BTC Chapter 170 : Crushed

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The launch of HX2 MOUDLE mobile phones has once again boosted the sales of Red Letter mobile phones. More personalized gameplay and modular combination, so that people who pursue fashion personality can’t put it down.

However, the sales volume is still better than the standard smartphone integrated with HX2. After all, more users, just thinking is simple and convenient, too lazy to use their brains to assemble mobile phone modules.


Apple’s China Headquarters, the atmosphere is not as easy as a few weeks ago, the top of high-level face can not see a smile, some terrifying changes make them feel a huge crisis.

In the days after they issued an announcement for Red Letter, the weekly sales of Apple phones increased. However, in the second week, this trend has become a decline!

In the conference room, Morris is tightly frowns, and in front of each high-rise, there is a HX2 mobile phone.

He said: “Huaxia has a sentence, called, knowing oneself and knowing each other, can only fight every battle without defeat! HX2’s red cloud intelligent voice assistant, you have all experienced it. Now talk about your feelings, how does it compare with SIRI? ”

The problem is this, everyone is silent. They still remember that just a few weeks ago, they also despised the so-called intelligent voice assistant of Red Letter, thinking that it was just a mentally retarded software that would make a sound.

After personally trying it out, they found out that it seems that this Red Cloud Intelligent Voice Assistant seems to be a little stronger than Apple’s SIRI?

No one dares to say this idea.

“Taylor, what do you think?” Morris named one of them. Taylor is responsible for the intelligence. Before being sent to Apple’s Headquarters in China, he was also a famous figure in the artificial intelligence industry in the United States.

Before, it was his that determined Red Letter mobile phone intelligence was a joke, no need to worry. But the fact hit his face, Red Cloud intelligent voice assistant is even changing the user’s habits, so that the smart voice that was previously used by users as a display has become a popular feature.

Taylor hesitated for a while and said: “The Red Cloud is beyond my imagination and is more advanced than SIRI’s intelligence.”

When he said this, everyone was surprised by this explanation. Is Apple in the field of high Science and Technology overtaken by a Chinese company?

Taylor continued: “Even if I don’t want to admit it, I have to say. Red Cloud’s intelligence is not limited to rigid language communication, but can use some functions according to user needs. This is what we have been working hard but can’t do.”

“Two days later, I will return to the United States to conduct an in-depth study of Red Cloud Intelligent Voice Assistant at Headquarters.”

After Taylor finished, Morris was in a worse mood. He asked: “Li, you have expected before, do you have any way to deal with it?”

Li shook his head and said helplessly: “This is a technological lead. I think the most feasible way is to let our intelligence reach the same level.”

He said that it is equal to not saying, everyone knows that it is impossible to improve the intelligence “intelligence” in a short period of time.

“At least for the past six months, we will not have new technology applied to the current Apple mobile phone. But Red Letter has not only have Red Cloud, but also the very compatible HX2 MOUDLE mobile phone. In the market competition, we have No advantage!” Morris raised the most serious issues they face now.

Since Apple mobile phone entered the Chinese market, sales have never fallen so fast!

Morris wants some advice from everyone, but no one can think of available way to save this crisis.

However, this is not the worst. When the sales of smartphones in the Chinese market last month appeared, they only felt what is called terrifying, what is called being crushed!

Authorities announced the sales of smartphones in the last China market, and the number one mobile phone sales ranked first, it was HX2 of Red Letter!

The second is a mobile phone from Rice, which installed the super Android System provided by Red Letter Software Technology Development Co., Ltd.

The HX2 MOUDLE mobile phone, although the sales volume is not squeezed, but it has reached nearly 800,000 units in a single month. It can be said that it is the best-selling model in the world’s module mobile phones!

In contrast, sales of other mobile phones of the same price have declined. Last year, the highest domestic shipment of Hua as a mobile phone, sales have dropped a lot, although Samsung’s price cut is the fastest, but it has also been affected.

The worst is Apple phones, because they released an announcement prohibiting IOS software from being used directly on Red Letter System, and sued Red Letter, which has attracted a lot of users and software developers.

In the beginning of the week, everyone still prefers Apple.

However, after the launch of the intelligent voice assistant of Red Letter, everyone found out that what is the Apple mobile phone? This HX2 is better! Moreover, Red Letter can also help software developers to develop the software of Red Letter System and give various preferential policies.

The performance is better, the price is cheaper than the new Apple, and more humane. In contrast, users naturally choose Red Letter. So last month, Apple’s mobile phone sales fell by half!

That’s right, it’s half, it’s almost the result they couldn’t have thought of before! Last year, the average monthly sales of Apple phones in the China market was 4,25 million.

Last month, their sales were only 2.1 million units! It’s just a cliff-like fall!

Morris has turned from the original self-confidence to a panic, and now it is already terrified! This reduced sales volume is converted into a turnover of 10 billion!

Since he was the head of the Apple China area, he has never had such a problem! In the past few years, regardless of sales volume, his performance to Headquarters has always been an increase in turnover, and now, for the first time, Apple has been smashed by Red Letter in the Chinese market for half body!

In the office, Morris glared at his forehead and didn’t want to take a look at the data reports on the desktop.

However, a reminder of a video call interrupted his meditation, and someone on his Apple computer was calling his Apple account.

The show is Tim Cook, currently CEO of Apple, one of the world’s most influential people of Science and Technology!

Morris connected the call and saw Cook face was not happy. He wears glasses and his hair is gray. The seemingly weak body exudes a touch of majesty, which makes Morris feel a little scared.

“Morris, I saw the report of Huaxia District. I was very disappointed with the board of directors!” His tone was very flat, but Morris could feel the anger contained in it.

“Do you know? Last month, our Apple mobile phone once again achieved the No. 1 sales in the North American market. Just when we celebrated it, we received such news from you, it’s terrible!”

“I just want to know, what is the reason for this?”

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