BSI Chapter 145 : Kiss

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Time passed, and two months passed in blink of an eye.

“Are you sure? you know your mistake?”

Xia Yan looks at Hinamori Momo in front of him, gently asked.

Hinamori Momo nodded and said: “Aizen is a criminal who defected from Seireitei. I should not protect him.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “That’s good, go on.”

Hinamori Momo stood up and walked outside, leaving the room.

Xia Yan doesn’t know if Hinamori Momo really realizes her mistake, but it can only be like this. He can’t kill Hinamori Momo or permanently close her.

Xia Yan only hopes that she will not make a crime at critical juncture, or Xia Yan will kill her.


Xia Yan changed to his casual clothes and left the division building. He came to the arch bridge outside the 2nd Division and waited quietly.

It didn’t take long for a figure to come to Xia Yan, a neat short hair, wearing a light purple dress, revealing a white calf.

“Soi Fon sister.”

Xia Yan looks at the opposite side and stretched out his hand.

Soi Fon put her hand into Xia Yan’s hand and they held hands to the nearby restaurant.

Today is the date of two people, the two will be together in the evening, eat together, go shopping together, and wait until the night falls, the two will separate.

Xia Yan has been in Dangai for sixty years, and has already had a height of 154cm, which is roughly equivalent to a 13-year-old boy.

His Reiatsu is relatively high, sixty years, and it is only two years old in Human World.

Thirteen years old, 154cm, this height is not low, 18 years old can grow up to about 180cm.

However, the height of 154cm is already higher than Soi Fon, satisfying the requirements of marriage.

“Let’s go, let’s go eat.”

Xia Yan and Soi Fon walked hand in hand and went to the food street. Before they went far, a voice rang. “Xia Yan, you are dating Soi Fon again.”

“Kyouraku Captain.”

Xia Yan looks at old man based Captain wearing a flower robe and quickly said hello.

“Kyouraku Captain.”

Soi Fon’s face was red and her body was slightly retreat, blocking the line of sight with Xia Yan’s half body.

“Let’s go, don’t bother you. However, Xia Yan, what emotional problems do you have, you can continue to consult me. ”

Kyouraku Shunsui has a flower path in the mouth and walks in the distance.

After he left, Soi Fon curiously asked: “Continue to consult? Have you consulted Kyouraku Captain before? ”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “The idea of ​​giving you flowers is from Kyouraku Captain.”

“So it is.”

Soi Fon smiled and hooked Xia Yan’s hand and said, “But I don’t like roses.”

“Do you not like it?”

Xia Yan has some unexpected sights at Soi Fon.

Soi Fon nodded and said, “I like lilies.”


Xia Yan looks at Soi Fon, laughing and asked: “But Lily and Soi Fon’s sister are very different in character.”

“Not the same?”

Soi Fon looked over her head and looked at Xia Yan. Xia Yan nodded and said: “Lily, it stands for simplicity, innocence, extraordinary, pure, and subtle. These seem to be different from Soi Fon’s sister.”

“What you mean is that I am not simple, not naive, very vulgar, not pure?”

Soi Fon angered looks at Xia Yan.

Xia Yan said quickly: “No, no, I just said that Soi Fon’s sister is independent, formidable, strong, beautiful, unyielding. Just like snow lotus, bloom in the winter, not afraid of the cold, can endure loneliness.”

Soi Fon heard this, smiled and said: “I have never seen snow lotus.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “When we get married, I take my sister to Human World, let’s travel and see flowers.”


Soi Fon thought of the scene at that time, the corner of the mouth showed a smile.

The two held hands and entered the restaurant. They asked for a box. They sat down cross-legged and then ordered some dishes.

Soi Fon took the initiative to clear the sake and said to Xia Yan: “If counts your time in Dangai. Now that you are 100 years old, you are already a grown-up, you can drink, so let’s drink together today, but don’t drink too much.”

Xia Yan remembered that he was an adult and said: “It turns out that I have grown up.”

After coming to this World, I have spent 120 years.

But everything is still like yesterday, and friends, lover, and peers are always in sight.

Soi Fon poured sake for Xia Yan, and the two raised their glasses, gently clinked the glasses, and then drank them.

The taste of sake is a touch of rice, and it is slightly sweet, with a low degree of only sixteen degrees.

However, although the degree is low, it is easy for people to get drunk.

Xia Yan and Soi Fon are not good at drinking. After drinking a bottle, they are already a little bit sloppy.

Soi Fon’s face is ruddy, her eyes are half open, she is drunk, and she is very awkward.

Xia Yan sat on tatami, the body leaned back, the boss hands held behind, squinting, the sight at Soi Fon’s drunk, the corner of mouth showed a smile.

Soi Fon noticed Xia Yan’s gaze and glanced at him. She asked, “What are you looking at?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “I see Soi Fon’s sister looks beautiful.”

Soi Fon coldly snorted, Xia Yan changed his position and straightened the both legs, but the square table was not big, and the legs were straight, and they touched Soi Fon foot.

Soi Fon is petite and has a small foot, only about 35.

Xia Yan’s foot are already 37, just covering Soi Fon foot and gently touching her.

Both of them wear only thin socks, and they can feel the temperature of each other’s foot through the socks, especially Soi Fon foot, which are soft but hot.

“What are you doing?”

Soi Fon squinted the look at Xia Yan.

Xia Yan was laughed and gently scratched Soi Fon foot with his toes. The latter immediately retracted her foot and said, “It’s too itchy.”

Xia Yan heard this and slowly climbed up and walked to Soi Fon.

“What are you doing?”

Soi Fon saw Xia Yan coming over and her face was a little nervous.

Xia Yan sat down beside Soi Fon, pulled over Soi Fon bosy, leaned down and sealed Soi Fon’s lips.


Soi Fon stared big eyes ,looks at Xia Yan’s close-knit face, the body is straight.

Soi Fon’s lips are thin, soft and have a wonderful touch. Xia Yan sucks her lips and kisses Soi Fon shallowly.

But Xia Yan is not satisfied with this. But sticks out his tongue and gets into Soi Fon’s lips, opens her teeth and touches her tongue.


Soi Fon body stiff and doesn’t know how to react, but with Xia Yan’s movement, she also sticks out her tongue.

The two men’s tongues are entangled, exchanged, and the tongue and teeth touch each other, feeling the wetness in each other’s mouth.

It was two people for the first time mouth-to-mouth kissing.

Xia Yan once kissed Soi Fon’s cheek, and Soi Fon also kissed Xia Yan’s cheek, but did not kiss each mouth.

This is the first kiss between the two, and because of the savings, the two men’s movements are bold and bold.

The two were kissing, and at this moment, Space vibrated and huge pressure came.

“What happened?”

The two separated their lips and ran to the window, opened the window and looked out.

They saw a huge black cavity in the air, more than 30 figures from the black cavity, they are more or less covered by white armor, exudes a formidable atmosphere.

In black cavity, there is also a one-eyed behemoth, and dozens of Menos Grande.

Xia Yan clearly saw the front of this group of people, Aizen and Ichimaru Gin are standing there.

Here we go.

Aizen finally launched an attack against Seireitei.

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