BSI Chapter 152 : Helping hand

Edited: XiaXue

After the second Resurrección, Ulquiorra exudes a terrifying Reiatsu, and the repressed atmosphere brought a chill to Soi Fon.


Ulquiorra appeared beside Soi Fon, his arms crossed, his sharp nails crossed, and Soi Fon’s back shot a bloody flower.

“So fast.”

Soi Fon tried to pull back the distance, but at the next moment, Ulquiorra’s both hands appeared a blue long spear, Ulquiorra both hands threw it at Soi Fon.


The violent explosion sounded, and the huge explosion shrouded all the surrounding areas. When the light disappeared, the nearby hills disappeared, and Soi Fon tried to escape, but she was also bombed.

“It’s a big power, but you seem to be biased.”

Soi Fon got up from the ground, her back was filled with bloodshot, she looked at the small disappearing mountains behind her, and the eyes were a little surprised.

Even if Soi Fon doesn’t move, Ulquiorra’s long spear won’t hit Soi Fon. Of course, if Soi Fon doesn’t really move, Soi Fon can be seriously injured by the aftermath.

“The Lanza del Relámpago is a technique that re-emerges after Reishi has shaped, more concentrated than Cero’s power, but not well controlled.”

Ulquiorra looks at Soi Fon and said: “However, if you only have this level, I will kill you. So use your Zanpakuto. ”

“You’re right.”

Soi Fon sighed and pulled out her Zapnakuto and shouted: “Bankai, Jakuhō Raikōben.”

With the words of Soi Fon, her Zanpakuto became a huge missile, shaking it towards Ulquiorra.

“What is this?”

Ulquiorra is a bit curious.

But then the missile fired and flew to Ulquiorra.

After possessing the steel skin, Soi Fon does not need to use the silver strip, and only uses the Strength of the flesh to resist the recoil of the shell.

Ulquiorra didn’t dare to squat, flying behind’s back, at the same time the hands blocked the front.


A more violent explosion rang, Ulquiorra flew behind, still being shattered by a huge explosion.


The gravel fell and the smog filled.

“A big explosion, is this the direction of Soi Fon’s battle?” In the distance, Kyouraku Shunsui felt the vibration on the ground, and his face was a little surprised.

But at this time, a Cero flashed, Kyouraku Shunsui quickly evaded, a voice sounded, “When fighting me, can you please do not distract your attention?”

The person who spoke was Starrk, and his both hands were holding a pistol.

“Sorry, sorry, but the two explosions that just sounded, the power seems to be bigger than your Cero power.”

Kyouraku Shunsui looks at opposite side, smiled.

“Yeah, I am desperate to see those powers.”

Starrk fired two shots and two Cero shots.

“However, your instant shot speed is really terrifying.”

Kyouraku Shunsui rushes to avoid, whether it is Raikōhō or Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō, it’s impossible to compare Starrk at the rate of fire.

The former can be close to the instant, but the accuracy is problematic, and Reishi is required to form Raikōhō.

As for Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō, the speed is slower.

Unlimited Cero can be instant, and Starrk’s Strength is beyond doubt.


When the smoke dissipated, the nearby mountain had disappeared, and Ulquiorra in the distance had some damage.

But only in an instant, his wings have returned to the original. Seeing this scene, Soi Fon said: “Is it impossible to hurt you?”

Ulquiorra also had some surprises. “The power is very formidable is greater than the power of my Lance. However, you can’t seem to use it too much?”

Soi Fon nodded and said, “My Jakuhō Raikōben can now shot three times a day, but with your speed and defensive power, I can’t hurt you.”

Soi Fon’s Reiatsu has reached eighth-class, with steel skin, and even more than in the future battle with k, the thunder whip can also do three times a day.

However, Jakuhō Raikōben speed is too slow, and the Ulfiorra’s wings are defensive power, and he can speed it up, so Soi Fon can’t hurt the opposite side.

Ulquiorra said: “If you only have this Strength, then you will inevitably fail today.”

“You are right, so I have to use all of my Strengths.”

Soi Fon said slowly, along with her words, the thunder flashed behind her, but did not gather, but slowly pulled away from the body, forming six three tomoe behind the back.

These three tomoes are constantly providing energy to Soi Fon’s body.

“Raijin Senkei.”

Soi Fon move her toes and her body had disappeared. She appeared next to Ulquiorra and punched.

“So fast.”

Ulquiorra was shocked and turned back his arm, but Soi Fon disappeared again and came to his side, hitting Ulquiorra’s abdomen with her right hand.


Ulquiorra flew out, and Soi Fon followed, punching out.

Boom, bang, bang.

Soi Fon’s boxing speed reached its limit, and Ulquiorra couldn’t react at all, being beaten in the air.

But just after Soi Fon’s last punch, Soi Fon’s figure stopped.

A tail penetrated Soi Fon’s abdomen and then slammed out her, and Soi Fon slammed into the mountain body.


Soi Fon spits out a blood, and Ulquiorra in the distance, the body becomes broken, but slowly to heal.

In the distance, Soi Fon climbed up from the ground, and the abdomen filled with blood, and rushed toward Ulquiorra again, kicking out.

Ulquiorra raised his right hand and blocked Soi Fon’s kick, but the next moment, the Soi Fon body rotated and the other leg pulled out again.


Ulquiorra’s body fell heavily into the ground.

Soi Fon rushed toward the ground, just rushing out two steps, and Soi Fon’s gaze was shrouded in the light of the ink green.

‘Not good.’

Soi Fon quickly sneaked out and saw a huge beam of light rushing into the sky in the distance.


The next moment, Ulquiorra appears beside Soi Fon, his arm pierces.

Soi Fon slammed the box and instantly blocked Ulquiorra. The speed also dominated the opposite side, finding the gap and punching it out.

But just then, Ulquiorra’s tail pulled out and stabbed Soi Fon’s chest.

Soi Fon fist can only block the tail of Ulquiorra and hit it back.

Next, Ulquiorra used his limbs and tail to tie himself with Soi Fon.

Soi Fon’s speed is faster, but Ulquiorra’s tail is flexible, so the two can’t separate the exit.

However, Soi Fon was seriously injured, and this continued, and the defeated must be Soi Fon.

As time goes by, Soi Fon’s speed is getting slower and slower.

But just in the moment when the two were in agreement, a figure appeared behind Ulquiorra and broke out.


Ulquiorra’s back was cut out with a bloody mouth, and the next two appeared on Ulquiorra’s side, one leg kicked into Ulquiorra’s, and another burly figure hit hit the other side of Ulquiorra’s body.

Ulquiorra was unharmed, but the figure stopped immediately.

At this moment, Soi Fon’s fist runs through Ulquiorra’s chest, and then slowly withdraws the fist.

Ulquiorra fell from the sky and landed heavily on the ground.

Soi Fon looks at the three people beside them, frowning and asking, “Who are you?”

“And me.”

A voice in the distance sounded, and the sword in his hand cut the Ulquiorra who trying to get up.

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