BSI Chapter 184 : Quincy War

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The sky was filled with gray lead clouds, and the air was filled with a depressing taste. Near the bipolar hills, the dense Shinigami gathered.

Among these Shinigami, there are Captain such as Kyouraku Shunsui, Kuchiki Byakuya, and Vice-Captain, such as Matsumoto Rangiku and Kira Izuru.

In addition, there are Shinigami, who is ranked in the seat, Ikkaku, Sakagawa, and Kuchiki Rukia.

All the added Shinigami, about 60 or so.

In addition to Shinigami, there are more than 100 from criminals unit in the dark, hidden in the dark.

“All personnel are ready to open Garganta.”

Chōjirō Sasakibe’s voice sounded, and along with his words, Kurotsuchi Mayuri stepped forward and opened an experimental device.


The Space in front of it cracked open to form a huge oval black Space.

“Start the action.”

The sound of Yamamoto Genryuusai came, and the first one entered the black chamber and walked forward.

Every time he took a step, there was a road formed by Reishi at his feet. The road was huge enough to accommodate four cars.

This is the level of Shinigami peak Reiatsu of Yamamoto Genryuusai.

The people behind, marching on the spiritual path left by Yamamoto Genryuusai, marching in the black chamber.

It didn’t take long for a hole in front to appear, and all the Shinigami crossed the hole and reached Hueco Mundo.

In front of everyone, it is the huge Las Noches, magnificent.

“Has it been fixed?”

The huge palace in front of Mayuri look at the monitor he placed in Grimmjow eyes, the last scene he saw was Las Noches shattered.

Yamamoto Genryuusai whispered: “Gotei 13th Captain is on the front.”

Along with the words of Yamamoto Genryuusai, all the thirteen Captains of Gotei 13th, all jumped out, with Yamamoto Genryuusai as the stars, arranged in rows, standing in the forefront.

Counting Yamamoto Genryuusai, there are a total of twelve Captains.

There is only one person absent. Ichimaru Gin’s figure appeared in the position of Captain and the location of Captain.

Ichimaru Gin No one knows about killing the three seats of 5th Division, plus he lurked around Aizen and sentenced him to four years in prison.

It’s been two years now, and it’s released in advance to fight Quincy.

Chōjirō Sasakibe shouted: “All Vice-Captain level Shinigami, back thousands of miles, waiting for the Captain-level Shinigami to fight against the remaining Quincy.”

Chōjirō Sasakibe and other Vice-Captain, fly retreat, pull a distance and wait quietly.

In addition, the Ikkaku and Yumichika are also among them. Their two strengths, even in Vice-Captain, count as Expert.

Then an old man shouted: “All Shinigami, who is in the seat, is in my behind, responsible for clearing the ordinary Quincy.”

The name of the old man is called Okikiba Genshirō, which is the three seats of 1st Division.

Under his leadership, Kuchiki Rukia, Togakushi Rikū, Gori Taketsuna, Katakura Asuka and so on nearly 40 Shinigami came to the distance and waited quietly.

In addition, 100 criminal warfare squads slowly disappeared.

The criminal warfare team was equipped with bombs. At the same time, each team selected three of them to practice a Kido at the suggestion of Xia Yan.

Kyokkō, Fushibi, Shakkahō.

Among them, Kyokkō can cover the body shape and increase the mobility of the team.

Being targeted by the criminal squad, even if it is Vice-Captain series Expert, it is difficult to retreat.

When the 3rd seat is assembled, the front door of Las Noches opens, and the first appears to be an ordinary Quincy with an array of black masks.

After they came out of the gate of Las Noches, several figures flew out.

These figures, beautiful girls, old Man with floating legs in the air, long gloomy men, young people with cocks, and burly strong men.

These figures are as many as sixteen.

When these people came out, they let them go. They walked out of a middle-aged man with a black robe next to him, followed by seven people.

These seven people, aristocratic men, black men with huge guns, strong Spartan warriors, men with some lazy look, are covered in robes, and one with The evil-smiling teenager, in addition to Ishida Uryū.

Together with Yhwach, they have a total of 20 people, which is the core of Quincy.

After Yhwach appeared, he closed his eyes and pointed in the direction of Yamamoto Genryuusai. “Yamamoto Shigekuni, I didn’t expect you to choose to attack in advance.”

When Quincy declare the war, Driscoll did not come back, Yhwach guessed that the star medallion may be cracked.

Yamamoto Genryuusai coldly said: “This time, you won’t be allowed to live any more, I will kill all of you.”

When Yhwach heard this, he laughed and said: “Yamamoto Shigekuni, are you misunderstood? Do you really think that we are as weak as we were a thousand years ago?”

Yhwach sneered and said: “We are observing you all the time in the millennium, observing your every move and observing your growth. Do you think that without a bit of control, will we fight with your Seireitei?”

Yamamoto Genryuusai coldly snorted said: “What do you mean by grasping Bankai? Now you can try it, if you can still take our Bankai.”

“It seems that you have cracked the star medallion.”

Yhwach said with a smile: “However, this is just a preparation. There is no solution, and it does not affect anything. But if you think that our Strength is just that, then it is wrong. All of Sternritter listened and showed them your Strength.”

Accompanied by Yhwach’s words, the Quincy behind him jumped out and rushed to Shinigami in front of them.

All Captain and Vice-Captain jumped out and met their opponents.

Yamamoto Genryuusai looks at Yhwach standing in the distance, coldly asks: “Yhwach, don’t you shoot?”

Yhwach waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, always order some appetizers before the big meal. Or is it that Yamamoto is so heavy that you feel that your subordinates are too weak to beat my Knights?”

Yamamoto Genryuusai coldly snorted, said: “I believe in my men.”

Yhwach smiled and said: “Let’s stand here and watch a grand show.”

“Why? Going back to Quincy organization, but not planning to fight?”

Yamamoto Genryuusai looked at Yhwach, and Ishida Uryū stood beside Yhwach and had no plans to shoot.

Ishida Uryū pushed the glasses and said, “I just listened to the orders of Yhwach-sama.”

“Of course he can’t shoot.”

Yhwach smiled and said: “He was the one I chose, the next emperor of Wandenreich, how can the emperor fight in person?”


Yamamoto Genryuusai said: “From today, Wandenreich will disappear completely.”

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