MR Chapter 74 : Daughter?

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“Don’t we have anything else to say except money? I remember that when you were a child, you really liked to go to the ranch where I work. At that time, you will ride horses and catch sheep…” After hearing the woman’s words, Burke Dale smiled at himself and then said to the woman, as if he was talking to himself.

“Don’t say it, you know, it was a child, now I am growing up, I also want to live my own life, and want to live, the most basic is money, I don’t want to be like you. The whole life is impoverished, and even the alimony after divorce is not uniform.” But the girl is even more determined, and she does not give Burke Dale a chance to finish his words. She waved her hand and shouted loudly. To her, the opposite of Burke Dale couldn’t help but squint, and then her face was even more ridiculous.

“Who said that he will always be destitute, people who work in my estate, income may not be less than Moses Adams sitting in the house.” Hearing here, Jiang Hai finally could not help, although he was a man unwilling to be noisy, but he feels that this time is the time when he is the boss, and now, Burke Dale income is not too much.

The income of 750 USD a week, the income of the year, that is, the income of 39,000 USD, even worse than the middle class in US, don’t forget, the profit of Jiang Hai has not been counted yet. Including here, he uses water, electricity, network, food, drink, and live, but they don’t need to spend money. Together, the money has to be about 10,000 USD.

The most important thing is that the above mentioned 39,000 USD is a dead wage. When Jiang Hai’s cattle earned money, according to the situation on US, it is natural to pay dividends, how much dividends, according to the mood of manor owner, but if they really earned more than a billion yuan for themselves, then Jiang Hai will not marry that one hundred and ten thousand. When it is time for the money, if they are divided, one hundred and ten thousand will not be there. Under the words, plus the basic salary, earning 200,000 USD a year is simply not a problem.

The most important thing is that the money can be saved. It is precisely because of seeing such prospects. Therefore, the reason why these talents are still work so hard when Jiang Hai does not look at them. Nature is for this real money! So now that Jiang Hai heard this, he stood up in the first place and refuted the woman.

But after standing out, Jiang Hao regretted it, because at this time he was really embarrassed.

“I’m sorry.” Seeing the figure where Jiang Hai stood there, the father and the daughter were obviously stunned. Then the girl named Penelope, with her head down, walked away from Jiang Hai’s side. Burke Dale sighed and walked to Jiang Hai’s side, then the two men looked at each other and walked to the front of the villa.

Sitting there, cold wind blowing, Burke Dale told Jiang Hai a story… To be exact, it was his real event.

Burke Dale is an old cowboy, this has been said before, but he learned the technology of cowboy from a very young age, and then began to become a cowboy. At the end of the twentieth century, in fact, the cowboy industry is still quite eat aroma.

Especially in the east, he earned some money in those years. Later, like most ranchers, he made a piece of land and built a ranch. But because of poor investment, he went bankrupt in 2003.

It was also that year that his wife divorced him and leave with her daughter, and he lived a life of bachelor and repayment.

It took him five years to work and pay the debts, but then it was the financial turmoil. His cowboy’s work to feed him was troublesome, let alone other things, and at that time, his daughter also went on university, but unfortunately, he is a slap in the face, his daughter went to college, but he can’t get a penny.

Since then, the wife and daughter who had been a little far away from him have become more and more distant from him.

They think that Burke Dale life is like this. She has no interest. Compared with the money worship of Burke Dale wife, his daughter may only hate the iron-clad mentality, but after all, Burke Dale ex-wife has been instilling, when the cowboy is not making money, so that she is also more and more cold to her father.

Listening to the words of Burke Dale, although there is some meaning of the words, Jiang Hai still touched his chin.

Burke Dale does not hate his ex-wife because he knows that everyone has the right to pursue their own happiness.

Since she thinks she is not happy in his own place, let her go. I heard that she is now in New York, married to a financier, and she is still alive, at least in terms of materiality much happier.

So Burke Dale didn’t say much, but his daughter’s words made him feel uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry, I don’t know when cowboys have money, but I know, just follow me, at least in terms of making money, you don’t have to worry about it.” After Burke Dale finished, Jiang Hai was silent a moment, then got up, returned to the house, quietly took out two bottles of beer and came out, handed Burke Dale a bottle, and then drank a big mouth, took a deep breath, Jiang Hai said to himself that he is not confident in himself, but has confidence in his own blood!

“Then I will put the treasure on you, boss.” Hearing Jiang Hai’s words, I don’t know if it was because the cow that was killed today gave Burke Dale confidence, he laughed and said to Jiang Hai.

When they talked about it, they couldn’t help but smile and then drank again…

This evening’s dinner, in general, is still a joy for the guests. As time goes by at around 10:00 PM, this dinner is considered to be Formally dispersing, the driver drove the car and sent the thankful Morris Smith back to Winthrop before returning to Boston, but before leaving, Jiang Hai told Moses Adams himself about tax payment.

However, for Moses Adams, he is a professional lawyer, not a professional accountant, but lawyers and accountants are also closely related, so he has the means to contact the accountant to give Jiang Hai tax list he has to pay.

However, at this time, it is still very early to pay taxes. The tax return is in April of each year, and it is only in November.

Wait until next March when you are ready to file tax returns.

Now Jiang Hai and he said, it is just to mention a mouth, after all, these things, but it is very important.

After the dinner today, Jiang Hai’s manor has now entered a calm life. Of course, this so-called calm is only superficial. Everyday life is very dull, but it is very fulfilling.

Jiang Hai’s daily work is very simple. Get up every morning, go to lap, then have breakfast, practice Bell’s fighting skills in the morning, then go to lunch, in the afternoon watch basketball at home, or Play games, or lie down on the second floor balcony to read the novel, go online, go to dinner in the evening, after eating dinner, at a later time, use the extra blood in your body, the grassland of the manor was transformed. Under the slow transformation of Jiang Hai, the grassland in the manor was finally rebuilt. Anyway, he has no friends in this country. It is quite good every day.

What Edward Anderson has to do every day is to open a boat and go to the outer sea to see if anyone has stolen Jiang Hai’s fish. Of course, they will go out and fight together. The fish came back, but these fish were not for sale, but for eating, just like the beef cattle in Jiang Hai Manor, it is not yet sold.

At the same time, Edward did this, but also for the next year, or the day after tomorrow, to prepare fish here, he first needs to know, where there is no coral, where can be better breeding, these Jiang Hai do not understand, it is can only rely on him.

Sometimes Philemon or Bell will help him, Jiang Hai will naturally go for a favor, when going out to sea, take a companion, it is much better, as for the lobster that Jiang Hai wants to eat, No letter, the weather is too cold now, it is a happy thing to touch the lobster in the water, and Jiang Hai is not good at exposing himself in front of the other party, so he has not eaten, but in beef and fish, as well as countless shrimps and crabs, lobster problems, can be temporarily postponed.

The most things are Robins, they are cowboys, but they are very happy now. What these people do every day is to drive the cattle and flocks out of the cowshed and make a circle outside. Then came back before dark, and as the weather became colder, the cows in other nearby manors were already ready to start fattening.

However, Robins and others, with the help of the bulldogs, will catch a lap of cattle every day, mainly because the grass in Jianghai Manor is not dead because of the arrival of winter, which makes Robins was surprised, he was also very pleased. After all, the dry pastures are not rich compared to fresh pasture. These pastures, which are nourished by Jiang Hai blood, can be said to be the most nutritious grass in the world, even in addition to eating grass, these cows can grow longer and stronger without the need for too much concentrate. These things, in the eyes of Robins and others, are also happy in their hearts.

Every day, they are thinking, if these cows are the same as the cows that were killed that day, then the manor can make a profit, and with Jiang Hai’s generosity, it is estimated that he will not let them down.

No one will have a resistance to the green knife, at least the people inside Jiang Hai Manor will not have such a feeling, but unconsciously, time is slowly passing, Jiang Hai Manor transformation plan, the inland aspect is finally over.

Not only all the pastures, he has been transformed, and even the vegetable garden there has been transformed. The vegetables that have been eaten recently have tasted better than before, but after all, it is already winter, but Jiang Hai estimates When it is planted next year, the taste of this thing will be better, which is his confidence in his blood.

In such a leisurely life, the first heavy snow of this year has also come quietly.

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