BTC Chapter 523 : Emergency Mission

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Seeing firefighting robots flexibly carry out their daily training, the firefighters, are eye-opening.

“Wow, is technology so advanced now? Robots are so flexible!”

“Will they secretly destroy us?”

“You watch too many science fiction movies, right?”

“I mean malicious instructions, look, with captain’s instructions, they can move. What if hackers hack it and attack us in turn?” A firefighter has imagined a battle with robots.

The captain knocked his head and cursed: “What do you think all day? This kind of firefighting robot uses quantum information communication, and current hackers can’t even enter the quantum information network!”

“Moreover, this is a rescue robot. The core program is to save people. Even if there are malicious instructions or actions that hurt people, it will stop in an emergency. Do you understand?”

“Oh! Captain, it looks amazing, can it rescue people on the spot?”

The captain said: “I don’t know. Isn’t this thrown to us for the experiment? But when everyone goes out to perform task, don’t count on the robots, but we must rely on ourselves!”

In the next few days, the fire brigade took out the task and brought the fire fighting robot, but there was no chance to try it. Because they are just trivial things, such as someone lost their cat and let them find the cat; the security lock on the door of residents’ homes is broken, and they are locked in their homes.

In the past week, firefighting robots have failed to come in handy. Firefighters couldn’t help wondering whether this million-dollar fire-fighting robot was just a display? There is no such big task, and there is no need for small tasks! It’s better to have a fire-fighting dog.


On the other side, in Pengyun Automobile parts production plant. The week-long production comparison experiment has ended. Now, the senior executives are comparing the production status of the industrial octopus production line and the worker production line.

Both the senior management and the workers are waiting nervously.

For the executives, if industrial octopus is feasible. Then a storm of fully automated production is coming and many types of work can be carried out by industrial octopus — provided the cost is not too high.

For workers, if they can be replaced by robots, they may face unemployment in the future.

In the conference room, the senior executives gathered to listen to the report of the chief engineer.

“After our testing, the outcome has produced a result.” The chief engineer announced, “The product qualification rate data, the worker group is 85.6%, the industrial octopus group, 95.1%.”

Hearing this data, they can still understand. After all, labor precision can’t be compared with machine.

“Then, the output comparison.” The chief engineer said, “The industrial octopus group output  is 1.8 times more as the manual group, which is 3.2 times our regular production speed!”

This time, the manual group has selected  all selected skilled workers, and they work in three shifts with 24 hours non-stop production. However, before the two most important data, the industrial octopus has defeated them.

The top executives looked at each other, they didn’t think that industrial octopus could do better than human operators!

The factory manager pondered for a long time and said: “Don’t disclose this news! So as not to dampen the workers’ enthusiasm!”

It’s conceivable that if the industrial octopus can replace their positions, the workers will definitely panic about being laid off.

“In fact, there’s no comparison.” The chief engineer said, “In terms of cost. The cost of using manual labor is much less than industrial octopus in three to five years. But in the long run, eight to ten years, using industrial octopus will be more cost-effective.”

The executives nodded one after another. Although the robot is convenient, its cost is expensive. It’s something that operators must consider. This is also good, some difficult and very important post can be entrusted to industrial octopus.

However, most workers can still hold their posts normally, which can reduce the impact of machines on their jobs. From a long-term perspective, low-end jobs will gradually be replaced by machines. But with that, new jobs will appear, such as machine maintenance and management. For this social problems brought by such changes, the senior government officials will consider it.


Yangcheng, in fire brigade equipped with firefighting robots. The firefighters are eating in the canteen when an emergency notice suddenly sounded.

“Emergency notice, there’s a fire broke out in Yinlong Building, please ask the team members to rush to rescue immediately.”

“Emergency notice, there’s a fire broke out in Yinlong Building, please ask the team members to rush to rescue immediately.”

Upon hearing the notice, the firefighters put the dishes and chopsticks away and immediately rushed out, they quickly brought the equipment to the rescue site.

The first fire truck set off quickly. In the car, the captain shouted in the communicator: “Everyone is mentally prepared. The location of the accident this time is the 25th floor of the Yinlong Building. The high-level rescue is very difficult!

“After arrived at the scene, the first team, you will quickly bring equipment to the high-level to find out the disaster and try to rescue! The second team is responsible for evacuating the masses, avoiding burns, trampling and falling objects from high altitude; Xiao Li, contact the traffic control department, conduct traffic control…”

The captain arranged the tasks one by one, and the fire truck rushed to the scene.

At the scene, it’s already a mess near the Yinlong Building. From the tall buildings, you can see black smoke and flames.

This kind of high-rise fire is the most troublesome. If it’s a low-rise, people can be evacuated quickly. But in this office building, there are hundreds of large and small companies, and the number of employees is unknown.

After the fire broke out. There’s smoke and screams everywhere, many people rushed to lower level to escape, it was chaos.

Near the high-rise buildings, there are people who are not afraid of death, holding their mobile phones.

“Old irons, have you seen it? Just behind me, the Yinlong Building is on fire! It’s terrible, such a high building, you can’t run away!” A guy is taking a video, the fireman immediately gets off and drags him away.

“Warning line! Don’t get close to the warning line. First team, quickly evacuate the people in the building!” The captain yelled to the communicator. The scene is complicated and difficult to handle. Fortunately, the traffic control and public security departments rushed over to help with evacuation and rescue.

“Captain, for safety reasons, the building has cut off the power supply. We must climb the stairs.” The firefighters reported the situation.

“Speed! Time is life!”

When the captain yelled, the firefighters had already rushed up to more than 20 floors while carrying fire-fighting appliances.

In the downstairs of Yinlong Building, reporters who heard the wind also arrived, and the local TV station broadcasted the scene of the fire.

“We can see the fire still spreading, from the 25th floor to the 24th, 23rd and the 26th, 27th, and 28th floors of the mall. As far as we know, the Yinlong Building has 34 floors. If the fire continues to spread, it will cause great casualties and property losses! Now, we can only pray for the people in the building and hope our fire officers and soldiers can rescue them safely!”

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