MR Chapter 54: Street food

Translated by me, edited by Kai

Repost & Edited : XiaXue

“Hey, Sandy! Why are you here?” Just as Jiang Hai and this girl were in an awkward situation and having no clue how to proceed, a rescuing voice popped out of nowhere. This was then followed by the appearance of a group of teenagers.

This group of teenagers consisted of 8 individuals of both sex. With all their different winter jackets, they clearly are wary of the local weather. Compared to them, Jiang Hai is only wearing a sweater plus a windbreaker. This might seem strange to them, but to Jiang Hai, this is more than enough for this weather.

“Eh, Delia? Why are you out shopping? Aren’t you suppose to be in class?” Seeing this group of people, this teacher named Sandy is clearly baffled.

“Today is the Celtic’s practice match. Our basketball team got a couple of tickets, so being the captain of our cheerleading team, I decided to go take a look.” One of the girls happily replied.

Hearing this, Sandy can only roll her eyes. This girl is really a show off. Even if you’re going to the match, that is later in the evening. Why are you hanging out on the streets for?

This is completely different from China. In China, the most popular people in middle school and high school are always those with the best grades. If it’s not those extremely beautiful girls, then it’s the girls with the best grades. However this is completely different in America.

The kids here that strive for good grades are all generally outcasts. Instead, the most popular kids are always those who are the most open to having fun. For example, the most popular males in high school are generally those who are great with music or club elites, such as the football team’s quarterback. Although professional basketball isn’t as popular, basketball in highschool and university is another story. The players in this case are popular to the point of no return.

As for girls, the most popular of course aren’t those with scholarships, but rather cheerleaders. They are like the queens of all the school’s girls and highly sought after by all.

There were greetings from all the boys in the group. The males all nodded, smiling at Sandy. Especially that tall, strong, and self confident one that is standing behind the girls.

“Hello.” Sadly, those smiles did not arouse any attention from Sandy.

“Sis, you still haven’t said why you’re here. What’s the situation? Did we interrupt you guys?” Seeing Sandy and Jiang Hai together, the girl is obviously thinking in the wrong direction.

“No, I’m just clearing my misunderstandings with him. I brought the kids from town for a tour of the navy yard. Along the way I found him following us the whole time.” Sandy said as she shook her head and pointed at Jiang Hai.

“Oh. So our great ranch owner has this kind of hobby?” Sandy’s reply clearly peaked this girl’s interest. She looked at Jiang Hai excitingly with an expression that can be described in 4 words; I am very curious.

“No, I wasn’t…… Wait. You know me?” Jiang Hai was just about to explain, but halfway through, he suddenly stopped. Since when did she know he owned a ranch?

“Haha, you really don’t remember me? You rich people really have poor memories. I’m Delia George. I was the one who transported all the horses you bought from my dad.” The girl awkwardly explained upon hearing the question. Hearing this, Jiang Hai finally remembered.

It seems like there really was this beautiful girl when he and Robins were there buying horses. When they were packing the horses, Robins clearly introduced her. At the start it was all jokes and no need to remember, but from the looks of things, the girl clearly remembered him.

“Oh, so it’s you. Now that you changed out of your cowboy gear, it is really hard to recognize you.” With an awkward smile, Jiang Hai replied back flirtingly.

“*che*, Sandy you don’t need to be afraid. This guy is also from the town. His the rich moron who bought the Green Forest. He probably doesn’t have any strange hobbies. If he really fancies you, then you just hit the jackpot.” Having ignored Jiang Hai’s previous comments, Delia turned her attention back to the embarrassed Sandy and commented.

Actually Sandy is also from Winthrop. The be precise, one of the town’s elementary teachers.

She recently heard rumors about how the town’s Green Forest was purchased by some mysterious oriental person. However, this person rarely shows up in town hence her cluelessness. Now with Delia’s explanation, this was clearly all a misunderstanding.

“Since this is all a misunderstanding then I apologize for my wild acts. I still need to look after the kids, so bye.” Having finally cleaned up this awkward mess with Jiang Hai, Sandy waved good bye to Delia and went back into the dessert shop.

“Hey millionaire, do I get a reward for solving this mess for you?” Seeing Sandy entering the shop, Jiang Hai can finally relax. Why? Since it’s never good to be implicated as a pervert. Seeing the relaxed Jiang Hai, Delia didn’t leave, rather stared smilingly at him.

“Alright, alright. As for thank you, how about I treat you to lunch in Chinatown?” Jiang Hai happily replied back. Hearing this, Delia clearly is intrigued. No one can turn down an offer of free food, especially teenage girls. However just as Delia was about to agree, the basketball player beside her was clearly unhappy. Having finally pulled her away and noticing the guarded looks, she can’t help but stick her tongue out at him.

Clearly, it would become awkward with Jiang Hai being added into this group. Hence having thought about it, the girl decided to let go of this meal for now.

“Then I’ll remember it for now cause we still have things to do today. Since you’re headed to Chinatown, it’s on the second left that way. To be honest, you could’ve gone there with either the red or orange subway line.” Delia happily pointed out the route then left with her friends.

Having finally gotten the directions he needs, Jiang Hai also happily left after finishing his drink and paying the bill. Seeing Jiang Hai leaving from inside the store, Sandy is also somewhat let down. It seems it was really a misunderstanding. He really wasn’t following her around.

Currently, Jiang Hai has forgotten all about what just happened at the shop. Having followed Delia’s instructions, he quickly arrived at Boston’s Chinatown. From far away, he already smelled the distinct Chinatown smell and saw those chinese and english restaurant signs. Plus all the stalls along the road with all their different ethnic owners.

Those delicious smells mainly come from food trucks and stalls. However the gourmet street that Jiang Hai had in mind is completely different from what is actually here. Instead of all the popular snacks in China like roadside skewers, cold noodles, stinky tofu, egg roll and the likes, the street food here are more western focused with stuff like burgers, hot dogs, sausages, doughnuts, and shellfish.

Although the style of food is different, Jiang Hai isn’t picky about his food. Edward had told him to solve lunch by himself as Edward will be having lunch with the yard workers. So he checked, the time, just past 11 am, perfect time for lunch. And took a look at his wallet to make sure he has enough. Having everything in place, Jiang Hai is now ready for a round trip with the street stalls.

First up, 2 doughnuts from a popular doughnut shop, then came a bunch of tacos from a food truck, and 10 chicken and lamb skewers from an arabian shop. …… Indian samosas, roast lamb combos, jerked meats, quesadyas, ……

Jiang Hai had a bit of everything along the way. Due to America being a country built up from immigrants, there are all kinds of food around. If this was New York, then there is no way for Jiang Hai to try everything in just a single day. However this is Boston which is much smaller than New York. Furthermore, due to their close proximity, Boston pretty much has everything that New York has.

Jiang Hai is actually pretty satisfied with this trip. Non-stop eating from one end of the street to the other end. When he finally got there, he was still hungry, so he turned around and did it all over again. Due to the dragon pearl in his body, the amount of food he needs to consume is astronomical. Eating from one end of the street to the other end and then back again, only barely managed to satisfy him.

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