MR Chapter 72 : Dinner

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Moses Adams actually said this sentence just now, just want to stay, but the girl named Penelope is not too clear about it. For Moses Adams, stay here today, a good thing that is uncompromising.

The first is that you can eat beef for free. This kind of beef, even if it is him, is not too expensive in normal times. But he really wants to try it.

The second and most important thing is that it has a relationship with Jiang Hai. He and Jiang Hai have known each other for some time. In the past, when Jiang Hai was a potential stock, he did his best, but he did not have to go too far, at least for now.

But just now, he discovered that he was wrong. Jiang Hai is not a potential stock, but a Godzilla.

If the cows in his manor have such qualities, then Jiang Hai’s time may be directly stunned and dissatisfied with the list. Such a golden thigh, if he does not know to hold it, then he is too young.

So no matter what, even if his wife wants to have a son this evening, he will wait here for this meal to finish.

He said so, the driver here has nothing to say. As for Penelope, she also closed her mouth with interest.

She is only an assistant now. If she says something wrong, she is opened by Moses Adams. She has nothing to say.

As for the last Morris Smith, there are some flaws. He is not leaving now, and he is not staying. After all, just now, his relationship with Jiang Hai is still in that subtle state, but Jiang Hai is not a stingy person.

He said, that’s it, that’s it, there is a smile on the face, and with these people around, began to visit his home, this villa, in the eyes of Moses Adams, only Can be regarded as a decoration is not bad.

Although it is much better than his home, but after all, he is a barrister, and the boundary is here.

Compared with other wealthy people, Jiang Hai’s home can only be regarded as general, furniture or anything, but also mass production, not limited or antique, no oil paintings and the like hang on the wall.

Although the house is a good house, it seems to be a simple dress in Moses Adams mind.

However, in other people’s eyes, Jiang Hai’s house is quite luxurious. Because of this kind of house, it is estimated that they are very difficult to live. Of course, Penelope is different. If she marries a big money, such a house can also live on it.

After a simple visit to the villa, Jiang Hai took them to the dock, but now it is very cold, these people are not wear too thick clothes, especially Penelope, I don’t know if it is because of beauty. In the cold relationship, she is still wearing stockings.

In the warm interior, this is a nice scenery, but outside, it freezes her leg.

so naturally it is impossible to go out by boat, then they go to the cowshed, at this time the place where the cow is killed, the blood has been cleaned up, but the smell of cow dung is mixed with bloody smell, and it has been rushing to their noses.

Jiang Hai has some can’t stand it, not to mention Moses Adams, but this is the first time he smells like this.

So after just taking a quick glance, they quickly fled the area, but what made Jiang Hai somewhat surprised was the girl was very calm, which made Jiang Hai and others have some shame. Not as good as a woman.

Fortunately, their sense of shame did not last long. After they returned to the villa, Jiang Hai opened a bottle of red wine, and then everyone began to watch TV while chatting. Compared to the domestic, US competition for TV stations is fierce.

Because in addition to the state-owned television station, private TV stations are also particularly large.

Most of these private TV stations are charged, but if your TV program is not good-looking, naturally no one will renew it. Because of this, the competition in US TV stations is quite fierce.

There are dozens of live sports TV stations, broadcasts of various events, baseball, tennis, basketball, football, ice hockey, rugby, etc. There are also nearly ten live TV stations.

The three major TV stations in United States, known as abc, tn-t and espn, which is abc national broadcast on Sunday (East Time), tn-t on the first and Thursday, and espn on Wednesday and Friday, except in addition, there are fsn, nbatv and so on.

Of course, there are local TV stations. In short, if you want to watch NBA game, it is not a matter of the emperor.

And don’t look at Jiang Hai, they just passed at noon, it was afternoon, but there have been quite a few games.

The game on East side of the game was played earlier. The earliest, even the emperor started playing in the middle of the night, and this is about one or two o’clock in the local time. When Jiang Hai turns on the TV, he Just in time, the San Antonio Spurs game against Boston Celtics, if there are a few years ahead, it will be a battle, but at this time, this is a teaching competition, originally a long time ago The Spurs used to be an iron-defense team.

Countless teams were killed and wounded under their iron-defense. In those years, they won four championships.

In the defensive lineup with Bruce Bowen as the core, a lot of talents have been abolished. You dare to blink with me. I dare to let you lie three years in the case of the rules. This is the Spurs policy.

But unconsciously, the Spurs have completed the transformation. The Spurs are now play normal.

The score is called an average. The one that hits is called a pit. When all the people think that they are no longer able, the old man returned to the finals last year. If it is not another old man named Ray Allen, suddenly Empty, if not because the young Kawhi Leonard did not hit the free throw, they may directly pick the heat of the day.

But this year they are making a comeback. No one will think that they are old. This year they have won the championship from the very beginning, and they are the mother team and the Boston Celtics.

Just compared to the Spurs, Boston is now on the verge of sunset, at least for now, it is difficult to see the hope of their rise.

In this game, in the first half, the game was still very good. Even Celtics were four points ahead of the Spurs at halftime. This gave them a glimmer of hope, but in the second half, The wind has changed suddenly.

The Spurs Grand Devils began shamelessly whipping these young soldiers. After the end of third quarter, not only did the four points that were originally won be smeared, but they were also beaten back to five points, and the minds of the youth army began to smash.

In the fourth quarter, the Spurs opened the sling and dog mode, and easily won the game with 111-89.

In this game, Jiang Hai and others still had a mood to talk about, but then they looked at it and they were not willing to talk.

“Oh, I don’t know when Celtic talent can be re-emerged. I am really scared that I can’t wait for that day.” As the game ended, Morris Smith, sitting next to Jiang Hai, gently rub his own eyes, some helpless said.

“Not bad, at least these people are still desperate, my favorite team is Knicks, I have already given up.” Hearing Morris Smith words, this side of Moses Adams chuckled a bit, helpless shrug, said to the old man.

“Hey, boss, dinner is ready.” At this time, the villa’s door was also opened. Robins walked in from the outside with a smile, said while laughing at Jiang Hai and the people sitting here.

“Let’s go, let’s try the taste of the excellent beef produced in my manor.” When he heard Robins, Jiang Hai also smiled and got up and said to everyone around him, they heard Jiang Hai words, Moses Adams and Morris Smith stood up at the same time and followed Jiang Hai out. Only the girl named Penelope stopped and stood up and looked at the girl. Robins, who came over, couldn’t help but stunned. His face flashed a trace of doubt, but he did not say much. After all, there are outsiders here, and continue to bring Jiang Hai and others to small villa where is Philemon home.

Originally, the owner of this manor was also a wealthy guy. Although he might not be like Jiang Hai, he would be willing to give such a good thing to his family’s workers, but at least in terms of living, he is still very strong.

These small villas are said to be no worse than the suburban villas. At least in terms of area, it is no worse than the home of Moses Adams. It is not a problem to sit down a dozen people. Of course, the decoration inside will be the same. The difference is far.

“Wow, it’s really a warm hut.” Moses Adams couldn’t help but whispered into Philemon’s home.

“Of course, our boss, but the most generous boss in the world.” At this time, Robins walked in front and smiled. After Jiang Hai introduced everyone, everyone also took the seat. On a long table.

“Let’s go!” Looking at this warm atmosphere, Philemon and his wife, who are busy in the kitchen, also have seeds in various kinds of things, saying that they are gatherings, mainly eating, naturally beef. But in addition to beef, there is yesterday’s fish.

They counted Jiang Hai as a total of only nine people. They couldn’t eat a few pounds of fish in a meal, so there are still a lot left today, plus this morning, Jiang Hai also caught shrimp yesterday, also mentioned, ready to eat together, so today’s dishes are still very good.

Looking at the eight bowls and plates full of tables, Jiang Hai is not allowed to move his fingers. The Bell here has been preparing for a long time. When he looks at the dishes, he divides the dishes for everyone. At the same time, the men’s cups were also poured with wine, beer, red wine, and some wines. These were bought at Winthrop by Jiang Hai. And dinner party began.

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