MR Chapter 73 : Quarrel?

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It is said that the Orientals are willing to flatter. In fact, it is the commonality of human beings. Don’t think that the people of United States, the five big three, the big ones, the freedom, the whole day called democracy, the people who call the rights all the time, will not flatter.

Now they eat from Jiang Hai, who lives in Jiang Hai, but also earns Jiang Hai’s money. Of course, they have to pay with labor.

But in the current environment of US, in order to save their current job, they will also flattering Jiang Hai for some small things, such as eating things, and they are slowly improving.

Mrs. Philemon, that is a pure housewife, because she does not need to go out to make money, so she has a lot of time.

What she needs to do every day is actually very simple. Get up in the morning and prepare breakfast. In the morning, go to the vegetable field behind Jianghai villa. The vegetables here are mainly are only three ways to eat, the first one is raw, like carrots, lettuce, western red glutinous rice, cucumbers, etc., which can be eaten raw vegetables, is their favorite.

In addition, it can be steamed to eat, the most famous is mashed potatoes, made into a mud, and then you can add some things inside, of course, in addition to potatoes, carrots, cauliflower and the like it can also be made into mud.

The third type is to cook. Apart from these three ways of eating, there is no other way to eat.

Therefore, the supermarket in US, in addition to China supermarket, the number of vegetables sold is not very small, but most of them are different from domestic dishes. In the supermarket, there are many people who do not know Jiang Hai.

Like the most famous basil, it is a kind of vegetable and a spice. The rest are common parsley, leeks, kale, leeks, beets, indigo, kohlrabi (the domestic mustard, which is common here). However, it is not pickled into pickles here. It is similar to the windproof carrots and vegetables like rhubarb. In short, I like to be a person who likes to eat vegetables. If you come to US, if there is not a Chinese supermarket, maybe it is to starve to death.

There is a small vegetable garden behind Jianghai Villa, but Jiang Hai does not grow vegetables. Compared with meat, he does not like to eat vegetables. Therefore, it is not too good for the vegetable garden, and this small vegetable garden is now was taken care of by Mrs. Philemon. Of course, it is already cold. The vegetables has already been collected and she will wait until next year to plant.

Today, Philemon family made eight dishes, including fruit, starter, main dish, and soup. The soup is naturally the most famous cheddar soup from Boston. It uses the shellfish that was picked up yesterday. made.

These shellfish are cold water deep sea shells, the taste is quite good, a fruit salad is inevitable, vegetables made a fried vegetable, there are raw flowers, there are cauliflower, there are eggplant, carrots and the like, there is a plate mashed potatoes, but if you follow the habits of American, the mashed potatoes are made, basically the taste is sour and sweet, but because of the relationship with Jiang Hai, after the mashed potato is made, the taste is salty.

In addition to the four taste-changing dishes, the remaining four dishes are meat dishes.

The main dish is naturally steak. Today, Jiang Hai makes Burke Dale cut the premium grade of beef. Of course, most of the premium grade beef is left by Burke Dale in Jiang Hai’s freezer. The premium level that comes down is based on the head of the person, one person is one pound, but even so, it makes these people happy, in addition to these steaks, but also fried a lot of other steaks, but these steaks, They are all of a special level. Although they are lower by one level, the people here are not dissatisfied with it. In their opinion, there are dozens of dollars, a pound of beef to eat, it is already a great gift.

To know that they earned in a day, it is only about a hundred dollars.

The rest are not too suitable for the meat of the steak, but Mrs. Philemon has not let go, but specially stewed a large pot of beef soup, which contains basil, which tastes good in Jiang Hai mouth.

In addition to these two beef dishes, the rest is seafood. The fish that was hit yesterday was divided into two pieces. The bones in the middle were shaved, and then fried on both sides, and then tasted with lemon juice. The taste was sour and sweet. With the sweet aroma of fish, it is still very good.

There is also a seafood, which is the shrimp and crab that Jiang Hai brought over. These live fresh, do not need too much processing, you can eat it with salt water, and eat the sweet aroma inside.

In fact, the same seafood, the location is different, the price is not the same.

Everyone knows that warm and tropical fish are much faster than the cold, but the four largest fisheries in the world, except for Peruvian fishery, the three remaining fisheries are all fisheries in the northern hemisphere. Whether it is North Sea fishery, Hokkaido fishery, or Newfoundland fishery that is close to Jiang Hai’s estate, of course, Newfoundland is now finished, but it is undeniable that the current fishing industry is mainly in the northern hemisphere, even near the cold belt.

Even in China, shipments may be higher in the South, but if you want to talk about delicious food, you have to say it is northern.

There is also a reason for this. First, the north is cold water fish, the water is cold, and the fish is not fast. The fish that grows in the south takes two years, three years, or even four or five years for accumulation of nature is better taste.

Second, the cold current in the northern winter, in order to avoid the cold on surface, the fish are more willing to go to the deep sea, the water pressure in the deep sea is higher, the pressure outside is higher, the fish is more compact, the same fish, shrimp, in southern it maybe a bigger circle than the north, but the taste is slightly better than that of the south. Jiang Hai used to live in Bing city. Although he is not on the beach, he can be a foodie. He is in this regard, it is also very researchable.

Now these shrimp and crabs caught by Jiang Hai are all inside the fishery. They have naturally grown for ten years. The taste is sweet, fresh and sweet, and the taste of ocean makes the meat very firm. Even if Moses Adams have seen a lot, He also eat a brow, as a lawyer, although he may pay attention to his instrument when he usually, but as he said, he is just a tools, in order to earn money from the rich, he can naturally sit in front of the western table, wearing a tuxedo, like a gentleman, a small mouth of red wine, cut steak, the next second it can also become a city hooligan, a large piece of meat, a big mouth to drink.

For an industry like his nature of service, it is the most important thing to get the favor of the employer.

Of course, this also depends on whether or not there is that strength. Obviously, Jiang Hai is in his eyes, he is a powerful person.

A meal, naturally, is the guest of the family. Moses Adams, as a lawyer, naturally can’t drink alcohol when handling the case, but after the case is done, there is also a lot of entertainment, so the amount of alcohol is very good, as for Robins, Burke Dale, these people are naturally at the level of wine barrels, and these people fight wine, even if the current Jiang Hai body quality has reached the human limit, the body is resistant to alcohol, there is no way to compare them, after the red, white, and beer colors, it didn’t take long for Jiang Hai to feel that his head was a little bit stunned. He slammed his head, and Jiang Hai decided to flash first and go outside.

Step by step, he came to the outside of the villa, looking at the stars outside, sea breeze wind blowing, Jiang Hai also felt his spirit was better, at this time, it seems that there are some quarrels drifted into his ears.

Listening to the quarreling voice, Jiang Hai’s brow wrinkled because he probably heard it. The two quarrels, one of them, came from his own employer, Burke Dale and the other was a female voice. In his own manor, only Mrs. Philemon was woman, but obviously, this is the voice of a young woman, and she can’t be Mrs. Philemon.

That being said, it is only the girl that Moses Adams brought with him.

“It’s not something!” He thought of it here. Jiang Hai’s spirit was a lot better. In fact, I also understood that the lonely man and widowed, quarreling outside the dark, thinking that he also feels a little too right, is it that Burke Dale is on the head? If this is the case, then it will be troublesome. Moses Adams is now in the knot, but he is not pimping, if something really happened, Jiang Hai’s has already woken up from wine at this time.

With the subtle voice, Jiang Hai’s five senses reached the limit. In the direction of the sound, he quickly walked toward the back of the house. As soon as he walked behind the house, Jiang Hai saw it in the moonlight. Under the moonlight is the girl with Moses Adams and Burke Dale, but looking at the two people at least two or three meters in the middle of the distance, and the clothes are not messy, and there is nothing to make people misunderstanding, Jiang Hai was temporarily putting his heart back in his stomach, but then he became interested in what these two people ran to here alone in the middle of night. Don’t look at Jiang Hai as a man, but Sometimes he was quite gossip. He didn’t say much at the moment, then he turned and hid in the corner next to him and looked at the scene in front of him.

“Penelope, when did you return to Boston, you didn’t say anything to me, I wrote to you for so many years, I don’t know if your mother showed it to you…” At this time under the moonlight the two did not notice the existence of Jiang Hai. Burke Dale looked at the front as if it was a piece of ice. Penelope, who did not give himself a good look, took a deep breath and lowered her head. The voice said it, it seems that this guy is really related to this girl.

“What do you show me? See how poor my father has been? How far is it? I really can’t imagine what you were when I left with my mother. What are you doing now, what do you want me to have? I can tell you.” When she heard Burke Dale words, the opposite woman didn’t want to answer, and looked up and said coldly.

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