BSI Chapter 166 : Unexpected visitors

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Xia Yan flew Tristan out, looking at the white Monster in front of him, rubbing the sweat on forehead.

At this time, Tristan, except for her feet, was wrapped in white armor. The whole person was like a white beast, and he attacked Xia Yan crazily.

“How long it has been?”

Xia Yan asked loudly.

Nelliel replied: “It’s almost 50 minutes.”

Xia Yan heard the time, some distressed, he was the fourth to participate in the suppression, 15 minutes is coming, but Tristan is not over yet.

It was completed in less than 20 minutes at the time, and Tristan’s 50 minutes and nine minutes were too long.

Of course, the longest time in this is not himself, whether it is Kurosaki ichigo or Sarugaki Hiyori, it has reached more than 60 minutes.

“Continue waiting.”

After the time reached 60 minutes, Xia Yan did not leave, but continued to suppress. Maintaining such a strong Reiatsu output is not too difficult for him.

65 minutes, still no change.

This time, it has exceeded the time of blurring, and in this way, Tristan is likely to become Monster completely.


Xia Yan shouted, clasping Tristan’s arm, and Tsukishima Shūkurō came to the back of Tristan and cut a sword.


The long sword runs through Tristan’s body, but the latter has not changed.

Tsukishima Shūkurō shook his head, said: “No, I can only clip myself into the memory of the creature. It is too difficult to affect the people’s past.”

Tsukishima Shūkurō changed the past, such as when fighting Kuchiki Byakuya, arranging traps by slashing the ground.

Or help Kurosaki ichigo to restore his Zanpakuto.

These are all objects, and Tsukishima Shūkurō has never changed the past when he chopped people, just sandwiching himself into the past.

Otherwise, Tsukishima Shūkurō’s Ability is too terrifying.

Seeing this scene, Xia Yan’s forehead was cold and sweaty. It seems that this Hollowfication event failed.

Still worse, as long as Tristan’s feet are also blurred, he must kill her.


Xia Yan suddenly found out that Tristan’s feet and calves were not blurred for six or seven minutes.

What’s going on?

According to the blurred speed, it should be partially blurred now.

Just as Xia Yan produced this idea, Tristan’s shoes suddenly changed, and the light bloomed on both feet. With the light shining, the white matter on Tristan disappeared, but her feet and calves, It is wrapped in white armor.

“We did it?”

Xia Yan did not know what happened, but Tristan lifted the blur and should be successful.

“We did it.”

Tristan opened her eyes and took a breath and looked at Xia Yan, with a smile on corner of the mouth.

Xia Yan asked curiously: “What happened? Why did your shoes disappear and become white armor?”

Tristan said: “After I entered Hollowfication, there was another me. I fought with her, but I have been defeated. I have been unable to beat her. When I was about to be killed by her, there was a soul wave in my shoes. I was integrated with him and had a more formidable Strength to help me defeat the opposite side.”

“It turned out to be the case.”

Xia Yan suddenly realized that the Ability of Fullbringer is the soul of the material, and the battle is changed by changing the form.

The medium of extraction is love, that is, the more you love something, the more you can exert the energy of the material.

Most of Fullbringer can extract air and ground so as to enhance their speed and air walking.

But only the objects that you love the most, you can fully extract the soul to exert great power.

For example, Tristan’s shoes, such as Kutsuzawa’s watch, Ginjō Kūgo’s cross charm.

Tristan and the Hollow self fight, on the verge of defeat, and this is the battle of soul level, the soul of shoes interfered with, and completely integrated with Tristan’s soul.

Tristan’s human soul plus the soul of the shoes suppressed the Hollow part and thus relieved the Hollowfication.

This is the process of blurring of Fullbringer.

Xia Yan looks at Tristan, curiously asked: “What about your current Strength?”

Tristan said: “First of all, the soul of the boots is integrated with my own soul. Even if I don’t blur, my speed will be much higher than before.”

Leaving this sentence, Tristan’s toes move and appear in the distance.

“It’s really a lot faster.”

Xia Yan asked again: “What if it is blurring?”

“That would trouble Harribel to test it for me.”

Tristan smiled and suddenly lifted her foot on the ground, the next moment, her feet and calves wrapped in white armor.


She appeared behind Harribel and punched out.

“So fast.”

Harribel eyes, subconsciously put her arms in front of her.


Harribel was directly drawn out, but in midair, one rolled and stood firm.

At this time, Tristan’s right foot kicked out the air.


A black Cero instantly ran through the space between the two and shot at Harribel.

Harribel took out the long sword, and the energy was saved in the hollow part of long sword, and then shot.


The energy collided together and exploded, and the surrounding sand and gravel fluttered.

“Speed ​​is increasing and Strength is increasing.”

Xia Yan picked up the eyes, and the speed after blur exceeded the normal state of himself and Espada #3 that were not using Resurrección.

Of course, there is still a big gap compared to Espada #3 after Resurrección.

But if I use the perfect Hōgyoku to help her completely blur, then she can compare the Resurrección state, that is, the Captain-level Strength.

That’s enough.

Xia Yan is very satisfied with this effect, looking at the remaining few people and saying: “Then you should be.”

Next, Xia Yan falsified for Kutsuzawa. He extracted the soul of the pocket watch and turned it into an arrow symbol on his left shoulder. Once activated, the left shoulder will be covered by the white armor, and the arrow symbol will become a pointer.

In this state, his Ability will continue to strengthen, you can get the Strength, Speed ​​and other Ability by turning the pointer direction.

After that, Xia Yan was smashed for Tsukishima Shūkurō. His gestation technique was a bookmark. UU read but did not fuse the body. Because there was no fusion body, he let him defeat the Hollow self.

Ginjō Kūgo’s hollow, because of the energy of Shinigami, so it is necessary to Quincy Reishi to curb the soul suicide, and Quincy Reiatsu, Xia Yan used to use Ishida Uryū’s Reishi to make a potion.

Therefore, after Xia Yan injected the medicine for Ginjō Kūgo, his hollow did not merge with the cross. Even if his completion medium, the cross is still his Zanpakuto.

Tsukishima and Ginjō Kūgo, originally have Captain-class combat power. After this hollowfication, it can be comparable to Espada #3.

Once you help Tsukishima and Ginjō Kūgo completely blur, you can even upgrade to a higher level to achieve super Captain level.

As long as you get the perfect Hōgyoku, you can get two super Captains and two Captains.

In addition, there are Espada’s that can continue to improve.

This will be a big force that will affect the battle of Millennium Blood War.

But at this moment, Xia Yan turned his eyes and shouted: “Who is this?”


Everyone looked at Xia Yan with some doubts. I saw a figure in the distance slowly appearing on the sand dunes, and the desire to destroy was revealed in the eyes.

“Why you?”

Xia Yan is somewhat puzzled. Was he not caught by Seireitei?

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