BSI Chapter 208 : Despair

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Hyōsube Ichibē look at Xia Yan, with a heavy look on his face, asked: “You copied my Ability?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “You will not be killed. Just call your name and you can resurrected, before I fight you, I put everything in my name. When I die, just call my name, I can resurrect and return to the state before the battle with you.”

Hyōsube Ichibē frowned and said: “But I erased your name and your name should be invalid.”

Xia Yan nodded, smiled and said: “What you erase is only my connection with the name, depriving me of my existence by depriving my name, but you can’t let the name disappear.”

Hyōsube Ichibē has erased Yhwach’s name, but he can still call out Yhwach’s name, and the object he refers to is still Yhwach.

As long as you have a name and the name refers to yourself, you can be resurrected.

Xia Yan permeated himself in the name before being erased, and was killed by Hyōsube Ichibē, and then used the name to return to the state before being deprived.

“Your Ability is very strong, you can let the opposite side lose the original ability by giving it a new name. So you can kill me, but only need the name to resurrect me, can you still kill me?” Xia Yan asked gently.

“Then I will not kill you, turn you into an ant, seal you here.”

Hyōsube Ichibē said coldly, and rushed toward Xia Yan again.

Xia Yan want to retired, a word appeared in front of the road, blocking his body shape.

“Useless, you can’t escape.”

Hyōsube Ichibē guarded coldly snorted, but the next moment, Xia Yan directly passed the Seal.


Hyōsube has changed his face and his seal has failed.

Xia Yan smiled slightly, and his right hand waved, an ink flying in the air, writing a word in the air, sealed.

“Look, I can do it too.” Xia Yan’s expression is full of drama.

“How is this possible, how can you use my Ability?”

Hyōsube Ichibē who can’t believe look at Xia Yan.

Xia Yan said: “When you cut my Zanpakuto, I read your Shikai information, so I created another one.”

“Your Shikai can erase all the names, at the same time every time Shikai, you can let you master the black of world, really a formidable Ability.”

Hyōsube Ichibē was once defeated by Yhwach in the sacred altar, but because of the word of the character, the Strength that he was taken away, returned to his side again.

Shikai can control the black in the whole world, but now, Xia Yan can do it.

Xia Yan looks at Hyōsube Ichibē said with a smile: “My Ability is a dream come true, as long as I think, can become a reality. Many thanks you, I really mastered my Ability.”

Xia Yan extended his right hand and said, “I will give you, blur.”

Along with Xia Yan’s words, the soul of Hyōsube Ichibē suddenly changed, and an invisible Strength invaded his body.

The soul is in a collapse, there is no potion to prevent the collapse of the unrestricted boundary, and he can’t control the blur.

But at this time, Hyōsube Ichibē brush, smashed himself to hollow word, and let him be exempted from being smothered.

“The reaction is very fast.”

Xia Yan looks at Hyōsube Ichibē said: “But this is just showing you strength. If you don’t have any means, I can only kill you.”

Xia Yan said that the thunder on his body surged again and merged into Xia Yan’s body.


Hyōsube Ichibē coldly snorted, grabbed his left hand forward, and a huge hand appeared, toward Xia Yan.

Xia Yan did not hide, and the right fist hit, hitting the giant hand.


The giant hand smashed directly, turned into countless Reishi, and fled.

But after the giant hand, a huge faucet appeared, aiming at Xia Yan.

“Ura Hadō: Sannodō — Teppūsatsu.”

The huge faucet instantly came to Xia Yan, opened his mouth and spit out a hurricane.

In the face of the hurricane, Xia Yan’s right hand was lightly touched, and a huge blue light appeared instantly, running through the hurricane and displacing the faucet.

At this time, Hyōsube Ichibē hurried high, and countless sticks fell.

“Bakudō #62, Hyapporankan.”

Countless beams of light are shot, and Xia Yan will be sealed.

But Hyapporankan has not touched Xia Yan, it is a little broken.

At this moment, one sounds, “Bakudō #99, second part, Bankin.”

At the moment when the sound was heard, the cloth strips entangled Xia Yan, and Xia Yan’s arm was slightly forced, and the cloth began to collapse.

“Second chant, Gochūtekkan.”

Numerous irons were inserted into Xia Yan, and Xia Yan’s figure was sealed.

“The Last chant, Million Seal.” [X-N: i have searching but not found the right name so anyone know? raw: 万曲,终禁太封]

The huge stone monument descended from the sky and fell on Xia Yan’s body.

Bakudō, who chant without chanting, directly sealed Xia Yan.

Followed by Hyōsube Ichibē appeared in front Xia Yan, and the white brush in his hand instantly cut Xia Yan, and then sang softly: “Oh Twilight, and everlasting darkness, come to me, come and have a drink, and once you do, your life will fade. The flowers will bloom along the road to hell. Where are the fish, let me paint them black, cut them into eight, and cook them well atop a flame of black, and then enjoy the meal. All that’s left are bones of white, make them a gravestone, and pay respect. May they never be reborn again, so that you won’t be sacrificed as food.”

Accompanied by Hyōsube Ichibē sound, the world turned black. The huge mausoleum appeared in midair and descended from the sky. Then countless tombstones emerged, and Xia Yan was drowned.

Xia Yan just broke away from Bakudō #99, he was covered in black and fell into the ground a little bit, turning into nothingness.

Then Hyōsube Ichibē body flashed, and the right-hand brush wrote two words in the air, “No Sound.”

Soi Fon saw Xia Yan disappear and just shouted Xia Yan’s name, but her voice could not be shouted out.

Hyōsube Ichibē said gently: “I broke one of his words with Ichimonji, at the same time, cut off his name, and then dissolved him without turning to the Tomb, and finally sealed your voice.”

After Ichimonji cutting off, Xia Yan could not use the ink, and after breaking the name, Xia Yan lost his name again. After writing No sound, Soi Fon and Aizen could not make a sound.

“Of course, this is just a temporary stop. His name is still in the hearts of everyone. There will always be people shouting out.”

Hyōsube Ichibē waved Zanpakuto, and all the blacks in the world had ink, even the black fish in the water, showing the ink.

Hyōsube Ichibē wrote the name with white brush, “Anonymous.”

When his font was left, the image of Xia Yan’s words in each person’s heart became anonymous.

Even if someone mentions Xia Yan, Xia Yan is just an anonymous name. No one can call the word Xia Yan.

Hyōsube Ichibē said: “As long as you don’t say these two words, he will never be able to resurrect, and he himself will be deprived of his name, and he will not be associated with any name. Now he is completely dead.”

When Soi Fon heard this, all the names of Xia Yan thought in her mind were replaced by Anonymous.

“Can’t remember the name, what is his name?”

Soi Fon knows the existence of Xia Yan, but she doesn’t know what he is called, not only him, but she can’t name him.

Unable to call out, Xia Yan could not be resurrected.

“This is over.”

Aizen frowned and thought a little regret, especially in the end, Xia Yan did not preemptive Attack, some too careless.

Xia Yan, who died as an anonymous name, could no longer be resurrected under the name of Xia Yan.

“You two, continue to fight, or you will be handcuffed, handed over to Seireitei, and detained.”

Hyōsube Ichibē look at the two, asked with a smile.

His words lifted the seal on the two and both of them could speak.

Aizen sighed and said, “I chose to surrender.”

Can’t see Soul King, can’t witness Xia Yan killing Soul King, Aizen has no idea of ​​resistance.

Especially after seeing Hyōsube Ichibē ability, I think that I am not his opponent.

Even if you have Hōgyoku, if you are not careful, you may be killed by Hyōsube Ichibē.

Soi Fon didn’t answer, and her body was soft, and she fell on the Omotesando, and the tears flowed out.

“How could it be dead? Anonymous, how could you die?”

Although Soi Fon is sad, the name shouted is still the name of Anonymous.

No one can call out his name, only the words of Anonymous.

But Anonymous in the impression of everyone also represents the meaning of people without names.

Therefore, Xia Yan will die as a person without a name.

But at this time, a voice rang behind Hyōsube Ichibē, “Who allowed you to change my name?”

Xia Yan’s figure slowly emerged behind Hyōsube Ichibē.


Hyōsube Ichibē turned and looked at Xia Yan, but the latter punched out and directly Hyōsube Ichibē chest.

The fist thunder blooms and directly blows Hyōsube Ichibē to a piece of debris.

“I know that you are not dead, but you still have a sense of the outside world, you can hear me.”

After Hyōsube Ichibē was killed, the presence of Kurosaki ichigo can still be reached, and dialogue can be used to reinforce the Strength.

Xia Yan said: “Sorry, I lied, my Ability is not the same as yours, I did not imagine your Ability. What I imagine is that I exist among me who imagine me.”

“You can only change the name so that everyone can’t call out my name, but you can’t change everyone’s thoughts. As long as others think of me and have an idea for me, I can resurrect.”

Xia Yan said slowly, and then the right hand filled the white handwriting, writing two words inside the body, Xia Yan.

At the moment when the font was formed, Xia Yan in everyone’s mind changed back to his name.

“Xia Yan.”

Soi Fon looks at Xia Yan in the distance, shouting loudly.

“Sorry, let Soi Fon’s sister cry.”

Xia Yan said with a smile, heading to Soi Fon, but at this moment, Soi Fon body was stiff, and the corner of the mouth showed a black blood, and he walked slowly, and finally fell to the ground.

Then, Soi Fon’s body became dark and his eyes slowly disappeared.

“A very powerful toxin can destroy the cells of the most foundation, causing human cells to collapse and dissolve.”

Not far away, a figure slowly appeared in front of Xia Yan, wearing a fisherman’s hat, wearing a deep green plug, wearing a wooden coffin, step by step.

“Kisuke Urahara?”

Xia Yan looks at Kisuke Urahara, slowly spit out four words.

“Sorry, I have to kill Soi Fon to contain you.”

Kisuke Urahara said softly, “I don’t know why you want to kill Soul King, because Soul King did not do his duty, so kill him. I don’t believe this reason. I guess you have your own selfishness and want to master power. But I think that even if you are selfish, you should love Soi Fon.”

Aizen said on the side: “As long as Soi Fon dies, Xia Yan will doubt that he is doing the right thing, and he will have countless ideas in his mind. For example, ‘Soi Fon is dead, why am I still alive?’ ‘I have worked hard and combined Hōgyoku. What is the use?’ ‘I am getting stronger and stronger, what is the use?’ ‘As long as Soi Fon can survive, I would rather die!’.”

Kisuke Urahara nodded and said: “Your Ability is a dream come true, and it is more formidable than Hōgyoku’s Strength, so when you generate ideas that Evolution is useless, you won’t be Evolution. When you have the idea of ​​dying, you will die. You are too strong, an idea can give birth to a new Ability, but you are too weak, as long as you let yourself think you are going to die, you will die.”

Aizen sighed and said: “In fact, I always understand that Soi Fon is your last weakness. Just kill Soi Fon and can kill you. I hinted at you, but you didn’t listen to me.”

Xia Yan looks at Kisuke Urahara and asks: “When did you have the idea of ​​killing me?”

Kisuke Urahara replied: “At Human World, when you found me three months ago, I made a deduction of your thoughts and thought you were too dangerous. At that time, I thought about the countermeasures. From the point of view of Hōgyoku’s does not die and extinguish, it was born that as long as you kill Soi Fon, you will stop the need and seal it.”

Xia Yan said: “When was the poison put in?”

Kisuke Urahara replied: “When you let me save Soi Fon against Askin. At that time, I didn’t know that you were going to kill Soul King, but also tried to believe in you, so put the poison that can be controlled in Soi Fon body. As long as you show dangerous ideas, I will kill Soi Fon. But Soi Fon feels very sensitive, so I can only use my Bankai to transform Soi Fon body.”

“It turns out that your Bankai is not just against Askin.”

Xia Yan nodded and asked: “But you heard my conversation later, I want to kill Soul King and replace him. At that time I have fallen, why didn’t you kill Soi Fon immediately?”

Kisuke Urahara said softly: “The reason I do this is that I am hoping for Yamamoto Head-Captain and Zero Division. I didn’t expect you to be so formidable and they are not your opponents.”

Xia Yan looks at Soi Fon body on the ground and said with a smile: “But obviously they have not restricted me.”

Kisuke Urahara said: “Yes, but now I hear my words, do you think that you shouldn’t come to Soul King Palace, you shouldn’t take Evolution, and everything you do is wrong, Soi Fon is dead, yourself What else is necessary to live?”

“When you have these ideas, you have lost.”

Kisuke Urahara said softly.

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