MR Chapter 77 : Outdoor Stores

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Jiang Hai really has no talent for naming. On this point, he himself admits that, almost the black Caucasus, he is called the little white, the blue-gray green wolf, the result is called little yellow but there is no yellow and white hair, but Jiang Hai was so stubbornly named it.

When it comes to horse and sand tiger sharks, it is obvious that he is more casual when he is named. The big horse, he called it Xiaoxia, this very shy shark, he called it Big Silly, also it’s Burke Dale around them who can’t understand Chinese, or else how many black lines are on their heads.

After sending the shark back to ocean and giving it instructions to help him guard his own fishery, Jiang Hai and Philemon and others all went back. In the car that went back, Jiang Hai still thought about it.

I used to watch the novels of the field, and the protagonists in the area will collect a lot of pets, dogs, wolves, and hawks. This is also a point of view in novels. Now it seems that I also look like have received a lot.

At the moment, the number may be a little worse, but four of them are a good start.

At the same time as self-affirmation in the heart, the car also came to warehouse, because it was just to get a shark relationship.

The sky was completely dark at this time, and it seems that the idea of ​​buying a jacket can only be pushed to tomorrow.

In the evening, Jiang Hai went to his home after eating a meal at Philemon home.

To be honest, after a day of work, he was very tired. He took a shower and slept in bed while playing for a while.

The life of Jiang Hai is really in house, some are independent, he does not have many friends, it is like this in China.

Except for those buddies, other high school students, college classmates and the like have almost no communication.

Especially after he got married, he didn’t know whether it was because of inferiority or what kind of psychological relationship. These friends, he had less contact, other friends, everywhere, colleagues, and classmates. However, Jiang Hai seems to have only a few good friends. After come to US, he seems to be more reluctant to make friends. Others are poor and no one asks in the downtown area. He has a distant relative in the mountains. He is good. Even if he is rich, there seems to be no distant relatives.

Other rich people, there are things that can’t be done every day, and they seems to be very busy every day, just like now, brushing his mobile phone, he goes to sleep, every day, it’s not like a twenty years young people, not to mention that they are in their twenties, even in their 60s and 70s, it is estimated that they are more diligent than him in this ageing world.

However, Jiang Hai does not care. He feels that life is also very good. Besides, he is not without friends. There are several domestic ones, and there are several foreign. While thinking about driving to buy clothes tomorrow, Jiang Hai entered a dreamland.

“This is his information? Did he really go to Boston?” In the snowy mountains of Boston, in all US at this time is also the same, but compared with Boston, the smog here is much heavier. After going out, the visibility is almost only a few meters. This is also the most troublesome problem in the past few years. The winter in the north is to heat from heating. The heating provides enough warmth and heat to the people. The pollution is extremely serious.

Some people say that this is related to more cars, yes, but in the summer, there are as many cars, but there are few smog.

In winter, this is the most important thing. In the northern region, more power is still being used to generate electricity and coal is burned for the heat.

This kind of thing, for the pollution of the atmosphere, is naturally extremely serious.

However, at this time in Qi Li’s office, it’s not bad, because there are two air purifiers in this office. In addition to her office, in other offices, there are quite a lot of them. The company’s air is much stronger than the outside.

Since the last fight, Qi Li sent people to check Jiang Hai’s situation.

It turned out that it was really like Jiang Hai and Fu Yuan said that Jiang Hai did sell hundreds of millions of dollars after selling a piece of diamond. Although Jiang Hai is also a rich man, after all, at home, relationships are more important than having money.

As long as Qi Li wanted to check, can be checked, then Jiang Hai really went to Boston, bought a manor, and lived in the manor all day long. The one that passed was called a comfortable, and the eyes of Qi Li had some redness.

“Boss, what do we do next?” Looking at Qi Li’s appearance, the female secretary wearing glasses around her could not help but whispered a little, she actually had some discomfort, after all, she was the most despised of Jiang Hai.

Now Jiang Hai suddenly, after a dog’s luck, suddenly rich, even pure money, he has more money than Qi Li family, which makes her quite unbalanced, by what this guy can you run the dog luck? envy, jealousy, hate, is the most obvious portrayal of this woman at this time, if she can, she wants to kidnap Jiang Hai.

“What to do? Cold salad, let’s do it first. He has such a good place to go. I also worry about it… I have to take a look at Yunyuan’s acquisition proposal…” The assistant looked at it, and Qi Li was not angry. Said, although her heart is also very unwilling, but what is the solution? Jiang Hai has already made clear the car and horse, he has no interest in her.

He doesn’t want to play with her anymore. Divorce is the only way out now in front of the two, but I don’t know if it is because of self-respect, or possessiveness. After getting the paper, Qi Li did not sign the name.

“Yes.” When she heard Qi Li’s words, the assistant nodded and turned and left the office. She also looked at Qi Li’s heart was not smooth, but her heart was no longer smooth. There was no way for Jiang Hai’s wings to be hard. Flying, she can no longer manage him.

No matter what Qi Li thinks, when Qi Li went back to rest on a busy day, for Jiang Hai was already the next morning.

The night before yesterday, the snow, but yesterday did not go down, but the violent sea breeze, still piled up the snow yesterday, all over the place, but fortunately just some small thin snow, outside the other frost, for Jiang Hai, it is not a thing.

Get up in the morning, let the two dogs go to the snow to sprinkle, and he took the broom and swept the snow.

After a simple run, I went to Mrs. Philemon house and had breakfast. Then he didn’t go back, but drove directly to the town. He didn’t forget, he’s going to buy leather clothes today.

His driver’s license has been upgraded before snowing. In fact, it is just a road test. Although Jiang Hai has not touched any cars before, but he still knows what is simple, he still knows. After all, his driver’s license is true tested down.

This time I had a driver’s license. At least Jiang Hai did not have any problem driving. The f650 of his was no longer a display. He took the car and Jiang Hai launched the engine to the distant town of Winthrop.

The number of American citizen is not small, there are more than 300 million, but the problem is that the land that is almost the same size as China, the population of 300 million is indeed a lot worse than the population of 1.3 billion, mainly reflected in the number of staff.

Like in the country, the snow on the main road outside the town, two days a day, is estimated to have been cleared, but in US, there is really no one to clean up, of course, the ground here, but also a simple treatment, but The snow is still quite a lot.

Jiang Hai was on the highway and it was very slow. The original half an hour’s drive, Jiang Hai had been open for more than an hour before he drove to Winthrop, the scenery was beautifully wrapped in silver so it’s not to be bored.

As the car drove into the town, a different feeling came on the way. On the road of the town, the snow on the main road was cleaned up, the lawn near the main road, the flower beds, and the houses. On the periphery, many children are playing snow here, or are making snowmen, or playing snowballs, so that Jiang Hai feels this different atmosphere.

“I really miss some time when I was young.” Looking at the scene outside through the window, Jiang Hai couldn’t help but smile a little and whispered.

All the way to see, not long after, Jiang Hai’s car, has been opened to the town where Bell said the outdoor store.

After stopping the car, Jiang Hai jumped from the car and walked into the store.

As soon as he walked in, Jiang Hai couldn’t help but see the outdoor store. It’s really selling outdoor products. It’s almost for outdoor use. It’s sold here, thick clothes, jackets, tents, pants, Shoes, helmets, telescopes, fishing rods, rubber boats, etc., even included, guns!

Yes, in the outdoor store in US, the things sold are really complete. As long as you think of it, there are almost all the sellers here, small to eat, biscuits, clothes, tents, assault boats. Even a variety of weapons, guns, bows, shackles, cold weapons, everything, as soon as he walked in, Jiang Hai could not help but swallow a sip, not feeling savvy.

“Hello, is there anything I can do for you?” At this time, a young man in his twenties, wearing the coat of the store, walked out of the back room and asked Jiang Hai with a smile.

“I want to buy some clothes.” Jiang Hai immediately said to him when he heard this person.

“Oh, that’s it. We have a lot of outdoor clothes here, and many of them are exclusive to US military. These heavy winter clothes are used by the soldiers in military. They are made of nylon fabric. Inside is the polyester filling…” Hearing Jiang Hai’s words, the clerk here also introduced to Jiang Hai, the cheapest clothing in the coat sold here, but it is very affordable. Thick, warm, and cheap, looking at Jiang Hai’s body, he thought Jiang Hai would choose this.

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