet. Li Delong also greeted the departure procedure, and everything was simple.

For Ye Guang’s sudden resignation, the staff members of Late night story program group were also very surprised and regretted. But the sky is going to rain, the lady is going to marry, and the person who wants to leave is too strong to stay.

Ye Guang has been in the office for a few days, there is no private item, no need to clean up, after the completion of resignation procedures, he drove away easily. Ye Guang, who was sitting in the car, was a little embarrassed. Li Delong had already called Ye Guang father, and Ye Guang father also called Ye Guang. Ye Guang was still at the Radio station and didn’t dare to pick it up. But it must be to return.

The storm of Ye Guang’s parents is still waiting for him at home.

Forget it

Go home and let it go.

Everything is for my wife!


Ye Guang drove home, halfway, suddenly remembered something, turned a corner, and found a fast food restaurant to eat some food.

The food was very simple, one gluten and one vegetarian, a bowl of rice, and the waiter said that he didn’t want a 30% off drink. No way, all the net worth is more than 500 yuan, and a witty wife has to save a little money.

Back home, Ye Guang’s parents had already sat down on the sofa with a serious look.

The TV didn’t open, so they sat waiting for him with a cold face.

Ye Guang sneaked a glance at the dining table, the tableware on the table had not been cleaned up, and the dishes on several dishes had been eaten clean.

Ye Guang secretly hid the joy, this man has a foresight!

“Mom, I have no food, I am starving to death.” Ye Guang deliberately played haha.

“Humph!” Mother Airway: “You still want to eat! I didn’t have your meal today, and honestly came to explain the problem!”

Ye Guang grievances: “Don’t, mom, people are iron rice is steel, what can’t wait for me to finish eating? I am your son.”

“You still know that you are my son!” Father suddenly angered, “You said it yourself! What do you do again! Lost my old face!”

“Dad, you are suffocating.” Ye Guang quickly lost his smile. “You listen to me…” Say, Ye Guang is going to sit next to father.

“You stand for me!” Father yelled: “Do you still want to sit? Stand up! No land where you are sitting!”

Ye Guang can only stand with a smile, bow his head, and put on a grievance that makes the wrong thing.

So, next, Ye Guang’s parents gave Ye Guang a half-hour critical education!

The more he said, the more angry he was, the more excited he was. “Take feather duster. I have to clean up and pack him today, otherwise he will not be long-term.”

Mother immediately got up and went to get the feather duster.

Ye Guang is anxious, just say it, hey, how do you want to move the guy? Hurry and stop, “Dad, don’t be impulsive, Mom, don’t listen to my dad, I am your son, your own life.”

Mother gave him a look, “Hum! Don’t say your dad, I want to smoke you a reckless kid!” Say, and did not say to Ye Guang, she took the feather duster and gave it to father.

Father is on the air, and comes to Ye Guang’s thigh, Ye Guang quickly evades, this is not playing, but Ye Guang’s cold sweat can come down, I am going to go, this is to play really? Really want to get started? It’s not a quick flash, father’s feather duster can be strong.

“You dare to hide!” Father is more angry, “You are trying to hide! I will give you a discount on hiding your legs!”

Pa” Father’s solid feather duster was drawn on Ye Guang. Ye Guang didn’t dare to hide. Father was really angry. If he dared to play something slick, how much will the incident rise? If you get it, just eat some bitter flesh and let the father take a few breaths to eliminate it. After all, it’s a pro-son, you can’t beat himself to death.

“Tell you not to obey!”

Pa” Father gave Ye Guang a feather duster.

“Call you to resign!”

Pa” It’s another.

“Tell you to shame me.”


“Call you not to advance.”


“I killed you not a dutiful son!”


Ye Guang is faced with double destruction of the body and spirit. It is physically devastated by the father. It is such a big person. It is actually beaten by Father, god, do you want to be so shameful? I feel no face to see anyone!

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