MR Chapter 71 : Beef Quality

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One million dollars is a small thing, and the relationship with the local government is actually what Jiang Hai is most interested in.

Oh, of course, a million dollars can save and save it.

This time, Jiang Hai understands that this is also a face he sold to the local government.

Because in the United States, the political departments of various regions are actually not unified, especially the county government, which is a lot of tricks.

In the department with the greatest rights of US imperialism, one is not forced, the second is not CIA, not the legendary American tax bureau that has been hanging over the top of all people, known as the sword of Damocles, but the county police station.

According to the law of US imperial law, the director of county police station was elected by various localities. It is not only independent of local county government, but also has the functions of criminal, judicial and system functions.

In other words, it is them who arrest people, and they are also judged in court.

So after being arrested by the people in county police station, the convictions were set very fast because they did not need to face other judges and juries. They were judges and juries, and even prisons were under their control.

Such a highly centralized department, if the county government is not firmly in its hands, it is really troublesome.

If you really let the state government sent people to manage the county police station here, give them a whole thing, the county government is estimated to have a headache, so they deliberately passed this message to Moses Adams.

Obviously, they are more sensible than this old man. Just come over and ask for Jiang Hai. Is there a fart?

Like a capitalist, if you don’t have enough sincerity, you can’t open their hearts.

But obviously, Jiang Hai is not really a capitalist. Compared with the old guys on Wall Street, he is at most a small trader, he saw the profit and left, so Jiang Hai agreed to see the intention on this paper.

“I am so grateful to you, thank you very much!” Morris Smith, obviously knows the things on the paper, although he knows that Jiang Hai agrees not because of his pleading, but in any case, Jiang Hai agreed, this is the most important thing. The old man on the spot was excited to say to Jiang Hai, the people in the police station, the work is saved.

“Boss, the cow is finished, this is the meat you want, our cows, I don’t know if it is a good pick, or the feng shui here is good, just pick a cow to kill, actually actually killed the premium grade beef. And also…” Just as the atmosphere here eased, Jiang Hai’s door was kicked open, and Burke Dale smiled and carried three big pieces of beef and came in, but when he saw the guest in the house, he couldn’t help but squint. At the same time, his gaze was placed on the woman who came with Moses Adams. His eyes were sluggish and the woman looked at him faintly.

Cough, how is the beef?” Seeing the atmosphere on the scene was awkward, Jiang Hai could not help but stand up and walked to Burke Dale front and said to him with a smile. Hearing Jiang Hai’s words, Burke Dale reacted.

Cough, the quality of the beef is quite good, and the meat yield is also very high. We chose a cow of 1,600 pounds. The whole meat that was killed, more than a thousand pounds, almost reached the highest. The rate of meat is 65%, and the meat is particularly good. The calf and chest are at the optimal level. The shoulders, upper brain, buttocks and outer ridges have reached the selected level. A large part of the loin has a dense marbled road that reaches a premium level. We have said that the weight of these two pieces of meat is about one hundred and sixty pounds, and the meat is sold. The cow’s money is back, and it’s still with the money for the feed and the money for the new cow. The rest is pure earning. Boss, are we selling this meat?” Slow down, Burke Dale remembered this. Once he came here, he said excitedly.

Beef is good, mainly depends on the presence or absence of marble lines, but this is the same as gambling stone. Before killing, no one knows how beautiful the marbled road is. It is a paradise or hell in one knife.

The only difference is that the old cowboy with many years of experience probably has an estimate in his heart.

But today, Robins killed the cows, they just chose them. After all, these cows came here only in less than a month. Although they are very good, but one month, the cows bought in the market. What can be good?

According to their estimates, even if there is a marbled road, even if it is out, that is, about three to five percent of the meat rate, that is, a thousand pounds of beef, 30 pounds, fifty pounds is good. And the quality is not expected to be too good, not the best, the election is almost the same, but did not expect that this month, this cow does not say that the ups and downs have changed, but at least this meat has already scared them. One jump, the whole cow, the whole meat has a meat rate of more than 1,000 pounds. This is not to say, but the beef with marbled grain, which is the preferred beef, accounts for 70% of the beef.

Among the seven hundred pounds, three hundred pounds are the preferred grade of beef, and there are more than 230 pounds. It is a special grade of beef. The last one hundred pounds is actually a premium grade of beef. This time they are dumbfounded.

According to the market price, of course, the selling price, the premium grade beef, the average price of a pound in United States is 375 USD, the selected one is 130 USD, the preferred is 50 USD to calculate, the light is 160 pounds, excellent beef is worth 60,000 USD, the 230 pound special value is 30,000, and 300 pound is also worth 15,000. That is to say, these meats are added together. The value is 100,000 USD. Of course, this is the retail price outside. They can’t sell such a high price. Let’s make a 30% discount.

But these seven hundred pounds of beef, also worth 70,000 USD, plus those scraps, a cow, selling a 75,000 USD is not a problem at all, and the cost of buying a cow is not only a thousand dollars, plus artificial, feed money, two thousand dollars will also be killed, the remaining more than 70,000, this is pure earned!

Of course, you can’t expect that all the cows are like this, but according to Jiang Hai’s estimation, after this month of domestication, there are at least 3,000 of them in 20,000 cows. The remaining more than 16,000, it is estimated that selling more than 70,000 USD is unlikely, but selling more than three is still very likely, which is why he dared to fight with that company.

“Oh…” Hearing Burke Dale words, Moses Adams couldn’t help but swallow. Since he was a lawyer for the company, he naturally made a survey of Jiang Hai. The most basic He also did is fixed assets survey.

He knows that Jiang Hai manor currently main profit-making project, which is beef cattle, nearly 20,000 heads. He is calculated according to average beef cattle price in United States. The price of buying and selling a beef cattle is one thousand dollars, but it is good. When selling to slaughterhouse, the price will not be too far off the mark, that is, selling between 3000-4000 USD.

Jiang Hai’s 20,000 heads of cattle are estimated to be worth only 60 to 80 million, but this is a living money, which is available every year.

What’s more, Jiang Hai’s ranch can raise 100,000 cattle, if you raise 100,000 cattle, that year is to earn hundreds of millions.

So in Moses Adams mind, Jiang Hai is a potential stock. Maybe it’s worse than those on Wall Street. But as long as you concentrate on raising cattle, it’s not without interest, but now he knows, he wants wrong.

Jiang Hai there is no interest? If his 20,000 cows are of such quality, then it is a 20,000 cow, worth more than a billion, or beautiful dollars! Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but swallow a sip, seemingly grabbed a golden thigh.

“What to sell, I have been here for so long, I haven’t eaten the beef of premium grade yet, give me half of it, and the remaining half, give it to Philemon wife, I will eat this evening… Ladies and gentlemen, in our China, you are a guest. If you have nothing to do, have a meal together at night.” Hearing Burke Dale words, Jiang Hai’s mouth glimpsed, he knew it would be like this, so in addition to his excitement, he did not perform too much, tens of thousands dollars, although Jiang Hai is short of money, but it is not enough to lack these tens of thousands of dollars, and this is the first time his manor killed a cow, he naturally has to try it.

“Good!” Hearing Jiang Hai words, Burke Dale here also laughed. Although he grazes and puts it for so many years, he has never eaten premium grade beef. In addition to cattle ranchers, occasionally eating a piece, the rest are sold to the top western restaurants, and these top steaks in these Western restaurants are sold in ounces.

One pound is equal to 16 ounces, one ounce is measured in terms of China’s measurement, which is about half or two, but the average price of beef in half and two will be sold for more than 20 US dollars, a steak, about eight ounces. It’s going to be a hundred dollars. The average rancher is not willing to eat, let alone eat it for these cowboys.

However, Jiang Hai is not reluctant, although he sometimes has a slight trick, but he is quite generous in eating.

Upon hearing Jiang Hai’s words, Burke Dale went straight to the kitchen with the meat, cut the best half, put it in Jiang Hai chest, carrying about seventy pounds of beef, leaving Jiang Hai’s home.

“Penelope, we have nothing to do at night, right?” Looking at the beef that Burke Dale proposed, Moses Adams said with a smile, and when she heard him, the girl next to him followed up and looked up.

“At three o’clock in the afternoon, there is another energy…”

“That would not have to go to participate, but to participate in it is just to listen to the old man there.” The girl has not finished, Moses Adams has waved to stop the words behind her, it is just graduated from the school, it is really sincere.

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