MR Chapter 78 : Leather Clothing

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Indeed, before coming, Jiang Hai really considered this kind of clothes because it was really warm. Yesterday he looked at the clothes that Bell wore, and he really envied it, but after he came here, he found this clothes turned out to be the cheapest ones, and Jiang Hai had some who didn’t want to buy it, although he didn’t like to compare.

But what he said now is also a rich man. If the clothes sold here are like this, then he bought it and bought it, but he clearly saw it better, which made him reluctant to buy it again.

“I want to be better.” Waving and interrupting the young man, Jiang Hai continued to say to him.

“Better? Look at it here…” Hearing what Jiang Hai said, the young man stunned, and then the smile on his face was even stronger. He came to the counter next to him with Jiang Hai and began to introduce this side clothes.

There are only three types of clothes that are basically cold-proof. The polyester and cotton mentioned above are of a grade. The better are down, the down jackets are different, so the price is different.

In fact, people who don’t understand down, feel that this is not the hair of ducks and big goose? In fact, there are many kinds of velvet. In general, goose down is better than duck down, and the goose down that can be bought on the market is basically goose feathers, that is, the feathers of goose are cut off on both sides. The stalk is removed, and the fine hair thus formed the velvet inside the down jacket.

However, this kind of velvet is actually not very good. The real good velvet is the layer of fine hair that the goose is close to.

When Jiang Hai was in China, he once heard Xu Wei say that Xu Wei’s relative is a rural one who specializes in raising geese. This kind of hair, when it was late autumn, there were foreign merchants who went to the village to collect it.

It is sold by two, one or two of these goose down, two or three hundred dollars are considered to be less, do not think expensive, you must know that this kind of cashmere, ten big goose, do not necessarily receive the three or two, and this goose down filled down jackets, only a few two, will be very warm.

And such a down jacket, if you go out to sell, one does not sell a six or seven thousand, even if he is soft.

Even good to sell to tens of thousands, compared with the mink.

Of course, the people of US can not pay attention to these, their down jacket here, that is the kind of hair stalks, selling is not cheap, a down jacket, pretty, almost have to sell about three hundred dollars, this It is equivalent to the existence of two thousand soft sister coins.

Jiang Hai glanced at the down jacket, and he couldn’t help but grin. To be honest, he felt that the price of buying a down jacket was not worth it.

It may be that Jiang Hai is not very satisfied with this. The young people here can’t help but smile.

“It’s better than a down jacket, then it’s only leather clothes! But this thing, there are cheap and expensive.” Looking at Jiang Hai, people here can’t help but say, but Jiang Hai listened to him, but he came to interest.

“Where?” Looked around and found that although the store is not small, it does not have a place for leather.

“In the back, I will give you out. You don’t know, the people of the Animal Protection Association are the most annoying. The country allows us to sell, but these guys come over and find two in three days and have to put these things inside.” Hearing Jiang Hai’s words, the young man walked in and said helplessly. Hearing his words, Jiang Hai suddenly remembered dog-loving person.

“Don’t you say, don’t you sell leather clothes now?” Jiang Hai couldn’t help but ask curiously as he followed him.

“I don’t want to sell wolf skin, bear skin, other buckskin, suede, rabbit skin, fox skin or let it sell. I don’t have a suede here. You are going to big mall, it sells there. It is also more expensive. Now, there is no 3,000 USD in the leather garments. It is impossible to come down.” Seeing Jiang Hai looked interested, the young people here also introduced with Jiang Hai.

Although there are 300 million people in US, it is also widely populated, and the protection of wild animals is very strong. Therefore, there are many animals in US, all of which are disaster-prone, such as the most famous deer. Not only in the Canadian deer disaster, but also allowed to kill, the same is true in US, because people in Europe and United States, almost do not eat wild animals, unlike the domestic, wild animal is a rare treasure, but in Europe and United States, people here think that the meat on wild animals is too chopped, that is, it is too thin, and the taste is not good. At the same time, there is no way to taste the wild smell, and the taste is not as good as domestic animals.

And the most important thing is that these wild animals are likely to have parasites. If they can’t kill, it will be troublesome if they eat, but it is fatal, so in US, more than 98% People do not eat wild animals.

In addition to some wild fans, sometimes they don’t eat these. The wild rabbits and wild deer are better to kill and not eat, but the meat and internal organs are not eaten, but the skin can be peeled off and made into leather.

However, there is no way to sell this thing clearly, because the people of Animal Protection Association will kill the government.

It is precisely because of the association’s hegemony, so in addition to some foreign luxury stores that sell fur, no store in the country will have a fur to sell, even if it is sold. It is artificial fur, which is much cheaper than real.

If it weren’t for looking at Jiang Hai oriental look, maybe the clerk wouldn’t give him these leather clothes.

Soon after the clerk entered the warehouse, he took out a lot of leather clothes.

The style of these leather garments is very simple. It is not like the variety of domestic, there are not so many tricks, and there are not so many styles. The only thing that makes Jiang Hai unexpected is that these leathers are really thick, and in domestic leather garments, pulling some, the original ten centimeters of leather, to you to pull 20 centimeters, or even 30 centimeters, and the leather here, one centimeter is one centimeter, Jiang Hai picked up one piece at random, blew it, this is when his mother is still alive, teach him how to distinguish the leather clothes, blow it, if the bottom is out, then it is not a good leather, it is too much, if it is not exposed, it is not bad.

The result of this blow, let alone the bottom of the leak, Jiang Hai looked at the past, dense and full of hair, it is really real.

“The leather clothing in our store has no fancy. The only advantage is that it is thick and cheap. These pieces are buckskin, the numbers are different, the price is different, the trumpet is 400 USD, the extra large 600 USD I think you can wear medium-sized ones… These are fox skins, cheaper, 200 USD, rabbits are cheaper, about 100 USD …” Listening to the introduction of this person, Jiang Hai can not help but grin, 100-200 USD, he is better to buy down jackets, the only look at some deerskin coats, looks just like the woolen coat, not Jiang Hai like.

So he always picked it up and down in the leather clothes that the man had taken out, but he picked it for a while, and suddenly his eyes lit up. In his sight, there was a coat that appeared in front of him. Some of the buckskins are also yellow, but the hair is longer than the buckskin, giving Jiang Hai a very rough feeling.

When I saw this coat, Jiang Hai couldn’t help but take the clothes up and saw Jiang Hai’s movements. The young man who was still talking about this was also surprised and opened his mouth. He didn’t pay attention to how to take this dress out.

“What is this skin?” Looking at the young man, Jiang Hai said with a curious look, through the touch of his hand, Jiang Hai felt that this piece of leather is much heavier than the deer skin, although the style is almost No, but it gives people an unusually heavy feeling.

“This is, mountain lion skin, to be honest, this is really not allowed to sell.” Looking at Jiang Hai listening to the word of the mountain lion, his eyes lit up, the young clerk shrugged helplessly, this the only mountain lion appeared in Winthrop at the beginning of this year. Two people were injured. After being shot by the police station in town, the town government wanted to sell the leather and subsidize the government subsidy. Such a thing is not uncommon in the small town in United States. It was originally a good buyer, but this thing was taken by a female policeman in the town and went to Animal Protection Association. There is no way for the town to sell it.

In the end, it could only be admitted to this store. It have been unconscious for a year, and this has not been sold.

“Since it is for sale, sell it to me. I am still very interested in this skin.” With leather clothes, Jiang Hai tried it, not to mention that it was a little bigger, but in general it was not bad. The main thing is that Jiang Hai likes this thing.

“Selling you can also be done. After all, this thing was originally intended to be sold, but the first thing to say is that it is not cheap. Secondly, if ‘they’ find it because of this thing, it will be irrelevant to us.” To Jiang Hai’s words, the ordinary clerk on the side of US has nothing to worry about, and it is very troublesome to put it here.

Since Jiang Hai is not short of money and wants to buy it, he will sell it directly to him.

“No problem, I don’t have to ask first. If I wear this thing, the police won’t catch me.” I thought about it. If I wear a tiger skin or a lion’s skin on the street, But I will really be invited to drink coffee. It will not be the case in US, so he should consider buying it or not.

“Do not worry about this. In the inside of your clothes, there are numbers on the sewed trademarks. It is the number that the government is allowed to sell. The police will not care about you. The only thing you need to worry about is the Animal Protection Association. That’s all.” Shrugging, the young clerk said it, and when he heard him, Jiang Hai was relieved. This coat of mountain lion skin, one piece is 2000 USD, but Jiang Hai is still very happy to buy, in addition, he bought a large skin of deer skin, a set of down jackets, a set of military polyester clothes, pants and shoes, together with a lot.

“How do you sell this thing?” After confirming the clothes, Jiang Hai’s hand pointed to the bow hanging on the wall.

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  1. Yeah, you need to give this up my man. No amount of editing can fix this catastrophe. I’m truly sorry about how mean I’m being and I appreciate the fact your trying to translate this for people to read but reading this just melts the brain. And yeah an good editor could spruce it up but it would be a huge undertaking to do it. Even though your translating it the editor would be doing to much work to try and get this to a readable state in which the person reading it doesn’t feel like they’re having a seizure or a stroke.

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