MR Chapter 13: The small things

Translated by me, edited by Kai

Repost & Edited : XiaXue

“Wow, no wonder it is this comfortable. One return trip ticket is $47,000. This is freaking daylight robbery.” After returning back to Beijing international airport, a car from the hotel that Jiang Hai had reservations with is already waiting. After picking him up, it quickly brought him to the hotel. Currently he is in his room examining his balance; this has now become one of Jiang Hai’s recent hobbies. It cannot be helped. After being broke for this many years, and then suddenly receiving a windfall. If he does not check a couple times a day then he’s always got a feeling that this is fake.

Before he left, his entire worth is 332,045,211 USD. Among all of that, 330 million is from selling that piece of pink diamond, 2 million from all the other gems, and the last 45 thousand is made up of selling flowers, crystals and his original savings. Thinking about it makes him pretty sorrowful. I’m already so old, but after selling the house all I got in return is 10,000 Yuan. Thinking back to all that happened to his family last year, Jiang Hai can’t help but sigh. In the brief period of a month he went from a broke ass beggar to one of the youngest billionaires in the world.

“No point thinking about it. First thing to do after getting back to Harbin tomorrow, is to see dad and mom, then buy back our old house, and finally see those brothers of mine. Coming back in the future will be pretty troublesome now.” Quickly switching his train of thoughts away from think about future problems, and directly went into a deep slumber to await the incoming future.

People live only once, plants live for a season, seeking nothing but happiness. Just thinking about passing each day miserably is already enough to have nightmares. He doesn’t want to be like those white collar workers who are like motivationless and ambitionless zombies. Even if his life is hell, his will still live on to seeking his happiness. Especially now, when he’s got all this money.

The next day, after being woken up by the front desk, he cleaned himself up, got dressed, ate the complimentary breakfast and boarded a plane headed towards Harbin. When he got off the plane in Harbin, it just happened to be noon. Catching a taxi to one of his favorite restaurants, he ate his favorite sweet and sour pork and then went to the crematorium. Because his parents went too quickly at the time, he didn’t have time to prepare a cemetery for them, so he can only keep it there for now. Since he doesn’t lack money anymore, thus finding a good grave for them is not a problem. However, since they’re already here, then they can only be moved after three years. This is a basic sign of respect towards the dead. It has only been a year since their death so there is no rush. Finished seeing his parents, with the usual practise of light incense and burning paper money, he called a taxi and went to his old home.

However at this point in time, this house belonged to someone else. A year ago, when it was just him and his mom, they sold the house to a pair of newlyweds. At the time, they had no choice, but now with all this money; he can easily get the house back.

*knock knock*

A woman holding a newborn answered the knocking. The woman does not look much older than Jiang Hai, and the child she’s holding is no more than a couple of months old. Unable to imagine how the pair already got a child in less than a year.

“Hello, but what is the problem?” The woman open the door and was shocked to see Jiang Hai the previous owner of this house.

“Um…” Seeing the woman’s shocked expression, Jiang Hai hesitated because the words he’s about to say is kind of hard to say.

“Who is it honey?” At this moment, a man wearing an apron came out. Seeing that it’s Jiang Hai, he also can’t help but be shocked. Seeing the pair, Jiang Hai gathered up his courage and went forward with his plan of buying back the house.

To him this house is not merely a house anymore, but rather memories of his parents. Some people deliberately try to forget the past and move on, but clearly Jiang Hai is not the type. Of course, the following negotiations went pretty smoothly. His old house is only 48 square meters big. After some previous renovations, there is roughly 40 square meters of usable space. Following market price of 8000 per square meter, 48 square meter is only 380,000 Yuan. At the time the pair bought the house they only paid 360,000. What can he do, his family urgently needed the money.

At least now, Jiang Hai is back with lots of money so of course he won’t rip the couple off. Currently, housing prices in those world famous cities is pretty expensive. But in cities like Harbin there is no really fluctuation in the market. When Jiang Hai threw an offer of 600,000 for the house, the couple has no reason to reject this easy money. As such the negotiations went by very quickly. All the couple have to do is move out, which is a bit tedious, but this 600 thousand is more than enough for them purchase a grander house and then some. So this is 100% worth it for the couple. The two sides quickly agreed and decided to sign all the paperwork tomorrow.

After the paperwork was signed and formalities completed, they have 10 days to move out. As to where the couple will live during this transition period is not of Jiang Hai’s concern. Now he’s completed one of the major tasks he needed to do during this time in China.

Leaving his house and seeing the time, those friends of his should have gotten off work by now. Thinking of this, he quickly called one of them. Not much time passed before a slightly boring voice picked up.

“Hello?” Hearing the familiar voice on the other side, Jiang Hai can’t help but smile.

“Yo, you still haven’t gotten up yet? It’s already dark!” Jiang Hai yelled at the phone.

“Hello? Wait, this number, f**k, Jiang Hai where did you go recently? Since when did you go dark?” Hearing Jiang Hai’s voice, the other side can’t help but curse back.

“Haha, this grandpa of yours hit the jackpot and returned in glory! Alright, stop sleeping, get up and come to dinner with us. I’ll contact the rest of them.” Jiang Hai answered smilingly.

“You ****insert curses here****, wait for me. Let me wash up, where are you and need me to pick you up?” The person on the other side ridiculed.

“Hurry up, I’m at home.” Hearing the reply, Jiang Hai answered with just one line and hung up. After calling the others and under their curses, 10 minutes passed before a minivan showed up downstairs. Rolling down the windows, a very familiar face showed up in front of Jiang Hai.

“So, where the heck did you disappear to? Get on!” Hearing the familiar voice, Jiang Hai sat down on the shotgun seat.

“Didn’t I tell you, I hit the jackpot and came back to brag about it.” Jiang Hai replied in self-important manner.

“The details dude. You disappeared for almost 2 months, where you run off to?” Hearing Jiang Hai’s reply, this person clearly did not believe it. So asked with a very bad mood.

“I’ll tell you when everyone’s here.” Seeing Jiang Hai unwilling to explain further, this friend of his can only give up and ask, “Where to?”

“Secret BBQ shop, for those skewers.” Jiang Hai happily point to a destination.

Not much time after, this van arrived in front of a small barbeque shop. Currently in front of this store is a couple of familiar cars. Seeing these these cars, the two said nothing, parked the car and went in. As soon as they enter, they see a table with 3 young people on their cell phones.

“Sh*t, this dude’s still alive? So what are you up to now after two months of going dark.” Seeing the three, Jiang Hai can’t help but slap one of them hard on the back. Although he didn’t use much strength but you can still hear the sound, which scared that friend of his shitless. Seeing that it’s only Jiang Hai, the first thing he did is throw middle fingers at him.

“Alright sit, we’re just waiting on you. I’ve already called for 20 skewers of beef tendons, 20 pork belly skewers, 10 kidney skewers, 10 skewers of chicken wings, and a pot of tripe. This probably not enough, so what else do you guys want?” Hearing this person’s voice, the rest of them all raised their heads and saw the two. The shortest of the bunch quickly threw out the menu and stated in an anxious manner.

“Boss, every time you say you’re hungry but how much can you really eat?” Hearing this, one of the other two retorted back. Which was received with a round of laughters.

“No problem, I’ll finish the leftovers for you guys.” See these couple of brothers, Jiang Hai stated happily. He also called for a whole roast squid, a whole roast cod, plus an additional 20 skewers of pork belly, 10 skewers of chicken heart and gizzards each. 100 skewers for 5 people is probably enough. If this is still not enough then there is always the complementary bread and geda soup. After finishing ordering, everyone sat down and started endless rounds of laughter.

“So where did you run off to? Not even a letter, I thought you got eliminated and got dumped somewhere by Qi Li’s ex-boyfriend.”

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