MR Chapter 58: Fighting Skills

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“Hey, boss.” Around 1 afternoon, Bell came from outside with a smile, skilled replaced his boot with cow feces, he brought his own pair of sneakers, and walked into the Villa.
“Hey, I waited for you for a long time, we will now start?” Seeing Bell’s arrival, Jiang Hai immediately said with a smile.
“Yes.” Hearing what Jiang Hai say, he follows Jiang Hai direction, the former owner of the House specially built a gym room, because the place is good.
10 years have passed and the machine are not that bad, there are not leak in the gym, so there are not rust, the only bad thing is the running machine, climbing machine and like that, but Jiang Hai usually don’t use these things, but he thinks it was bad to throw this things, so he moves the machines to the sides and clear a spot in the center.
Thought if I find a sister, then she can practice yoga here, but now he doesn’t have one so, he has to use it.
“Boss, Let’s talk about what do you want to practice?“ Bell patted his gray pants, and sitting directly on the cushion, he said this, to knows what Jiang Hai want to get to what extent.
“Yes, of course, the most powerful technique.” Jiang Hai taking into account his body said without fear.
“It’s very hard, but I think with boss physical quality, it shouldn’t be a problem, boss, what do you know of fights?” Hearing Jiang Hai, Bell smiled and nodded, because is in his expectations.
“The grappling and mixed martial arts, well types, the most famous Chinese martial arts, and there was Korea’s Tae Kwon Do, Japanese judo and karate, and, as well, Muay Thai, and boxing, there is the recent very popular Kickboxing, the UFC, I had seen on TV.” Bell said to Jiang Hai.
“Well, all you say are martial arts, but don’t count, Tae kwon do, karate, in fact it is only the acting project, lack of lethality, UFC is a project that is not a martial art, only a high killing skills, for you say, probably only Muay Thai.” Hearing what Jiang Hai say Bell began to laugh.
“Now is not the era of weapons, but troops, especially special forces, combat skills to there are pretty hard, for example, the Chinese special forces, they don’t train martial arts but Sanda, which is standing against of Muay Thai that have the most powerful legs attacks, and the vacuum hand, well, it sort of karate, but based in lethality the boxing can be considered very strong, but legs skill is not good, so the practicality is not strong, to reduce and strangled, the ground fighting skills, is divided into two main types, Brazil’s Judo and Jiu-Jitsu in Japan, both of which are mainly focuses on joint locks.” Jiang Hai look with curious eyes, the introduction of Bell to the combat arts and his country, is being not what he thought.
“What is the strongest?” Hearing Bell’s introduction, Jiang Hai asked.
“The most powerful? According to Jackie’s words in your country, there are not the strongest martial art, there is only the strongest warrior, haha, so exaggerated, inside us, the strongest martial art, is the Sambo of the Soviet Union.” Hearing what Jiang Hai ask, Bell with rare serious, said.
“Sambo?” Hearing what Bell say, Jiang Hai don’t know, Sambo what is that? To tell you the truth, Brazil Jiu-Jitsu, judo, Muay Thai, boxing, boxing, and so on he had heard, but Sambo, he really doesn’t know, Bell can no help but explain.
“Sambo is a combat art of the European side of the Soviet Union, is probably in the last century in the years 20-30 it was known as the strongest fighting skills.” Bell said.
Although the reputation of Sambo it was not significant in the fighting world before 1950, Sambo was mainly in the Soviet Union internal development, to 50 years later, began to enter the international arena.
In 1957, Hungary Judo team won two games, 47-1, won the final victory. Two years later, with Germany in Judo competitions, winning again, in the pre-Olympic Island, Sambo athletes to Judo rules, Russia beat Czech Olympic Judo team, then defeated the Judo European champions France. (TL: Hungary judo team won and 2 year later Germany judo team won, then in Japan Olympic the Russian Sambo team win against Czech judo team and later against the European champion the France Judo Team. So is OP)
Russia claims the fighting nation, Sambo arts has played not a small role, and the only way to compete with Sambo, is the legendary Meng Huo wrestling, that contains more than 300 kinds of investment and technical and playing skills, known as the ancient and the most amazing skills on the battlefield.
And just talk about those skills is different is that this technology is a real killer technology, not like the skills to defeat without kill, after all, in the ancient battlefield to attack fight without trying to kill your opponent was suicide, because if take you to much defeat your opponent the rest of your enemy are going to attack you in group and your head is going to fall, the most effective way is to kill the enemy, and then go for the other, so if we talk about Meng Huo arts there are not good for competition but the best for the battlefield.
In Sambo World Cup, the only action can be defended by the Soviet Union, is the Mongolian Wrestling, that took a total of nineteen championships.
Its combat capability, is really ferocious, hearing the introduction of Bell, Jiang Hai’s eyes are getting brighter.
“Now we are learning Mongolian wrestling or Sambo?” Looked at Bell, Jiang Hai slightly anxious asked.
“We now have to learn … … Israel martial arts.” Looking the anxious Jiang Hai, Bell chuckle a bit, slowly said.
“Ah? What the hell…?” Hearing Bell words, Jiang Hai’s face suddenly collapsed, he just explains about a lot of things, and we are not learning these things? Doesn’t he say so many useless things?
“Boss, I’m just a sniper, if not necessarily, I do not need to fight in close with the enemy, so I said all of this, mainly to tell the boss, the world’s mains fighting’s techniques, to let know to boss’s heart there is a bottom.” Seeing Jiang Hai like a ghost, Bell chuckled at him and said.
“Well, well … Israel then Israel!” Gritted his teeth, one is better than zero, Jiang Hai thought, ready to learn.
But do not look at Israel fighting seems to say that some good bullying, but in fact the fighting is also very famous in the international arena, also known as the Israel Krav Maga, to the Israel Defense Forces and military, law enforcement forces is a compulsory fighting art, but also has been widely applied to the rest of the world, but also the US forced compulsory art.
Watching in TV is very cool fighting technique and with a little of technic, in fact the Krav Maga, is also the easiest to start, but the hardest to master.
According to Bell, in the Delta Force, the first lesson to all people, is to teach the basic skills of fighting, is the Israel fighting skills, and later learn, firearms, and driving.
Under the guidance of Bell, Jiang Hai began to learn his way up, in fact, he is beginning to learn, Jiang Hai cannot expect, just learning today, and in the second days to become a super master, this is unrealistic.
He knows which is almost like Muay Thai, but after the contact, he doesn’t know. In fact, this fighting art is not that simple, Israel fighting can be known as the world leader of the US, naturally has its own unique system, the fighting technique is very flexible, mainly according to the actual situation, to determine the actual play, boxing, kicking, grasping, hold, joint skills are covered, which makes Jiang Hai very amazed.
When fighting, although Jiang Hai strength, speed, agility, strength is much stronger than Bell, but after the fight, with the best performance, he only lasted about ten minutes and lost.
Jiang Hai at this more curious about the martial art itself, but at the same time he is more curious of Bell.
About an hour or so, Jiang Hai and Bell are tired, so they sat down to rest on the carpet, taking this advantage of opportunity, Jiang Hai ask Bell his doubts.
“Bell, to tell you the truth, your strength is not bad, when you retire of Delta, should have a number of departments looking for you, why do you want to come back as a cowboy?” Hands in the backs, Jiang Hai ask Bell, he was really curious.
“Oh, really? Boss how suddenly you are interested in men, haha, out of joke, well, when I retired a lot of persons come to look for me, like the CIA, also has Massachusetts Swat forces, also has New York of police, with very good treatment, and a few privates like bodyguards of riches, that is a very profitable business.” Jiang Hai looking at the ceiling, Bell smiled gently, to Jiang Hai and said.

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