BTC Chapter 129 : Electronic Fans

Edited: XiaXue

Seeing this, let alone Xue Yao, Lu Zixin himself is moving. Such a smart glasses is simply too convenient!

He quickly thanked Tony Stark : “Many thanks!”

Tony Stark : “No thanks, just a little thing.”

Red Queen : “I will give you one hundred. Can you call me a big bang?”

Mr. L : “[emoticon :tan90°]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon :Hmph!]”

Lu Zixin was thinking about what emoticon to send, suddenly the door opened and someone came in.

“Ah!” The man screamed and then asked with a look of panic: “Who are you?”

Lu Zixin looked at her, a young girl in a black business attire, followed by a square-faced man carrying a big cake.

“You should be Xue Yao’s roommate? I am Xue Yao’s friend, she went out to buy food.” Lu Zixin put away the smart glasses and explained.

“Friend?” The girl looked at him suspiciously, looked him up and down several times, and asked: “Boyfriend? No, Yaoyao has no boyfriend!”

“Not a boyfriend!” Lu Zixin stressed. “A general friend is a college student.”

Even if he said this, the girl still looked at him with expression who didn’t believe it. She said, “I don’t believe it. My friend Yaoyao will take you home and have a birthday! It’s too strange! I will ask when she come back later!”

Lu Zixin shrugged and said helplessness. She introduced herself: “My name is Situ Yan, Xue Yao’s girlfriend, this is my boyfriend, He Wei.”

The square-faced man was not very flustered by Lu Zixin. He directly asked Situ Yan: “Xiao Yan, where is to put the cake?”

“Let’s put it in my bedroom, don’t let Yaoyao see it, give her a surprise.” Situ Yan said, open the bedroom door at the same time, let He Wei put the cake in.

“Your room is really messy!” He Wei spit out.

“Don’t look, go out!” Situ Yan introduced him and said to Lu Zixin: “I have to go out and buy something. You two men will stay here and talk.”

After she went out, He Wei took a game machine from his bag and played it. It is produced by the famous game company of Japan country and also wears black glasses.

Lu Zixin asked: “What is this? VR game console?”

Referring to this, He Wei slightly smug, said: “Yes, Japan’s latest VR glasses one game console, wearing VR special effects. Playing games is much better than any mobile phone or computer!”

“Oh.” Lu Zixin nodded and his interest was cut. After using virtual projection beads, he is not interested in these so-called VR, too low-end.

There is a feeling that once see the sea is difficult for the water, except that Wushan is not a cloud.

He Wei saw him with no expression, and explained: “This set is more than 14,000! And the country is still out of stock, I bought it from a friend in Japan country!”

“Great.” Lu Zixin said with him.

He was somewhat dissatisfied and continued: “Use this to play racing, shooting or terrifying games, and experience the explosion! Right, there are work games.”

Lu Zixin said with no expression: “I really want to play!”

He Wei said: “It’s okay. I don’t have any other hobbies, I like to play with these cutting-edge electronic devices. I also have a bigger VR game device at home, and what smart bracelets, watches, drones have collections!”

Lu Zixin looked at him strangely and could collect them. This greeting is still a rich man.

He Wei saw him surprised and finally satisfied, and asked: “Do you play these?”

“I sometimes play too.” Lu Zixin nodded.

“Yes,” He said. “You can play together when you have time. If you don’t understand anything, you can ask me. It’s not that I brag. I know everything about this.”

Lu Zixin is a bit helpless, but he doesn’t say much.

Next, He Wei took his own VR glasses and played his VR game. Lu Zixin was on the sidelines and took out the instructions of G-551 smart glasses. The functions were all clearly understood and then wrapped. Packed in a small box.

This G-551 smart glasses, Tony Stark sent a total of ten sets. Send a set of Xue Yao, Lu Zixin use one set, and can leave spare and give it to others.

Half an hour later, Xue Yao and Situ Yan came back. Xue Yao carried vegetables and meat, and Situ Yan carried fruit.

As soon as she entered the door, Situ Yan said: “You have a good fortune today, Yaoyao bought so much, there is a big meal at night!”

He was intoxicated in his VR game, Lu Zixin asked: “Need help?”

“No, we can clean up.” Xue Yao said.

She put on an apron and began to work, Situ Yan gave her help. Soon, the smell of the food came from the kitchen.

Lu Zixin was hooked by the scent and follow the scent to go to the kitchen. There he saw the side of the ring, Xue Yao is skilled cooking.

Her back to Lu Zixin. The next pair of denim shorts is eye-catching, the waist is slender, the hips are high, and the hair is placed next to the ear, which has a different flavor.

“Good fragrance.” Lu Zixin saw a dish that had been fried next to him. He couldn’t help but pick up a piece of chopsticks and taste it. It’s really good.

“Don’t steal! Go out!” Xue Yao found him and drove him out.

When the food is served on the table, there are a total of ten dishes, vegetables, fish, and cold dishes are all available, all are made by Xue Yao. The scent was overflowing, and even He Wei also put away the game console and waited for dinner.

“Xiao Yue said that she does not come back to eat, we directly start.” Xue Yao said, Xiao Yue is her other roommate.

Lu Zixin will sing a lot, and to be honest, Xue Yao is really good. It is said that she used to have a small restaurant in her family, so she learned a lot of cooking from an early age.

Satiate and have activities at night, just go to KTV to sing.

Situ Yan also specially let He Wei bring to buy a cake, Xue Yao said: “There are still cakes, but we have already eaten so much, can’t eat?”

Situ Yan said with a smile: “Is the birthday cake used for eating? Hehe.”

“Don’t, don’t make it all over.” Xue Yao thought of something, Situ Yan said with a smile: “This lady has her own size!”

At KTV, Xue Yao’s other roommate, Zhang Yue, also came. She has a bright makeup, carrying a red LV bag with her boyfriend.

Zhang Yue came in and said: “Hey, Yaoyao is hard to make a big meal, I didn’t catch up. I blame you, it is a waste of time to buy a bag.”

Her boyfriend smiled and said, “Okay, blame me, I owe you a meal.”

Situ Yan has GET to her meaning, pretending to be said curiously: “This is your new purchase? Is it expensive?”

“Not expensive, only 14888. This is the birthday gift that Lao Gao owes me, and he will give it until now.” Zhang Yue is blaming, but his tone is self-satisfied.

Xue Yao’s heart sighed slightly, and his roommate’s performance was afraid that Lu Zixin would be awkward. However, if you have a birthday, can you not say that to renting roommates?

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