MR Chapter 35: Hellish shed

Translated by me, edited by Kai

Repost & Edited : XiaXue

“Boss, be careful!” Bell yelled as he prepared to pull out his piece. All americans are allowed to carry as long as you have a gun license. Not mentioning the ex-Delta Force Bell, everyone on the estate, except for Harmen who is not allowed to own one, all have their own personal piece.

Most of the older generation like to play with hunting rifles and shotguns. The bigger the better. However, since Bell was an ex-forces member he owns a whole set. Pistols, SMGs, assault rifles, hunting rifles, shotguns, the whole shebang. If anyone ordinary wants to get their hands on assault rifles and SMGs, then they are in for a load of paperwork.

In addition, no average American is allowed to carry it on their person. If Jiang Hai got a license, then he can only keep it locked up at home or in its case in the trunk of his car. If he is found carrying by the police, then that is not a small problem. If caught near a school while carrying, then that becomes a big problem.

As Bell reflexively prepared to pull out his gun, before his hands had even reached the gun, Yun had already dashed towards him. By the time he had pulled the gun half way out of its holster, Yun, with his insane speed, is already by his side. With a sudden leap and with Yun’s wide open salivating mouth, Bell foresaw his death.

“Back!” Suddenly came Jiang Hai’s command, which Yun promptly heeded. He closed his mouth and returned to Jiang Hai’s side. He remained alert but did not display any signs of ferocity. On the other hand, Bell found himself sweating bullets.

“Relax, he won’t go around biting people as long as you don’t point a gun at me or him.” Jiang Hai commented as he lovingly petted the mastiff. Bell holstered his gun and wondered whether or not he would be dead if he had actually completely pulled it out.

What Bell is carrying with him is a Glock 17. It is unknown whether it will have any effect on beasts like Yun. Seeing no imminent threat coming from the beast, Bell hesitated for a while before deciding to trust this boss of his by putting his gun away. But taking only 2 days to tame a beast like this is an impossibility in itself.

“Alright boss. If he will actually listen to commands, then he will no doubt become our best security guard in the future.” Bell replied after letting out a long sigh. Hearing this, Yun barked lightly before leading the scared Po away.

Watching the two dogs leave, Jiang Hai returned his attention back to Bell and asked. “What are you doing this early?”

“Early? Boss, we’ve already been up for more than 3 hours. I only came back to get the lasso.” Replied Bel as he took a look at his watch.

“Ah? 3 hours?” Jiang Hai took a look at his cell phone to find that it is already past 8am. Doesn’t that mean that they were up since 5?

“It really isn’t easy being a cowboy.” Bell commented as he saw the shocked expression on Jiang Hai’s face. Then he explained their working hours.

By being a cowboy, you basically can’t sleep when you’re working. Everyday, they have to wake up extremely early to let the cows onto the pastures. Otherwise, the cows will be hungry, they also need to clean out the cowshed while the cows are grazing. No one will really believe that cleaning out the cow dung is light work right?

Basically, all ordinary farms start their day off at around 6 am and only have to take care of several dozens of cows. If they are like Jiang Hai with 5000 or so heads, then 5 am might be a bit early. But if there were another 15,000 heads then they would have to get up at 5am at the latest.

“These cows really have some adaptability. Only taking a night to calm down. Uncle Robins said we can let them out to see what happens. Hence I am getting the lassos. If a cow really left the herd then it really is troublesome to get it back, especially when we don’t have horses yet.” Bell continued after seeing the curious look Jiang Hai was giving.

Considering the fact that he has nothing to do, as such, he followed Bell back to the shed. When they arrived at the shed, the first sight they see is a field of black cows with their heads down, eating like mad. Around them are the cowboys on ATVs, but they are just too short for the job making them extremely annoyed. Normally, using ATVs to patrol the estate is fine, but using them to watching the cows is asking for too much.

Edward also came out to help, but from the looks of things there isn’t anything for him to help with.

“Hey boss, you came.” Seeing Jiang Hai, Robins got off of his ATV and came over with a smile. “Look at our beautiful herd. It’s just too good. They are already familiar with the surroundings after just a single night. Looks like our grassland is just too legendary.”

“Bullshit, all bullshit! It’s not the grass that is good, but my blood!” Jiang Hai yelled inside. This stretch of grassland has already been watered with his blood. Adding on the feed that he delivered last night, of course the cows would be calm. Under normal conditions, these cows need at least a week before they can be let out. Otherwise they will run around everywhere and cause trouble for you along the way. How can that be compared to this, being able to be released out on the second day in.

“It’s because you guys picked the best ones. Are there any other problems with the cows? Anything I can help with? Being the boss, I at least need to do something for the ranch.” Jiang Hai said.

“The cows currently have no problems, we also need to keep an eye on them. If you really want to, then you can help Harmen out with cleaning out the shed.” Robins stated.

Foreigners usually never beat around the bush. If you say you are going to help out, then they really will think of something for you to help out with. Monitoring the cows is definitely a no, because if the cows riot or a couple of them run away, it requires the watchers to lasso them back. Since Jiang Hai doesn’t know how to, then he can only do supporting tasks like help cleaning out the shed.

“Alright!” Jiang Hai nodded and headed towards the shed. However not long after he entered, he is already out. This smell, it’s simply too much…..

“Where the fk did I just enter? The public dumpster?” lying down on the grassland not far away is Jiang Hai in a disoriented state. The smell inside the shed is just too strong. Too freaking strong. Ever since coming to America, he hasn’t smelled odors as strong as this.

“You ok there boss?” Out of nowhere came Harmen’s voice. However his appearance is completely different from Jiang Hai. He is wearing a gas mask; it seemed the cowboys had came prepared.

“Oh, I came over to see if there is anything I can help with.” Jiang Hai replied after taking a few long, deep breaths. This time, he clearly didn’t mean what he said because at the same time as he was speaking, he was already walking away.

“Oh, it’s almost done. When I was working for other ranches, the bosses weren’t willing to pay the money to get cleaning machines so we can only use a broom and do everything by hand. That was really something to endure. Now that we have a cleaning machine, a round with this and we’re almost done. Later, when all the cows are here and you still want to help out then feel free to come. Since by then I might not be able to handle all of this alone.” Harmen slowly explained everything to Jiang Hai.

To be honest. Jiang Hai knows the situation with Harmen. He wasn’t born like this. Originally he was just like any other kid. However this all changed when he was 13. At that time his family went to Boston for holidays, but later was robbed there. During the robbing, the robber killed his parents (1).

Maybe it was because of the trauma during this incident, his brain now does everything at a slower pace. If it wasn’t for the older people in town taking care of him every now and again, he probably would’ve died of hunger long time ago. When he turned 16, he was taken in by an old cowboy who taught him the skills of the trade, so that at least he won’t starve to death.

After many years, the old cowboy has passed away but Harmen has mastered the skills. He generally doesn’t speak much to outsiders, to those who he is familiar with, he will be open with them. Although he speaks slowly, he still likes to chat a lot.

Jiang Hai, in his view, is a great person. One who lets him live in a big house, provides good food, and also gives out good wages. Since he likes Jiang Hai very much, thus anything he can do, he well do it to the best of his abilities to return the favour.

“Alright then. I’ll stop making this worse than it already is. Do it well.” Having congratulated Harmen on his work, Jiang Hai left. He seriously doesn’t want to remain there any longer. That is simply hell. Yes hell. It really is hell. And it really needed to described thrice.

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