BTC Chapter 412 : Features appear

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“Look at it… look…” Supervisor Gao said that half of it stopped, and carefully looked at the picture projected by Wang Xian computer.

“Is this the design you made? I remember I gave it to you an hour ago? Is it so good? Isn’t it plagiarized online?”

“Absolutely not plagiarism, do not believe that you use software comparison!” Wang Xian said, but also come up with a comparative search software test, this picture is absolutely original.

“The requirements of this design are exactly the same as the requirements of the customer. How can it be copied?” Wang Xian asked.

“You have done it in an hour? Are you genius or drug-seeking?” Supervisor Gao wondered.

“Not what he did, his artificial intelligence did!” The colleague next to him couldn’t help but say.

“Artificial Intelligence?” Supervisor Gao looked at them with confusion. “Artificial intelligence can do this?”

“Of course!” Wang Xian began to show the power of Xiao Miao.

After a few minutes,Supervisor Gao tight face was completely stretched out, and his face was full of surprises and excitement.

“Great! Too powerful! The original artificial intelligence is so strong!” He thought a lot, this computer with artificial intelligence, can directly complete a large part of the company’s work tasks!

If you have one person, it is equivalent to recruiting more than one employee! And the price is just a quantum computer!

For individuals, buying a computer with more than 10,000 yuan may hesitate, but for the company, the value of this thing is definitely more than 10,000! The various costs of saving are dozens and hundreds of times!

“Good things! I will go to the boss right away, and the company’s employees should be assigned one each!”

Supervisor Gao rushed away and went to the boss to talk.


A certain city, a crossroads. This is one of the city’s famous congested sections. As soon as I get to work, I can’t get through.

And recently, the viaduct has to be repaired here, adding to the congestion here.

Before the peak time of congestion, the traffic department of the city sent a traffic police to prepare for the maintenance of traffic order.

“Fast, fast, Brother Pan, take the handle, help me take this!” At the intersection, a young traffic police Fan Wei is installing equipment on the roadside traffic post.

“Xiao Fan, what are you installing?” The old traffic police Pan Hai asked, while asking.

“New equipment! Used to connect quantum computers!” Fan Wei explained, “It is actually a device for data feedback and projection printing.”

“Which quantum computer, what are you doing?” Pan Hai was more confused.

Fan Wei wiped the sweat and said: “Isn’t the bureau going to a customized version of the advanced quantum computer yesterday? Today, Red Letter Electronics came to the staff to help debug for a long time.”

“It is said that artificial intelligence is necessary to help assist traffic management. We are the pilot area here, and we will be able to see the results.”

“Cut! Do some imaginary things.” Pan Hai disdained said, “The roadside electronic equipment here does not work.”

“When you get to the peak of work, you see those people, the red light does not hesitate, traffic management volunteers can’t hold it!”

“There are various kinds of congestion, forcible overtaking, and it is very complicated. Can computers be turned into people to help us manage? We still have to rely on ourselves!”

“I don’t know, I heard that it is high Science and Technology, artificial intelligence! I will know if I look at it.” Fan Wei also has doubts about this.

Soon, the equipment was installed, and the data here was all connected to Urban Transportation Authority.

Dozens of cameras transmit the picture without dead ends, and the recording device just installed transmits sound.

In the traffic administration of the city, the director and deputy directors are sitting in front of the virtual screen to watch the situation.

“Is this quantum computer managing traffic really useful?” some people questioned.

“It must be useful!” said the staff from Red Letter. “We have been working with the traffic control department for more than a year, have a lot of data, and have responded to various traffic conditions. The artificial intelligence of these quantum computers is all learned.”

“You will see its power and intelligence in a moment!”

Half an hour later, at the peak of the off-duty, all sections of the city began to be congested, and some traffic accidents occurred. The staff of the Traffic Management Bureau were busy and commanded and dispatched.

“Starting to start traffic management intelligence services!” In the Traffic Management Bureau, the intelligent services of quantum computers began to play a role.

At the intersection of the pilot, there was a virtual projection of the traffic police image next to each intersection.

“Ah, artificial intelligence is starting to work!” The traffic police on the scene also put a curious eye on these virtual projections, and let this artificial intelligence assist traffic management, they are also the first to see.

Not only them, but the owners, pedestrians, and traffic volunteers also looked at these “virtual smart traffic police” with curiosity.

Complex road conditions are captured by the camera equipment and fed back to the quantum computer for analysis and calculation.

At the intersection, a pedestrian walked in a hurry and saw a gap between the traffic, and wanted to take the opportunity to pass through.

At this moment, a light and shadow appeared in front of him. A virtual traffic policeman gave a forbidden gesture in front of him and said, “I’m sorry, please obey the traffic order!”

The pedestrians was surprised, it was the first time to encounter this situation.

“Please retreat, thank you for your cooperation.” The virtual traffic police continued to command. He had to step back a few steps. The pedestrians who wanted to cross the road together had to stop and talk on the side of the road.

“This year, the traffic police are all projected?”

“High Science and Technology is getting better and better! But I am very curious. If I have to rush, can he stop me?” said a young man.

“Can’t stop you, but you will be recorded.”

“Maybe you have to be fined!”

“Children, please go here.” The virtual traffic police are still diverting traffic, and a group of schoolchildren who are out of school are curious and watching them.

“Thank you, uncle, uncle, are you real people?” asked a little boy.

“I am artificial intelligence, you are going home, pay attention to safety.” The virtual traffic police responded with a smile.

In addition to passers-by, those motor vehicles will also be guided by the virtual traffic police to conduct traffic diversion according to the optimal method of quantum computer calculation.

“It’s a bad thing!” The old traffic police Pan Hai tsk tsk is amazed. “Before this intersection, six or seven traffic policemen were not able to guide them. Now we both have not done anything. These artificial intelligence have finished the work!”

“We will be much easier in the future!” Fan Wei said excitedly. “We are not busy in the bureau. With this artificial intelligence traffic police, this small thing does not need us to go out, the computer can solve it!”

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