MR Chapter 37: Bob’s horses

Translated by me, edited by Kai

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“Let me introduce you to each other” Robins introduced. “This is my new boss. Jiang Hai.”

Although Bob hadn’t met Jiang Hai in person, the recent activities of Green Forest were spread far and wide. Almost everyone who are in the agricultural sector have heard news from their grapevines, because no one in America want to get on the bad side of anyone with money, of course thugs and gangsters are also included.

“Hi, I’m Bob, the owner of this horse ranch.” Bob introduced himself as they shook hands.

“Hi, I’m called Jiang Hai. You can call me Jiang or Hai, either is fine.” Jiang Hai replied. Having finished introductions, Robins got straight to the point. “Bob, we need some horses.”

“I thought so. I heard Leymann gave you guys 15,000 heads of cattle. The size of that transaction really is some shocking news around here. Alright, enough chit chat, let’s see which one of these boys are lucky today. ” Bob was clearly prepared for their arrival; he just didn’t know when they would show up. Without much delay, they headed towards the stable in the back.

According to Robins, Bob’s horse farm is the biggest around here. There are over 1000 horses on the farm specifically for the farms and the ranches on the east coast. He is also one of the best handler and raiser of horses around, even some horses used in the West are imported from here. However, the ranching sector in America had been dwindling recently. Hence his focus turned towards raising race horses, but to no great result so far.

As Robins introduced the farm, the group of them entered it. Just as they entered, some of the horses that were grazing stopped and looked at them. These horses are already familiar with human beings so after taking a quick look, they went back to munching on their grass; but Robins clearly is staring at these majestic beasts.

“Have you guys thought of what breeds of horses you need?” At this moment. Bob turned around and asked them. In front of them are 4 large stables. Just from the appearance of the stables, the horses kept inside are clearly different.

“There are differences in horses too?” Hearing Bob’s question, Jiang Hai asked Robins in a low voice.

Jiang Hai, like almost any other ordinary citizen, have almost no understanding of horses. He has only encountered them either in novels or in games. In them, most of the horses are mainly famous in China; such as the ferghana horses, the three river horses, and the yili horses. If you mention any others, then you’ve clearly lost him.

“Different breeds naturally have their own specific prices. If it is those ordinary wild horses or mixed blood ones then they are for sure cheaper, but those purebloods are much more expensive.” Although Jiang Hai kept his voice down, but Bob had clearly heard him and patiently explained.

The so-called ‘wild horses’ are not really ‘wild’ horses. Although there are wild horses in North America, but there really aren’t a lot. There is also the existence of the wildlife conservation act in America which covers all wildlife includes these horses. The so called wild horses here are offsprings of those originally tamed wild horses. As for the mixed bloods, they are offsprings of wild and family horses. These horses aren’t fast nor have much strength, but they are really easy to raise. They can be used for most activities around the farm and also be ridden, hence their popularity with most family farms. Apart from these horses, there are only the expensive purebloods left.

“Of the 4 stables here, the one over there is for wild and mix blood horses, the middle one is for those marquardt horses. If it were me, these ones are more than enough for the farm. Of the 2 stables back there, the middle one is for purebloods, and the last one is for race horses. Although they haven’t won anything yet, but they are still race horses.” Feeling Jiang Hai’s curious looks, Bob continued. To be honest, by Robins’ standards, the best is those marquardts, but those wild or mixed ones aren’t bad either. Those purebloods and racehorses are a different story as they are not of much help on the farm.

“Let us go take a look at those purebloods and racehorses.” As expected, as soon as Jiang Hai hears there are purebloods and racehorses, he completely forgot about everything else. Although he is running out of money, but there should still be enough to buy some horses.

“Racehorses and purebloods are quite different from ranch horses. These horses are all hot blooded hence they have really bad endurance; only suitable for dashing and races.” Bob brought them to the pureblood and racehorse stables upon hearing Jiang Hai’s remark. But before they went, Robins walked up beside Jiang Hai and whispered.

Hearing this, Jiang Hai is clearly stunned. Since when were there this many aspects for horses? Aren’t the better ones better than the rest? Seeing Jiang Hai’s stunned looks, Robins can’t help but laugh. From the looks of things, Jiang Hai clearly knows nothing about them.

“Horses are also separated into many categories. The so-called ranch horses are those that have lots of strength and great endurance. There are no uses for short sprinters, rather it needs to be able to run for long distances. Also, they can’t be picky on what they are fed.” Robins continues to explain, although his explanation is somewhat reserved.

In fact a good horse, when brought back, is just like inviting back a bottomless pit. Not counting the need to ride it regularly, just the money needed to feed it, groom it, and clean it everyday, is more than enough to hire someone to take care of it. Those international racehorses are all easily worth several tens if not hundreds of thousands. They are truly made out of money, and apart from entering races, they are truly elites. As they are definitely not allowed to participate in anything else.

However the horses that Robins and the others need aren’t the money suckers. Rather they require those that are able to ranch efficiently hence their attention to detail. Hearing all of this, Jiang Hai is clearly lost within all of these turns. But he already said he wanted to take a look, then he might as well as go take a look since he isn’t going to buy them anyway.

Of course Bob also knows, with Robins here, he isn’t going to be able sell this boss much of these. Thus he directly forgoed the racehorses stable and directly brought them to the purebloods. No matter how noble these horses might sound, they all required to eat and defecate. As such, the smell within the stable is similar to the cow sheds, but only to a certain extent. Generally within the bearable range. As they entered the stable, many different horses appeared before Jiang Hai’s eyes and Bob went on to introduce them all.

“These are arabian horses. A very ancient and powerful breed. It can be said that 90% of the well known horses all have some sort of blood relation with these. They are also the most awe inspiring horse breed out there. These are also the ones specifically used by the Persian Empire during their conquests.” The first horses to be introduced all have a body height of around 1.5m. These horses aren’t very tall, but they definitely are the prettiest here. Big clear eyes, a body full of pure white fur, and well proportioned body with no variations in color resulting in some beautiful beasts.

“These are pure bloods, they are also Britain’s national horse. The fastest of all of the ones here, but also the one with the worst endurance. Practically done after running a couple kilometers. Apart from being good at racing, it can’t do anything else.” Behind the arabian horses are the purebloods. These horses currently dominate over 90% of the horse racing industry, and they are also the most expensive to own. In comparison to the arabian horses these are much taller, at around 1.7m. These horses can only be described as majestic. If the arabian horses are like beautiful women, then these are no doubt heros. No questions asked.

“These are hanoverian horses, great for show plays. Daring, powerful, with great jumping abilities. Truly one of a kind. But the same as before, not suitable to use for ranching.”

“This here is Cecil’s frankel, these are appaloosas, these are budyonnys.…..”

As Bob continued on with his introductions, Jiang Hai is bombarded with information. Bob’s horse farm is definitely worthy to be called one of biggest horse farms in the Boston region. The breeds kept here are many and varied. Nearly all of the ones that Jiang Hai has heard of and those which he hasn’t are all here. However, according to Bob all pureblood horses are the same. They are all toys for the wealthy on wall street. Compared to ranch owners like Jiang Hai, these horses are out of their field. As their walk continues, not long had passed before the three arrived at the very back of the stable. There are still a few horses here, and they specifically perked Jiang Hai’s interests.

“These horses are the favourites of Chinese individuals, no, of all Asian individuals. These are ferghana horses.” Bob said smilingly as he patted the white horse beside him.

Hearing Bob’s words, Jiang Hai is dumbstruck for a second there. Ferghanas? Hearing this, he can’t help but closely examine the horse in front of him. However truth to be told, he doesn’t really think highly of these. Because this horse really ….. Um, isn’t that beautiful. It doesn’t have the gentleness like the arabians. It also doesn’t have the tall and boldness of the purebloods. In short very strange. This is a breed with very short fur. Apart from its mane, it’s fur everywhere else is very short; almost like those chinese shar peis that can’t get their skin folded. It also has a long face. But the most strange part of it is it’s straight, long and thin ears. Almost like a rabbit’s ears.

“Don’t tell me this is what was referred to as horse of the heavens during the ancient ages?” Seeing the rabbit like horse in front of him, a dangerous thought can’t help but float into Jiang Hai’s mind.

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