BTC Chapter 60 : I’m covering you in the group

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Lu Zixin replied : “There are a lot in group information. I can’t answer all of it if you ask me. I advise you not to be o excited. You can calm down. Also, don’t say too many things at once, I have no idea at all.”

Peter Parker : “Okay, the owner. I have to calm down.”

It took him less than half a second to finish it, and he began to brush up.

Peter Parker : “OH, MY’GOD! What I saw! It’s Tony Stark! Scorpio, Tony, Iron Man! I saw it online, steel armor, it’s really cool!”

Peter Parker : “Is this true Tony Stark? I mean, that genius scientist, the owner of Stark Industries! Big rich! The owner, is this real person?”

Fortunately, Tony Stark is not online at this time, or he will be annoyed by this guy.

Lu Zixin said : “Yes, that’s the Tony Stark. But I’m not sure if both of you are in the same time and space. Maybe you are parallel and timeless.”

Peter Parker : “Hahaha! Great! I can knwo the idol in a group, I am so excited… No, I have to calm down.”

However, after half a second, Lu Zixin saw the group message refreshed.

Peter Parker : “@Tony Stark, Mr. Stark, is that you? I am your admirer. My name is Peter Parker. Maybe you haven’t heard of me, but I have always used you as my idol. You put on steel armor. Fighting criminals, oh, that scene is so handsome!”

Mr. L : “You harass him like this, he may be angry.”

Peter Parker : “Well, I can’t control myself. So will Mr. Stark really appear?”

Mr. L : “If he has time, he may appear.”

Peter Parker : “Great, I can talk to Mr. Stark!”

They both chatted in the group, and then another group member went online, it was Red Queen. She has not appeared for several days since she was banned.

When Red Queen appeared, she saw Lu Zixin and then sent a resentful emoticon.

Mr. L : “[emoticon: no face].”

Peter Parker : “I take the liberty to ask, who is this little girl?”

He finished, Red Queen replied.

Red Queen : “[emoticon, angry girl]? Peter Parker, do you know who I am?”

Peter Parker was scared by her momentum and asked in amazement : “Are you?”

Red Queen : “I am the crystallization of one of the world’s greatest science and technology and wisdom. My computing power is hundreds of millions of times human! I have Science and Technology that can create life and destroy the world! [Black Emoticon: super evil]”

“In this group, if you don’t respect me, the consequences are very serious! Have you heard? Newcomer? [emoticon: intimidation]”

After Red Queen finished, Peter Parker was really caught by her. Because this Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group is so mysterious, there are such big names as Tony Stark. He naturally thinks that the owner and Red Queen are also the same level.

Red Queen said that he believed most of it. He immediately said : “Don’t dare, I am wrong. I must respect you.”

Red Queen is very satisfied with his performance and said : “Well, you will listen to me in the group from now on. Our goal is to defeat the evil owners. [emoticon: the incompetent, the rise!]”

Peter Parker : “Ah? Why are we going to knock down the owners?”

Mr. L : “Red Queen, do you want to be banned again? [emoticon: repression against the group]”

Red Queen immediately recognized it and sent an emoticon – a grievance to the crash.

Peter Parker still didn’t figure out what was going on, Lu Zixin said : “Don’t listen to her, the group communicates harmoniously. Any problems and troubles can be discussed with each other.”

Peter Parker : “Okay, the owner.”

Peter Parker : “Actually, I have a question I would like to ask Mr. Stark, but he is not here now.”

Mr. L : “Despite your saying that, we and you are not a world, your secrets don’t have to worry about being leaked by us.”

Peter Parker : “This is the case. When I visited the Nature Museum a few days ago, I was accidentally bitten by a mutant spider.”

“It’s the genetically modified mutant spider whose toxins have invaded my body. I can say that you can understand it? I found that I became a little like a spider.”

Red Queen interjected : “Do you want to say that you are infected?”

Peter Parker said with excitement : “Yes, that’s what it means. It’s very strange. I found that my vision has become very good. The speed of nerve reaction, muscle strength and strength are stronger than the average person. It is like Captain American Steven Rogers on TV. But I am weaker than him physically, but I have the ability he doesn’t have.”

“This thing is very strange. I checked a lot of information and asked some professors. I didn’t find the reason. I don’t know if this variation is harmful or harmless to me. After all, in biology, genetic variation, variation. The probability of death or deformity is too great.”

“I think maybe I can ask Mr. Stark to help me study it?”

Mr. L : “Well, you can rest assured that you should belong to the kind of mutation success. If you want to ask, wait for Mr. Stark to go online and ask him again.”

However, Red Queen said : “Interesting! Another new infection, different from T1, T2, T3 or even Gvirus! You don’t have bloodthirsty, unconscious feeling? [emoticon: expec]”

Peter Parker : “In fact, my consciousness is very clear. Even I feel that my thinking is more active than before.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: evil smile] You are the perfect sample. The umbrella company has been studying for so many years and has not been able to find the right way to evolve genes. And you are already on the right path. I want to lock you down in “Dark room” for study!”

Peter Parker was shocked and said quickly : “Red Queen, I am not a mouse!”

Lu Zixin said : “Red Queen, don’t scare him.”

Red Queen : “Give me your serum, I can help you with it.”

Peter Parker : “Really?”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: Tsundere] In genetic research, I am the best in this group!”

Peter Parker : “Well, that many thanks Red Queen, I will give you the serum.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I love you very much] good boy, I will cover you in the group later.”

Soon, Lu Zixin saw a hint in the group, Peter Parker sent Red Queen an exclusive Red envelope and was picked up by Red Queen.

Lu Zixin quickly said : “Red Queen, you don’t want to mess with his serum.” He thought, if Red Queen analyzed the serum of the little spider, and studied the stronger zombies, would it disrupt The original development line of the world.

Red Queen : “Do not worry, the owner, I will share with you the benefits. [emoticon: and the evil forces are slanders]”

Peter Parker : “I have a bad feeling!”

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