BTC Chapter 414 : Unstoppable!

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“Yeah,” Lu Zixin said. “But we should be prepared. This time, the market monitoring of artificial intelligence must be done! Once there is a similar event like the last virtual projection game, we must immediately find a way to stop it!”

“Well, this time we are fully prepared,” Su Zhirong said. “A department has been set up to supervise this.”

“In addition, Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd. submitted a proposal recommending that we set up an artificial intelligence service company to engage in functional development and service improvement of artificial intelligence technology.”

“It’s a good idea to consider.” Lu Zixin agreed.


The storm in Chinese computer market has also quickly spread to foreign countries, and foreign media have reported this phenomenon.

In Japan, a TV station went to the streets of a city in China to find traces of artificial intelligence.

“Now we are in a shopping mall, everyone sees no, there is an anime character here, it seems to be doing activities, let’s go see!” The host wore a microphone and walked to the mall.

A long-legged, big-breasted anime virtual projection Loli sister met the host and took the initiative to say hello, saying in Japanese: “Hello.”

She also performed a bending action to reveal some welfare colors.

Japan TV viewers exclaimed: “Kawaii!”

“This is artificial intelligence? It’s so good, I really want to buy one of these computers!”

The host and artificial intelligence chat, the artificial intelligence can answer the flow, from time to time there are some cute movements and emoticon appear, which makes the audience feel amazing!

“It’s more fun than a virtual projection game! Because it’s like talking to a real person, and a projection game is just a game!”

“Cool, I am so excited. When can this computer be bought? I really want to go to China now!”

“I heard that there are many other kinds of artificial intelligence, so look forward to it!”


In Europe, the news media also described this in detail.

“China produces the most advanced quantum computers and develops personalized AI services to make the society progress for ten years!”

In European countries, residents of these developed countries are also amazed at the reports and the contents of various videos.

“Wow, it’s amazing! This artificial intelligence is just like a real person!”

“I just love this kind of computer! If there is something to sell here, I will definitely buy it for the first time!”

“Great, with this new technology, I can play every day without work!”

“Is this fake? It looks like the computer is synthesizing, the computer is definitely not so smart!”

“Seeing this, I think China should be listed as a developed country!”


In United States, the response to quantum AI and Red Letter personalized AI technology is even stronger.

Because Red Letter brand is now known to many Americans, and the previous computer standards have been raging, there are many people concerned.

On YouTube, a video site with more than one billion users, AI usage scenarios for Red Letter quantum computers have been released on various occasions.

Soon, this video has more than hundreds of millions of views, and the number of comments has reached nearly one million!

Users use comments to express their amazement and love.

“I can’t believe my eyes! Is the current intelligence already done at this point?”

“I saw this video and I wanted to smash my home’s Google smart speaker. Until now, it’s still don’t know what song I like to listen to!”

“This is the function of a quantum computer! Isn’t our country a pioneer in the computer field? Why haven’t quantum computers that have been promoted for so long come out! Too disappointing me!”

“Who knows when Red Letter Group will sell such computers in United States?”

“Looking at this, I don’t want to use my Apple notebook for a second anymore! Can anyone buy it for me? I have five thousand dollars!”


The major companies in US computer industry have also felt a strong sense of crisis!

Intel Corporation, this time is no longer a department meeting, but the entire high-level meeting to discuss.

“Quantum computers have become a trend with their AI technology! We can no longer wait, immediately recognize the quantum computer standard of Red Letter, and find ways to cooperate with them!”

IBM, they can no longer calm down. They have always been the world’s largest commercial machine company, and now, Red Letter’s commercial computers can completely get rid of them, not any of their technology or spare parts!

If this continues, IBM’s market will be swallowed up quickly by Red Letter Group!

“Plit, hurry to contact Computer Society, we have to re-engineer a strategic plan for quantum computers!”

Dell Computer Corporation and Hewlett-Packard Computer Co., all noticed the changes in China computer market, and decided to send representatives to contact Red Letter Group.

Microsoft, Google, Apple, these leading international companies in the field of computer and artificial intelligence, all of them are urgently discussing countermeasures, how to deal with this wave of shock from China!

Although Red Letter Group has not officially released quantum computers in North American market and European market, they are only a few months away from that date, and they must be prepared!

American Computer Association office building, Chairman Walter and president of IEEE Association, Lancelot, are both worried about this, and they can’t relax.

“These materials have been seen? In China market, Red Letter Group quickly occupied high-end computer market! Now the entire Chinese computer industry is undergoing a wave of baptism. Only suppliers and brands that can successfully synchronize the era can survive!”

“This storm will be scraped into United States soon!” Walter said.

“Unstoppable!” Lancelot said helplessly. “Now the international counterparts have basically recognized the standard of Red Letter. As far as I know, not only other countries, but our American computer industry has begun to adopt their quantum computers standard, production research and development!”

“Now in this field, Red Letter has become an authority!”

“Why is it so fast? Are there aliens helping them?” Walter didn’t understand what Red Letter Group was doing, their speed of research and development could be so fast! It’s almost impossible for them not to be caught off guard!

“Now we can only use the anti-monopoly law to limit them, but in the future, the core technology of quantum computers will have to be controlled by them!”

The two have already anticipated the changes in computer industry in the next few years. Red Letter Group will replace the positions of companies such as Intel, AMD, and IBM, and use their core technologies to sell their superconducting quantum chips, quantum computers and AI service on United States and the world, and they can’t find any effective countermeasures to resist!

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