BSI Chapter 60 : Metastacia

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Xia Yan followed the supervisor and left Seireitei. The direction was in the direction of South Rukongai. Xia Yan stopped and said: “I will go by myself, you go back.”


The supervisor turned and left.

Xia Yan asked him to go back. One reason was that the opposite side came back when Shiba Kaien left Seireitei, only knowing the direction, not knowing the destination, with little effect. Another reason is that Aizen should be on the spot, so if you find yourself preparing in advance, you are likely to be suspicious of yourself.

My current purpose is to pretend to be the first time I used to, and accidentally encountered their battle.

Xia Yan thought of this, began to feel the Reiatsu of Shiba Kaien, the battle has not yet begun, there is no formidable Reiatsu.

But after a certain distance, when I ran to the four districts, there was a fuzzy Reiatsu in the distance, which was not strong enough but could be detected.

The distance is a bit far.

Xia Yan directly used the Shunko, speed suddenly soared, and instantly pulled into the distance.


Xia Yan felt that the Reiatsu was in front, and he rushed forward again and entered a cave.

He saw at the entrance to the cave, a medium-sized squat was there, burly, six feet on the ground, and the back and neck were tentacle-like hair.

This is Metastacia.

At this time, Metastacia, who is fighting a woman, she has already had blood on her body, and she is very embarrassed. It is Shiba Miyako.

Except for the two, the rest is the body on land.

Xia Yan just appeared, bothering the two men’s battle, Metastacia gave a slight glimpse, gave Shiba Miyako a chance, the latter opened the distance, standing not far away, looks at Xia Yan, said: “Xia Yan, fast Go, Metastacia can invalidate Zanpakuto.”

Shiba Miyako knows Xia Yan, and she also knows that his relationship with his husband is very good. She is seen and subconsciously wants him to leave.

Xia Yan heard this and asked: “Let Zanpakuto be invalidated?”

Metastacia heard this and said: “Yes, I can invalidate Zapnakuto, you liberate Zanpakuto.”

When he heard this, my heart was laughing. If you said this, let me not liberate Zanpakuto.

Because Metastacia has two Ability, the first Ability is a fusion phagocytic, you can enter the Spiritual Body and control the body of the opposite side.

The second Ability is to invalidate Zanpakuto. This invalidation is limited because Zanpakuto will only be invalidated if it touches his arm for the first time every day.

Original work Shiba Kaien was met in the second day of Metastacia, his Zanpakuto was invalid after Metastacia explained his Ability, Metastacia entered the body of Shiba Kaien, then Jūshirō Ukitake want to shoot but vomit blood and fight, he can only give it to Rukia.

Xia Yan knows that it can’t invalidate his Zanpakuto, but he can’t know it.

So Xia Yan said: “Even if Zanpakuto can’t Shikai, I can still deal with you.”

Leaving this sentence, Xia Yan right hand and the boss legs burst into a thunder and flowed through the body.


“What is this move? No matter what, kill you first. ”

Both Metastacia and Shiba Miyako have some surprises, but the former does not care, as long as they do not use Zanpakuto, there will be no accidents.

Most of Shinigami combat power is based on the Ability on Zanpakuto. Most of Shinigami only has the intermediate Kido, which is not too powerful for the medium-sized Hollow.

Metastacia rushed toward Xia Yan, but Xia Yan figure disappeared.


Metastacia was on the spot, looking for Xia Yan trace, but only an instant, bang, a long sword stabbed his neck.

With most of Shinigami flesh Strength, it is difficult to break the surface of Metastacia, after Shiba Kaien lost Zanpakuto, not at all his opponent.

But Xia Yan is different, Thunder Attribute Kido energy is rich in his great Strength.

Just a sword, he stabbed the neck of Metastacia.

But this sword is not deep, because the moment of being stabbed, Metastacia hair swept away toward Xia Yan.

Xia Yan can only take out a long sword, his body shape disappears, appears on the side of his body, and the long sword passes.


One of the arms of Metastacia was cut down, his body swayed and his hair hit again.

Xia Yan figure disappeared again.

With the speed of Metastacia, he couldn’t keep up with Xia Yan.

But he didn’t have a solution, but bit his teeth and rushed toward Shiba Miyako.

Since it can’t be beaten, enter the body of Shiba Miyako and control this woman.

It seems that these two people will know each other and will inevitably have scruples. Although the combat power will decline, he can only do so.

Metastacia suddenly narrowed and rushed toward Shiba Miyako.

But when he was about to touch Shiba Miyako, there was a strong blow behind him, “Give me back.”

He saw that Xia Yan left hand grabbed one of the legs of Metastacia, and the thunder was glittering and pulled it back directly.

“God damn it!”

Metastacia hair swept away toward Xia Yan, and instantly drowned Xia Yan.

“Xia Yan.”

Shiba Miyako shouted and rushed toward Metastacia, and the sword in her hand stabbed the face of Metastacia.

However, before she stabbed, a blue light rose, and Metastacia back burst, and all the hair was broken.

Then Xia Yan appeared on the back of Metastacia, and the Zanpakuto in his hand was wrapped in the blue light.


This is Xia Yan mimicry, but unlike Hokage move, instead of using a Thunder to condense the blade, it uses a high-density thunder to cover the long sword and increase its power.


The long sword cut Meta Stasisia directly into two halves from the middle.


Metastacia made a roar and fell to the ground.

Xia Yan took back the long sword and came to Shiba Miyako, and asked: “Shiba sister, are you okay?”

Shiba Miyako was relieved. Look at Xia Yan, curiously asked: “Xia Yan, how come you suddenly appear here?”

Xia Yan scratched his head and said: “I was born in the South Rukongai. I wanted to go back and see who knows the Reiatsu here is fuzzy, so I came over.”

Shiba Miyako nodded and said: “It turns out that, without you, I am afraid I will die here.”

Shiba Miyako thinks about what might happen, and feels chilling, thanks to the help of Xia Yan.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Where, I don’t think I can, without me, Shiba sister can also be saved.”

Shiba Miyako all looks at the body on the ground and said, “Just my teammates are all dead.”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “Then I will not go to Rukongai today, and I will go back to report this matter with Shiba’s sister, and the vanity of Zanpakuto can be invalidated.”

The main thing is to get out of here quickly, Aizen is not sure where.

“You’re right.”

Shiba Miyako thought of this festival and left here quickly with Xia Yan.


“Oh, it’s a pity not to be killed.”

Over the sky, there are two figures wearing black cloaks, one of which is Ichimaru Gin, who is lying there and smiling.

Ichimaru Gin and Aizen stayed in the sky above Metastacia, but neither Xia Yan nor Shiba Miyako could detect the existence of both of them.

The reason is that the black cloak on them, copying the black cloak developed by Kisuke Urahara, made of special materials, can completely let the Reiatsu disappear, at the same time, the Kido is applied to the back, which can cover the figure, even if it is Captain Expert, can’t find them either.

Shiba Isshin was sneaked behind by Aizen with this style, and finally fell into a fierce battle with the white.

Aizen raised an eyebrow and said, “I didn’t expect that little guy would pass by.”

Ichimaru Gin smiled and said: “He is really strong. He did not use Zanpakuto to reach this Strength. You said that he is already a Captain Expert, I think so too.”

Aizen nodded and said, “Yes, his Strength is strong and has more potential than Hitsugaya.”

Ichimaru Gin asked curiously: “Would you like to kill him? He failed the test of Captain Aizen and I can shoot if needed. ”

Said, Ichimaru Gin licked his lips, a pair of fighting intent.

“You can’t stand the right prey.”

Aizen shook his head and said: “Without killing him, Metastacia has invalidated Shiba’s Zanpakuto. The trial was successful, and the battle with Xia Yan, let me see its weak point, the melee is too weak, the reaction speed is too slow. To Metastacia blessing, I have a new idea. ”

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