MR Chapter 59: Peaceful Life

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“Hey, Bill, I hear that in the afternoon you teach the boss how to fight? How was?” A burst of laugh, because with the fights today, Jiang Hai was very tired, Bell also was tired, so Jiang Hai proposed to give money, but Bell no accept, his target is that Jiang Hai buy a x wave x, this thing although not cheap, cost a par of hundreds, Jiang Hai know this is Bell intention, so to be grateful, he prepared a dinner, later he thought why thanks one and no thanks two.
So he calls Philemon and Mrs Philemon chef, for the dinner.
These Cowboys, Jiang Hai who had not learned how to welcome this cowboys, in the end, all of them came.
Together was very noisy, very lively, and chatting for a while, Edward asked Jiang Hai to tell him from today training.
“Wow, martial arts prodigy.” Edward and Bell exaggerated they said.
“HA HA, less flattering, this afternoon I was very miserable.” Hearing Bell, Jiang Hai first laughed, shake his head, and says with a look of frustration, he’s telling the truth, this afternoon he was thrown more than 10 times.
“At the beginning, before learning how to hit, one has to learn how to take a beating, it is compulsory.” Hearing what Jiang Hai say, Robins smiles to Jiang Hai so he can recover some strength, hearing what Robins said, Jiang Hai smiled and nodded.
But the eyes are looking to the side of Bell, Jiang Hai mind cannot help but come back to this afternoon, when he asked Bell about his past.
But Bell answer because he was tired of wandering in that murderous life.
Delta Force, CIA in the United States, all of that is foreign to him. And the police, special police units and the like, low income is on the hand, and he has to kill.
Bell was actually a killing machine that was tired of that type of life, and be a bodyguard, is also inevitably fire to other, such of life, he doesn’t want it, so last he throws all the offer of jobs, and returns himself to home, to be a cowboy, in facts cowboys life is pretty good, without worry of eating, as long is dedicated to the work.
Bell, then he smiled to Jiang Hai and said to him that he is not a peace activist.
“All right, boys, fight happy, eat eat as usual, try some of my wife’s specialty dishes, lemon cod!” At that moment, Philemon trademark laughter interrupted Jiang Hai meditation, as he is holding a plate of cod came out from the kitchen, a lot redder in flavor, with a slightly sour taste, it fills up in the room.
“Well, I can’t wait.” Watching the served dishes, Edward was the first began to move.
Pick up the fork, got his own plate and then he began eating it.
Deliberately he got two cod, Jiang Hai began to cut up and eat up.
Mrs. Philemon cook look dark and with a lot of fat, the savor is amazing.
According to the United States local tastes, even reached the level of can set out stall.
But Mrs Philemon do not have this intention, in her looks, Philemon are there to make money, she just has to take care of home.
This state of mind, in the United States is not very rare, full-time housewife exists in the United States, serious lot.
Well, maybe somewhat biased, but probably not too much worse, at least Jiang Hai thinks so.
After seeing the all pack he said the goodbye to everyone they stand up and say the good night after all Jiang Hai is the master of the manor.
Jiang Hai also went back to his room, playing with two large dogs, watching TV, but my mind is thinking about the day learning Kung Fu, that Israel combative, seems really quite useful.
The next morning, in a winter morning, there was nothing more to do so he stays with his warm blanket.
Even Jiang Hai wake up, but he stays in bed and play with his phone, about to 10 o’clock is not up, but today, he was up at seven in the morning, which was for the two dogs.
Jiang Hai yawned, opened the door, and let the two dogs out to go to the bathroom, and then Jiang Hai go to wash his face, and ate some breakfast and, of course, also have two dogs, breakfast.
Bell told to Jiang Hai fitness although is good, but necessary exercise also is need do so having a daily morning run, it was not only good for the body, but the lung capacity to has good effect, certainly.
However, Jiang Hai run is mainly to exercise, to heat his body doesn’t matter.
Starting from the Villa, Jiang Hai ran toward the direction of the sea all the way to his villa location away from the beach, look not too far, even on the second floor you can clearly see the distant coastline and golden beaches.
But to running all still is some distance, so Robbins made out on a path, and Jiang Hai ran toward the beach.
Robbins here all these years, he paved the roads in the Manor, the grass inside, all belong to the forage class, what is the highest and can flourish to the waist high.
Although path for the farm is straight, walk and the cars are a trouble for the grass, because is the main food of the raising animals.
So he deliberately in these grass bundle he open several roads, there are not wide, is three meters around, only can pass one car.
There are some other roads that go to the grape vines and to the manor, there are more big so the carts can past, but there are mainly make of gravel, it was impossible to Robbins to pavement all of them.
After the decoration of the manor, Jiang Hai, left a lot of stones and wood, so he has them repair the gravel roads, and indeed is much better than gravel road, stepping don’t hurt.
Jiang Hai adjust the breath while in uniform ran towards the beach, next to him there are the two big dogs they say Jiang Hai run, they thought that was strange, but also follow Jiang Hai.
He run for half of hour, he reaches the beach, the cold of sea breeze, Jiang Hai deep sucking has breath, do the exercises that Bell told him yesterday.
Jiang Hai does the exercises seriously for more than a hour, and nearly the 10 o’clock when he was tired so he rest for a moment and continue to run in direction to the house, in his way he go to the bullpen to see big horse and feeding him, when he reach the house he rush to the bath, and go to Philemon wife to have a lunch, in the afternoon in home, he play computer, see the TV, and in the night go again to eat the dinner, in the light of the end of the day…
This kind of life, is basically semi-retirement, he thought.
For the rich, wealthy young man, even the gold-collar, white collar, the life is to boring, in this days stay in home have a point? This day they go out a find something stimulating.
Cars, beautiful women, wine, gastronomy, there are always something that can stimulate you, but to Jiang Hai, being not a fish, how can know the happiness of the fish? To Jian Hai this dull, and inoffensive life is the most comfortable.

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