MST Chapter 76 : Reported

Edited: XiaXue

Ye Guang didn’t think that the obstacles in Yiyi’s mind had reached such degree that she actually extended the story of the ugly duck to it’s father and mother.

Ye Guang slide down, lying on her side, looking at Yiyi, said softly, “The ugly duck is not pitiful, he has mom and dad, but he was not with mom and dad at first, just like you, you have mom and dad, It’s just that Mom and Dad are still in other places, and there is no way to be with you, but one day, they will come back to you, no matter what others say, how you think, you are Yiyi, little princess, It ’s unique. You have to be patient, wait patiently, and believe in yourself. One day, you will become a beautiful white swan like ugly duck, and mom and dad will return to you.”

Yiyi was very sad and said with crying cry. “But I have never seen Mom and Dad. Other children have moms and dads, I don’t.”

Ye Guang felt a bit bitter in his heart and gently stroked Yiyi’s head, “You also have mom and dad, they will come back, believe me, you just need to wait for them to come back, do not think so much, do not think you have nothing, think of what you have, you have Grandpa, Grandma, and aunt, also have me. We will love you like a princess. ”

Yiyi is a little better, muttering, “There is Great-Grandpa.”

Ye Guang: “Yes, there is Great-Grandpa, Yiyi is very happy. Look at me, I don’t have a grandfather, no grandparents.” Ye Guang’s grandparents passed away when he was very young.

It sounds like Ye Guang is worse than her, Yiyi is much better.

Yiyi: “Ye Guang, tell me another story.”

Ye Guang: “Speak again? It’s not early, it’s time to sleep.”

Yiyi shook her head. “No, the last one.”

Ye Guang, “Yes, I will tell you.”

After Liu Chiyan took a shower, she watched TV in the living room again, Ye Guang come to Yiyi room has been quite a long time, has not seen him out, got up to see, pushed the door, saw a big and small already in bed asleep, Liu Chiyan smiled, did not wake them, crept past to help them change the quilt, then turned off the lights, went out and helped them gently shut the door.

Liu Chiyan said to herself, “It’s quite good to bring children, later children…” Liu Chiyan suddenly turned red. “Well, won’t give birth to him …”

The next day, Ye Guang felt a itch in his nose, and he woke up with his eyes open. He saw that Yiyi little princess was pinching her small hair and making it bad for Ye Guang.

“Okay, let you tease me early in the morning and see how I can clean you up.” Ye Guang said evilly.

Yiyi is agile. When she turned over, she got out of bed and shouted as she ran. “Aunt, come and save me, Ye Guang will bully me.”

Liu Chiyan is making breakfast and smiling at this big one chasing small one.

When I came to the company, Ye Guang had not yet entered the office, and the employees of studio were encircling.

“President Liu is good, little princess, good morning.”

Everyone greeted Liu Chiyan and Yiyi.

Ye Guang wonders, why not say hello to me? So unwilling to see me?

“Advisor Ye, congratulations, congratulations!”

“Yeah, Advisor Ye, congratulations.”

“Advisor Ye, you have to treat us.”


Everyone was happy with Ye Guang, and Ye Guang was confused. “Congratulations? What happened?”

Xia Hai: “Advisor Ye, you still don’t know?”

Ye Guang: “What do I know?”

Yu Xuejia excitedly said, “Advisor Ye, you reported it, reported it!”

Ye Guang is still confused.

Field record Shen Xuewen added, “Newspaper, the few interviews that came yesterday!”

Ye Guang suddenly realized that it was this thing. Ye Guang was a little excited and asked, “Newspaper, is there a newspaper? Show me it!”

One of the three brothers in sea, land and air was busy handing him several newspapers.

“Here, here.” Yu Xuejia points to a section.

Nanchang Daily.

“Jumping from the building event” Ye Guang is eloquent

Recently, there was a building jumping incident in NC City … According to this reporter, the rescuer is the general counsel of Youxianqi Entertainment and the deputy general manager, who is only 24 years old and the direct reason for being the general counsel of Youxianqi Entertainment is because of his talent…

A report of hundreds of words was published, and the content was basically the same as what Ye Guang said in interview yesterday. Some of them were deleted, some were polished, but fortunately, they were fairly unbiased and truthful.

After Ye Guang reading, he opened another newspaper.

Jiangxi Daily.

“As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world.”

People’s Daily.

“The pressure of young people’s life is a new social problem for social despair”

Modern talent report.

“New Generation Poet Ye Guang Masterpiece – Hard Road”

Four newspapers, four reports, all of Ye Guang yesterday’s interview was published, the difference is that they have different focus, Nanchang daily mainly focused on describing the jumping from the building event, as well as some words from yesterday’s interview with Ye Guang, Jiangxi Daily and People’s Daily are all through the jumping from the building event depth analysis of the current young people’s disappointment with the social problems, and modern talent reported jumping from the building event is a few words, the main mention of Ye Guang several poems, of which the focus of the paper is Hard Road, the poem was published in the newspaper.

Reported, Ye Guang is indeed very happy, this year, Although the spread of traditional newspapers is not as good as Internet, but traditional newspapers have always been more solemn and authoritative than the spread of the Internet in the subconscious mind of people. Many people scoff at some news on the Internet, but if the same news is changed to a newspaper, he will be convinced.

“Advisor Ye, very happy.”

“Yeah, yeah, Advisor Ye remembers to treat us.”

Ye Guang smiled and wanted to agree, but suddenly realized that he had no money now. Yesterday, I took Yiyi out for a while and spent a lot of money. The whole body was less than two hundred dollars. Studio is twenty people. What please? Can one person eat a bowl of fried rice?

This is enough, Nanchang fried rice is really good, but can you eat this? It’s better not to ask! It’s not Ji’an fried noodles, Daji’an old watch likes to treat.

Ye Guang put a smile on his face and pretended to say, “It’s just a matter of seeing a newspaper, what a lot! We are also an entertainment company, and Goddess Liu is our boss. When is it not always exposed to media, do you see a report? One by one, you are all old employees. For so long, facing the media is not once or twice. If you see a newspaper, you will be fussed. Ok, it’s all gone, go back to work!”

The hearts of the employees broke open.

Fuck! Who is this, we are kind enough to come and congratulate, what benefits are not caught, but the training!

President Liu is President Liu, can you compare? And President Liu is generally exposed in the entertainment industry! Unless there are major events, in addition to entertaining newspapers, easy traditional newspapers can not easily appeared!

Big Brother, you don’t know what concept is the newspaper? And one of them is People’s Daily! People’s Daily is one of the most authoritative newspapers in the country!

Dare not to be so stingy!

Ye Guang is also helpless, knowing that doing so will offend people, but what can he do, no money.

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