BTC Chapter 276 : Give it Big Bang

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“Hahaha, the same as I thought.” Lu Zixin said with a smile, “Now they are open bans, and we will not agree easily.”

“Now we are not asking for a market in North America, but they need us! We don’t enter the North American market, and our technology will not flow in.”

Today’s global integration, Science and Technology are both competitive and mutually reinforcing. For example, Samsung Group of Korea, which earns more money in North American market than many large US companies, but United States allows sales of Samsung Group.

This is because Samsung Group’s Science and Technology can not only promote the development of US economy, but also promote the competition of Science and Technology and accelerate the progress of the local Science and Technology level.

By the same token, Red Letter is now leading the technical level of US communications industry. If they also prevent Red Letter from entering North American market, they face the danger of being out of the 6G era and the development of the world’s Science and Technology, which is detrimental to the development of the entire country’s economy, Science and Technology.

Lu Zixin didn’t guess, they haven’t started to worry, but the US is in a hurry.

The Federal Communications Commission announced the latest news after Red Letter announced that it will launch two more Skystar in the next month.

“After our rigorous and serious review, we found that the chips of Red Letter’s smart products do not have ‘information security vulnerability’, which is a product that is in line with national information security. From now on, cancel the ban of the cooperation between Red Letter smart products and US telecom operators before.”

As soon as this news was issued, the red letter was laughed up and down.

Tang Gang smiled for a long time in the conference room and said: “These Americans can really pretend. They didn’t let us sell before, but now they have repented! Isn’t this a face?”

“The capitalists never care about their faces, they only care about the banknotes!” Su Zhirong said. “In the half-month of 6G network trial run, the companies share in US communications industry have fallen sharply, and the market value has evaporated by more than $10 billion!”

“How many capitalists losing the underwear!”

“Let’s enter the North American market! Haha! This time we have to turn them all over!” The executives in North American market sector said eagerly.

“Oh, don’t worry, it’s not the time now,” Lu Zixin said. “They can’t sell them under the ban. They say open, we just ran over, what is this?”

“President, what do you mean?”

“We are not yet able to enter North American market!” Su Zhirong said. “A few months ago, US government raised the tax rate on the consumer electronics and communications industries in China, which greatly increased our cost and compressed our profit.”

“In addition, if we launch satellites and provide US telecom operator 6G network, we will also suffer similar unequal treaties on patent licensing fees. The patent grant fees we receive are pitiful.”

“When they master sixth generation of mobile communication technology, they will immediately drop us, and the red letter is equivalent to giving them a wedding dress.”

“Vice-President Su is right.” Tang Gang took it seriously. “In addition to the ban, the United States has many unfair terms for us.”

Lu Zixin said: “It is not enough for us to just lift the ban! Red letter have to earn in the North American market, not exploited! We also play with them a so-called technical blockade to see how they respond!”


When the US Federal Communications Commission issued a notice of lifting the ban, the media immediately reprinted it to the country.

Current news: “The United States lifted the ban on Red Letter smart products, and Red Letter will enter US market again!”

Tencent News: “What is the meaning of Red Letter being approved for entry into North American market?”

Know: “Why did US Federal Communications Commission lift the ban on Red Letter?”

Star China Network: “Red Letter was approved to enter US market, Apple’s status is not guaranteed?”


Netizens have expressed their enthusiasm: “Red Letter can be sold to the United States? Then there is no Apple!”

“Apple stock has fallen bad enough, and it is estimated that it will fall next!”

“I said that there is no problem with the Red Letter chip. What committee is a funny organization!”

“Sell them for a little more expensive, damn it, how much Americans earn from us!”

“Hello everyone, I am going to sell the red letter mobile phone to United States in China, and I am short of funds of 3 million. I want to raise funds!”

“Hello everyone, I am a liar, please give this account three thousand dollars, just spend money to buy a lesson. The account number is XXXXX”


Huawei company, seeing this news, Zhai Zhigao surprised and said: “The Americans actually admitted the loss and revoked the ban!”

“It seems that the pressure on 6G network is too great for them!”

“I have a hunch that the ban on our Huawei is also about to be withdrawn.” Cheng Hao said, “After all, in US market, the threat of Red Letter is much more than ours!”

“It’s right! Prepare this matter right away!” said Zhai Zhigao.

“Red letter is going to be a big hit!” Tian Xiangshan, who saw the news, said that at this time he was in India, and Rice’s performance in India grew again, becoming the second fastest after the company’s market in China.

To be honest, he still has some envy of red letter. Although Rice’s sales in India are increasing, the profit margin is not very high, because their mobile phones are selling cheaply.

Red Letter mobile phone, like Apple, is a high-margin product, and even if the sales volume is not as good as theirs, the turnover can be higher than them.


When the public believed that the Red Letter Group was about to enter US market again, Red Letter issued a statement.

Red Letter claims that due to the company’s business increase and changes in US market policies, the plan to temporarily abandon US market and will not reach cooperation with US operators in the near future.

Red Letter also pointed out that the US taxation on China’s electronic consumer products is not in line with market trading standards. The relevant US departments have unfair treatment for China. Before these problems are improved, Red Letter will not consider entering United States market.

When this news came out, it was suddenly heated up.

Under the official Weibo of Red Letter, the message reached several thousand in an hour.

“Your company is too 6? It’s not going! It’s so arrogant!”

“Hahaha, it’s beautiful, so they can’t use 6G nets, kill them!”

“The first time I saw such a hoisting company, they actually let the Americans cut taxes, and they will not go without losing!”

“This is the legendary reverse blockade?”

“That’s good! Support! They want trade protection, let them play by themselves, wait until their Science and Technology exceeds them, just watch them cry!”

“Give it a big bang, and turn from the passers-by!”

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