MR Chapter 34: Domesticated

Translated by me, edited by Kai

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Whether the butcher rate will increase by adding blood to their food, Jiang Hai has no clue. But he has a feeling that the quantity of top tier meat from his cows will definitely be greater than 10%. It might even be greater than 15%. Furthermore this is only prime grade beef. All other cuts of meat will probably come out at worst standard grade. Then how much is this head of cow worth?

At the least $200,000? 20,000 heads, each worth $200,000, that is a total of 2 billion american dollars! After taxes and everything, Jiang Hai will get to keep only 1 billion.

How long would it take for him to receive returns for his investment? Hehe, Jiang Hai suddenly felt he was too retarded before.

What is money? Money is a bitch. As long as he wants to, he can earn it whenever he wants. An annual income of at least $1 billion from the ranch, then what about the fishery?

Others mainly raise cod, herring, mackerel and the likes, but these fish will never have a high profit margin. But what if he forgoes these mainstream ideas and decides to raise atlantic salmon or even tuna? Not including the legendary bluefin, just with yellowfin alone, that is an annual income of at least several billions. Wait, what you say? It’s impossible to raise these? That’s a problem for others, but this does not bother Jiang Hai at all.

Thinking up to here, Jiang Hai suddenly felt his heart pumping. From the looks of things, he is pretty much sitting on a gold mine. As such he stopped paying any attention to the auction and left everything to Robins and people.

They bought 90% of all the angus that showed up. Here on the east coast, the original livestock industry is at a dead end, as such, there are rarely any big farms importing this many animals. So they only got their hands on a total of 1200 heads of angus. The quality of this batch are also much better than the ones Leymann can get.

As for the other 19,000 heads, they went around and ordered 3900 from sources they trust within the local area and gave the rest for Leymann to arrange. To be exact, they swept the local region of all saleable angus that are of average or above quality. They can also reject the shipment from Leymann if the cows he provides are not up to their standards.

In the evening of the same day, Jiang Hai and his two F750s each pulled a trailer containing their 5100 heads of cattle back to the estate. On the estate side, Bell and Harmen had already prepared the cow shed and are just waiting for the arrival of the cows.

The first thing that these cows did upon arrival is to calm down, then get familiar with this stretch of grassland. Even after herding them back into the shed for the night, the day isn’t over for the cowboys. They still need to watch the cows for a period of time to confirm their behaviour. However, all the cowboys on the ranch know exactly what they need to do. Tonight, Philemon, Burke, and Harmen all pull an all-nighter to keep an eye on the cows.

Being the owner of the estate, Jiang Hai also checked in. But strange a thing happened after his check in. The original chaotic heard suddenly calmed down and began to wolf down the feed that was delivered by him. Clearly these workers didn’t know that Jiang Hai dripped a drop of his blood onto those feed.

The power contained within his blood is hard to resist and is from the legendary dragon. As such, Jiang Hai didn’t give out too much, rather he diluted it in water to a ratio of 1 to 10,000. Then, using his free time in the last couple days, he watered a region of land with this water. Due to the large stretch of land he owns, he only managed to water about 5% of it. But the results can clearly be seen. The grass that absorbed the diluted water clearly outgrew those who haven’t.

The feed he delivered today is directly from that stretch of grassland. When he has finished watering all the grassland, then that piece of land will probably become a cow’s heaven. However, right now, whether if it is cow’s heaven he has no clue, but it definitely is bug’s heaven. When Jiang Hai visited this stretch of land in the evening, he clearly saw millions of firefly lying on the grass blades, illuminating that whole stretch of land.

Seeing this sight, Jiang Hai can’t help but think of raising some chickens to hunt down these bugs. Since getting rid of them is really a troublesome task. Either way, the cows have calmed down and nothing major happened during the night. The next morning when Jiang Hai finally woke up, he found the mastiff and the german shepherd have finally woke up from their slumber.

Compared to their previous self, these two clearly looked better spirited. The german shepherd still looks like his old self but if you take a close look at his eyes, then you will find a hint of alertness it previously didn’t have. The mastiff also had major changes, and his fur looked much more supple than before. He also kept his normal cold stare for everything expect when he is looking at Jiang Hai.

“Looks like it worked.” Seeing the two massive beasts in front of him, Jiang Hai muttered to himself as he let both of them out of their cage. As soon as the german shepherd crawled out, it first took a sniff of the surroundings then quickly left the mansion. Just as Jiang Hai was wondering what he is up to, the german shepherd found a clear place and went to work. Both big and small came together. When finished, he wobbled over reluctantly.

*Woof woof, Woof woof.* Having finished it’s personal needs, the german shepherd came in front of Jiang Hai, sat down and barked with excitement. Seeing this, Jiang Hai can confirm that the dogs have finished their evolution.

“Down, shake, turn.” Jiang Hai commanded.

Perhaps they didn’t understand what was wanted of them before, but now they understood the majority of it. Under Jiang Hai’s commands, they followed along. Although sometime they might make a mistake, but once corrected, they understood what was wanted of them. Upon seeing these results, Jiang Hai can’t help but smile as these results are naturally the best.

“You’re big, full of fur, and can be traced back to Russia. How about I call you Russian from now on? No, that sounds too dumb, then what do I call you? Blacky? Furry? How about dumby?” Jiang Hai muttered to himself as he tried to come up with a good name for the dog. Since he is going to raise them, then they need a good name, but clearly, he doesn’t have the skills to come up with a suitable name.

Jiang Hai recalled in China, dogs generally are named after their fur colors. For example, Whitey, Black, Yellowy and what not. However if he call him Big Blacky then that somehow doesn’t feel right on this beast. With a sudden thought, he came up with a great name.

“How about Po? Hum… Great name.” Jiang Hai continued as he patted the dog’s head. Calling a black dog Po, Jiang Hai really has some strange tastes.

Having finished naming the german shepherd, he turned his attention to the mastiff. But Jiang Hai didn’t find him in his cage, rather, he is outside doing his own personal business. After finishing, the mastiff walked back and sat down beside his cage.

“What, what is this?” Don’t they all say mastiffs are stupid, but this mastiff clearly has increased wisdom after his evolution. He even remembered which cage belonged to him after Jiang Hai opened it just once. He now even knows how to open his cage with his paws!

*wooo* Feeling Jiang Hai’s looks, the mastiff open and closed his mouth then walked up to Jiang Hai and lied down with his belly up. As if telling Jiang Hai of his goodwill, and willingness to serve or wanting to be spoiled. With this mastiffs nature, he clearly is displaying the first not the latter.

“You really are smart.” Jiang Hai said as he rubbed this mastiffs belly, but the mastiff is still clearly unaccustomed to being around with humans.

“Since you also came out, then you also need a name. He has black fur, so calling him Po fits, but you have gray fur, so how about … Little Blacky? Or Little Azure? No, you’re also not a snake.” Jiang Hai said as he continued to ponder while patting and rubbing the mastiff. “Then let’s call you Yun! Um. This name sounds great, then your name is set.”

Calling the black german shepherd Po is understandable, since white is the new black. But this doesn’t apply to the mastiff as he has no spots of yellow fur on him. Sadly, Jiang Hai clearly enjoys this name so that is what he settled with.

Having finished naming them, he happily lead the two out of the mansion. However, they didn’t walk far before they meet Bell on his way back from the cow shed. This sight gave him quite a scare, to be exact, seeing the mastiff beside Jiang Hai without any restrictions gave him the scare. As he has no idea why Jiang Hai let him out.

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