MR Chapter 29: Animal shelter

Translated by me, edited by Kai

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“Oh my god boss, this car is just too awesome. One step on the gas pedal and ….. I freaking love it! But boss, didn’t you say you were short on funds?” Driving this brand new Ford F750 around, Robins can only be said to be excited. Yes, excited. In fact, no matter who is driving this beast, they will all be excited. Jiang Hai doesn’t have his driver’s license yet, otherwise there is no way that Robins would be the one currently driving.

“There is no problem. This amount of spending can only be said to be spare change.” Jiang Hai said happily.

Yup, what Jiang Hai bought is the Ford F750. Normally the biggest pickup available on market in China is the F650 with a base price tag of 3,000,000 yuan. It is already big enough to be awe-inspiring. However in America, the bigger 750 already existed. The starting price of the 650 here is $35,000 while the 750 is at $48,000.

After inquiring about the prices, Jiang Hai paid the asking price without any haggling or hesitation. Swipe the card and pick up the cars. Furthermore with just this time alone, he paid for 3 trucks. 2 F750 and 1 F650. The 2 750 is for the farm while the 650 is for him to fool around with when he gets his license upgraded.

These car’s prices can be considered to be pretty cheap. Compared to those supercars that easily cost a few million and on, these $500,000 pickups can only be said to be a bargain. After paying for these trucks, Jiang Hai drove off with one on the spot. The other 2 alone with Robins’ old pickup will of course be delivered back to the estate by Durufle.

Along the way, Jiang Hai experienced first hand the feeling of being superior than everyone else. If he says he wasn’t excited then he really is a retard. Of course the one most excited here is Robins; who is driving this beast. Their original plan was to buy the trucks first then go adopt some dogs. Generally there are a very few places which straight up sell dogs in America; especially for likes of cattle dogs. Usually people try to request them from others. If they are rejected, then will adopt some stray dogs under the condition that they are smart enough.

However now with their new car, their plans changed. After a special round trip around the town to satisfy their cravings, they reluctantly drove to the town’s animal shelter. When this black beast arrived in front of the animal shelter, all the dogs inside started to bark non stop. This is also the first time a beast of this size appeared in the town. When the workers inside heard the dog’s bark, they all walked out to see what the cause is and what appeared infront of them is this monstrous beast.

*Peng* *Peng* Out came Jiang Hai and Robins as they jumped down. This car is seriously big and tall. The footstep to the ground has a distance of almost a meter. But this does not trouble Jiang Hai and Robins at all as they landed on the ground.

“Hi there, how may I help you?” A nervous girl came over and said, baffled.

Although she doesn’t understand cars, but seeing the car in front of her, her instincts tell her this car is very expensive. That also means these two are definitely rich. But as to why these rich people are here, she has no clue.

“Um, it’s like this. I’m the new owner of the Green Forest, and I’m thinking of raising some cows. So I am currently in need of some cattle dogs, which is why I am here to see if there are any here.” Jiang Hai happily explained.

The girl in front of him is around 5’3. Caucasian, a bit chubby with some freckles.

“Oh, so it’s like this, follow me.” Hearing Jiang Hai is here to adopt pets, although having already guessed their intentions, the girl still smiled.

In these shelters, there are no workers, but only volunteers. It can be said most of the people who work here are all compassionate. What they really want to see is the animals here be adopted by families. Especially rich families like Jiang Hai’s.

“Sorry for the inconvenience.” Jiang Hai muttered before following the girl in.

As soon as they entered the shelter, Jiang Hai is astonished by it’s size. This shelter is really … big. There are many different species here. Not only do they house pet cats and dogs, but also other types as well. In America there really isn’t any nature conservation act. As long as you have the money then you can buy (adopt) what you want. The most famous of which is Mike Tyson’s tigers. As long as what you raise doesn’t hurt people then go ahead, this is also why there are all kinds of pets in America.

Not only is there is normal cats, dogs, fish, birds, hamsters. The unconventional spiders, lizards, snakes, turtles, martens, rabbits and so on. There are also some real predators. Such as the golden eagle that is staring directly at him as soon as he entered the shelter. Behind it is even more hawks, eagles, falcons and other small sized predators.

Apart from these predators, there is also a bunch of snakes in the opposite room. Species such as the golden python and the likes are pretty common. There is also some rare poisonous snakes, like the black mamba, king cobra and so on, here as well. Due to them entering, these beasts all raised their heads and hissed at him from their cages.

“You guys really have quite a selection here.” Jiang Hai exclaimed excitingly. He doesn’t have many hobbies, but the raising pets is definitely one of them. Especially when it comes to raising predators, no men will say no to them. Sadly the chinese government restricts you from raising them, but now that he is in America, he really wants to try it. Seeing all these animals, he is already making plans for them.

“Yup, you just came to America didn’t you? We have pets of all kinds here. The ones here are just the small ones. All the big ones are in the back.” The girl said nonchalantly.

Because the American government allows unrestrained raising of pets, there are all kinds of pets in America. But there are always some morons out there who will do everything half heartedly. When they start to raise their pets, they will say they will raise them properly and so and so. But not long after, they will get annoyed with all the this.

Under normal conditions there are two ways to solve this. One is to kill it. This tends to bring in some compensation in China since you can just sell them to stores that specialize in these things, but is very rare in America. The second option would be to just throw them away, which is the option most Americans take. But there is also some policies in place such that these thrown away pets don’t end up as stray animals who will cause some pandemic or something.

After passing the migrant birds, snakes, lizards, frogs, hamsters, cat, small and medium sized dogs, they finally arrived at the back of the shelter. Here is where all the big animals are sheltered, but the first thing that appeared in front of Jiang Hai is a freaking bear.

*roar* Sensing the arrival of outsiders, this beast who was originally lying down inside of it’s cage suddenly stood up and roared. Seeing this more than 2 meter tall intimidating beast, even Robins began to back away. Yet due to the tattoo on him, Jiang Hai treated these animal’s intimidation as nothing. Instead, it led Jiang Hai to examine this bear even more closely. Only to find it missing an eye and bear multiple scars.

“Paul, down! He is a tragic grizzly from Colorado. He was raised up by people since he was a cub. Sadly his previous owner is really a good-for-nothing. The missing eye and all those scars are all caused by them. When we found him, he was on the verge of death, but he at least is alive now. However apart from us, he has a grudge against all other humans.” noticing Jiang Hai’s interest, the girl explained as she hit the cage. Sure enough, the bear listened to her and lied down again, resuming its previous calmness.

Hearing her explanation, Jiang Hai nodded, but didn’t say anything and continued forward. He discovered that this area for large beasts is more like a small zoo than anything else. Apart from the grizzly at the front door, there are also leopards, jaguars, black bears, river boas, and even crocodiles. According to the girl, most of the animals here are not from the Boston area. Rather they mostly came from New York.

He can’t help but acknowledge the fact that rich people are sometimes really abnormal. But honestly, Jiang Hai can also be considered a rich person. Thus, when he saw these animals, he also had thoughts of wanting to raise some. Thinking up to here, Jiang Hai shook his head and put this matter behind him, since this is not the main reason why he is here.

After following the girl to the very back of the shelter, they arrived at the section where all the big hounds are kept. The reason why these dogs are placed behind those predators is because of their sheer volume. As soon as Jiang Hai entered, all those hounds stood up in their cages and stared unwaveringly at the group. From the looks of things, these dogs aren’t as friendly as you might think.

When the girl entered a particular room, she said “All the dogs here were all cattle dogs or sheep dogs previously. They were all sent here because either their owner died or because they couldn’t be supported anymore. Therefore they don’t have grudges against humans. They are pretty easy to handle and all had some training before. You guys can take a look and once you have finished selecting, we can begin the adoption process.”

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