BSI Chapter 203 : End of Thousand-Year Blood War

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Xia Yan’s nerves are all over Gerard’s body, stretching for several kilometers, taking every inch of Gerard’s body.

Body Strength, Strength, Reflection Ability, Light Form.

First, Xia Yan’s body strength, Strength, and Reflection Ability are improved, but because the gap is close to none, it stops quickly.

Secondly, Xia Yan’s body began to change. After reading Gerard’s composition by Reishi, Xia Yan’s body began to transform into a Reishi.

Everything in Soul Society is made up of Reishi, and humans enter Soul Society and need to be transformed into a Spiritual Body.

But the existence of Shinigami and the soul is made up of substances converted from Reishi.

Just like Human World is made up of a device, the device is the basic particle, but the device can also be transformed into various atoms, and then all the substances are formed.

Shinigami is a material composition that Reishi transforms into, not a pure Reishi state, but a Spiritual Body state.

It also arises, as Gerard’s final form, is entirely made up of Reishi’s basic particles.

After Soul King was killed, it turned into a spiral power.

Xia Yan’s plan is to turn himself into a complete Spiritual Body.

Xia Yan’s body changed in size, and soon became the state of Reishi. The body became bigger, about one meter and eighty-five.

At the same time Reishi is highly condensed and extremely dense, so it reaches the peak of the tenth-class Reiatsu.

Ninth-class Reiatsu is the limit of Shinigami, and the tenth-class Reiatsu is beyond Shinigami. Now, Xia Yan’s body is close to perfection.

But it is not enough, because Xia Yan’s chest does not have the position of Heart, he also needs Gerard miracle ability as the heart of Soul King.

However, Xia Yan’s nerves cannot completely transform the miracle’s ability into a new Heart.

Pernida’s exposure to Evolution is an activity that can be targeted by Evolution.

For example, contact Zaraki Kenpachi and have the reaction speed of Zaraki Kenpachi.

After contacting Kurotsuchi Mayuri’s Bankai, he grasped the ability of phagocytosis.

But now, in the face of the miracle’s ability, contact with Evolution reads ability, but can’t convert it to Heart.

Heart is the core part of a person. It is close to the body of Xia Yan, and it is impossible to make a Heart carrying the miracle Ability.

So Xia Yan said softly: “Hōgyoku, I need you to abandon yourself, read ability, become my Heart, and then derive a new Ability, the dream come true.”

That’s right, Xia Yan’s goal is to make Hōgyoku to become heart of his own. The miracle’s ability is too strong and must be carried by objects, and the most formidable object of his body is Hōgyoku.

Can’t be destroyed, Can’t be removed, can only be hidden.

Even Yhwach can’t kill Aizen after merging Hōgyoku.

At the same time, the power of miracles is only the heart of Soul King, and other objects cannot withstand this Strength.

Only Hōgyoku and the power of miracles can be perfectly combined.

At the request of Xia Yan, Hōgyoku slowly changed, and merged with the power of miracles to become his own heart, appearing in Xia Yan’s chest.

deg, deg, deg. [X-N: not sure for heart sound XD]

At the moment when Heart beats, Xia Yan feels that a formidable strength is hovering over the body. This is not a meat stamina amount, but an omnipotent strength.

The Miracle’s ability is the ability to turn all the unfavorable states into favorable conditions.

Just because self-confidence can be stronger and stronger, to kill opponents, they will not have the fear of death, and thus maintain hope.

Under the influence of miracles, as long as they are not sealed, they will only become stronger and stronger.

But is it just that?

When Hōgyoku became Heart, Xia Yan at the same time mastered new Ability, and this new ability is  dream came true.

Hōgyoku’s Ability is to read other people’s ideas and implement them, but they need life to carry them.

For example, he can let Shinigami break Shinigami and Hollow boundary and master the blur.

He can also let Hollow break the mask and seal your own nucleus to master Shinigami’s ability.

He can also read other people’s ideas and let others have Fullbring ability.

This is existence of Hōgyoku, it is the idea of ​​reading the host, as well as the people around it, to achieve.

In other words, it has an abundance that makes people dream come true.

When Hōgyoku became part of his heart, Xia Yan’s Heart had two ability, dreams come true and miracles.

Xia Yan slowly opened the both eyes, and there were countless thunders around the body. The thunder was glittering, and instantly spread the body of Gerard Valkyrie, crushing it one inch.

“I will not die.”

Gerard Valkyrie made a big noise, and the body suddenly turned into a boundless light rain.

But after a few seconds, Reishi in the air gathered again and became a human form.

“It turned out to be resurrected.” Kyouraku Shunsui said with a dull expression.

“Are Xia Yan failing again?” Kuchiki Byakuya frowned.

Hirako Shinji sighed and said: “After this resurrection, no one can beat him.”

Everyone was desperate, but at this moment, the human form in the air collapsed a little, could not be condensed, and disappeared directly in the air, and could no longer be gathered.

Then Xia Yan stood up, and a flash came to the crowd and said with a smile: “Resolved.”

“Is this solved? But just…” Kyouraku Shunsui asked with amazement, and it was restored again, but now it is directly to heal.

Xia Yan nodded and said: “His Ability is really strong, but I have a way to restrain him.”

Kurotsuchi Mayuri appeared not far away, frowning and asked: “How to restrain him? how did you do that?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “I want to ask Kurotsuchi Captain, what is the difference between Soul Society and Human World? The most essential difference.”

“The most essential difference?”

Kurotsuchi Mayuri frowned and said: “The composition of the basic substances is different. The composition of the Soul Society is Reishi, and the composition of Human World is the instrument.”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “Yes, everything in Soul Society comes from Reishi, and everything in Human World comes from instrument, but the two can be converted to each other. What does this mean?”

Kurotsuchi Mayuri thought about it and said, “They are the two sides of one coin?”


Xia Yan said with a smile: “We are only returning to the topic just now. Everything from Human World comes from the instrument. So what exactly is instrument? In Human World, there are neutrons, protons, molecules, and electrons. What is the origin of everything?”

Kurotsuchi Mayuri replied: “I have learned some of the theory of Human World. Everything in the world is made up of atoms. The atoms are made up of nucleus and electrons. The nucleus is composed of protons and neutrons. Protons and neutrons, a kind of hadron, are a composite of quarks. What do you mean by saying that the machine is ultimately a quark?”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “I guess the quiz is a quark. Quark is divided into six types. I think it may be the six manifestations of the instrument. Quark also has an opposite particle called anti-quark. I guess Reishi is made up of anti-quark.”

Kurotsuchi Mayuri frowned and asked: “What does this have to do with your way of defeating Gerard?”

“Do not hurry!”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Since I think the instrument is a quark, can the instrument form an atom?”

Kurotsuchi Mayuri shook his head and said: “No, different types of quarks can form different types of hadrons. Protons and neutrons are quarks. Protons and neutrons are combined into nuclei, but to form atoms, electrons are needed.”

Having said that, Kurotsuchi Mayuri said: “Your Ability is to control the Thunder. The transmission of electricity is the movement of electric charge. The directional movement of electric charge forms a current, but the electric charge is not a particle, but an Attribute of particle. The electric charge is also divided into positive. Charges and negative charges are not independent of electrons. So what is your Ability?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “My Ability, originally is the energy formed by the charge motion. This energy is reflected in the current. But after becoming a photon form, my Ability becomes the amount of charge in all matter, whether it is a positive charge or negative charge, I can control it.”

Kurotsuchi Mayuri suddenly realized, “Then you control the charge and let Reishi not be able to aggregate directly, but in this case you need to control it at all times. In fact, it is no different from the control of Gerard with the enforced Ability. In essence, he does not have dead.”

Xia Yan shook head said: “No, I didn’t use the charge-controlled style to stop Gerard’s recovery.”

Kurotsuchi Mayuri frowned and asked, “What way do you use?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “I just let it blur.”

The Hollow Strength is the nemesis of Quincy, and as long as the soul of Quincy is contaminated with a little energy, it will be polluted.

Invasive drugs are passed through the hollow, so that Quincy is forced to give up.

This is still the solution to Quincy Medallion for stealing Bankai. If it is the destruction of Quincy itself, can they still maintain the original energy?

Gerard is the heart of Soul King, but it is a Quincy, a Quincy who can be created and controlled by Yhwach.

Even if the carrier is the heart of Soul King, it is still the nature soul of Quincy.

They can be taken by Yhwach and can naturally be blurred.

This is how Xia Yan defeated Gerard Valkyrie.

“So what do you say so much?” Kurotsuchi Mayuri said with anger.

Tōshirō Hitsugaya said with no anger: “And he said so much, we didn’t understand at all.”

“You scientists are really terrible, no matter what, the end is fine.” Kyouraku Shunsui looks like a trouble.

Nelliel found out what seemed to be said: “Xia Yan, how have you changed again? But this time it looks like it looks a bit handsome.”

“Really, it becomes very handsome.”

Yoruichi surrounded Xia Yan and took out her fingers and pinched Xia Yan’s cheek. She said: “The texture is very good, hey, it’s really good.”

“All right.”

Kyouraku Shunsui said: “The old man returned to Seireitei to deal with Yhwach. Do we have to go back?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Gerard Valkyrie did not lose control until the last Strength, according to time, Yhwach is dead.”

Then Xia Yan said: “However, in order to be foolproof, I will go back first. You stay in Hueco Mundo to clear the rest of Quincy, and then return to Seireitei after I send message. After all, to deal with Yhwach, your combat power can’t help, but it will be distracting.”

“That bothered you.”

Kyouraku Shunsui said to Xia Yan solemnly, if Yamamoto Genryuusai also fails, then only Xia Yan alone can stop Yhwach.

And the battle between Xia Yan and Yhwach is afraid that it will destroy the entire Seireitei.

They returned to Seireitei, but they were just burden.

So they stayed at Hueco Mundo, only Xia Yan, went to Seireitei.


Seireitei center, Aizen and Yamamoto Genryuusai battle to the heat, the two continue to advance and retreat.

“Is there someone coming? Fast speed.”

Yhwach felt the lightning flashing on the horizon, and the figure was approaching quickly, some accidents.

“Your Majesty, I will kill Yamamoto Head-captain.”

Aizen said, appeared on the side of Yamamoto Genryuusai and smashed him out.

Yamamoto Genryūsai Shigekuni coldly snorted, the explosion rises and rises toward Aizen.

Aizen was quick retreat, followed by Flame, chasing Aizen.

Aizen retreated to Yhwach, and the body suddenly changed. There was a butterfly on the back, and all the Flames disappeared after touching the wing on the butterfly.


Yhwach was slightly surprised, and then said: “Can you absorb Flame? It’s really amazing.”

Aizen’s revival of his own, so that the shackles of butterfly wing behind it can absorb heat, can minimize the damage of Flame.

But only in an instant, the more intense Flame rushed out, covering Aizen.

Flame was absorbed by the butterfly wing, but the hoe broke one after another, and Yamamoto Genryuusai sneered and said: “Absorb Flame? My Flame is endless, how can you absorb it?”

Accompanied by the words of Yamamoto Genryuusai, he clenched his long sword and smashed Aizen.


The long sword crossed Aizen’s body and instantly ignited his body into ashes.

But after the body disappeared, Aizen’s body appeared on the other side of Yhwach, and Yhwach smiled and said: “It seems that you can’t kill him. Oh, your helper is here too.”

The thunder in the distance, the moment is near.

At this moment, Yamamoto Genryuusai slashed into Aizen and cut Aizen in half again.

At the moment of chopping, Yamamoto Genryuusai’s long sword slammed into Yhwach.

“Do you want to shoot me?”

Yhwach was not ready to fight, the body was quickly retreat, but the next moment, Aizen appeared behind him and broke out.

Faced with the front and rear pinch, Yhwach, who did not open his eyes, could not react at all.

Only in an instant, two sword hit him.

“In this case, then I can only…”

Yhwach opened the booth eyes at the moment of being hit. As long as he opened the eyes, he would not die.

But in an instant, the lightning flashed in the distance, and one hand stabbed into Yhwach’s vest.

“You kill me.”

Yhwach slowly opened his eyes. He had no choice but to open his eyes to take over his own Ability, but his eyes did not appear heavy, and his own Ability did not appear.

“What happened?”

Yhwach didn’t know why his Strength disappeared, but then, two Zanpakuto hit his body, Zanpakuto in Aizen’s hand, from top to bottom, Zanpakuto cut into Yhwach’s head, chest, abdomen, and directly licked it. It became two halves.

But before it was completely opened, Yamamoto Genryuusai’s Zanka no Tachi also crossed the Yhwach into two sections from the waist and abdomen.

The next moment, the Flame on Zanka no Tachi is filled out, and Yhwach, which will become a four-segment, is swallowed up.

Flame dissipated, and Yhwach did not leave a trace of death.

In the two Experts of Shinigami Peak, with a super Captain Expert, use silver arrowhead to kill Yhwach without opening eyes.

The war of extermination was completely over.


After Yhwach’s death, Yamamoto Genryuusai landed on the ground, standing there, staring at Aizen.

Although Xia Yan told himself that Aizen would help him kill Yhwach in the moment of Soi Fon’s appearance, in the view of Yamamoto Genryuusai, Aizen is a more terrible existence than Yhwach, especially since everyone still trapped in Kyōka Suigetsu.

And the involvement of Xia Yan, let Yamamoto Genryuusai produce an idea, things are not over yet.

There is also a bigger plan hidden in the dark.

“Yamamoto Head-Captain, your injury…”

Soi Fon appeared next to Yamamoto Genryuusai and asked with concern.

“Do not worry, I am fine.”

Yamamoto Genryuusai sighed and stood there, still staring at Aizen.

He didn’t dare to take the lead, because the current Yamamoto Genryuusai is the end of the strong, and Aizen’s Strength, there are still more.

Yamamoto Genryuusai plus Soi Fon can’t hold Aizen alone.

Aizen saw the look of the two men and said, “Do not worry, I will not shoot. After all, I have completed the agreement, and another person needs to complete his agreement.”


Soi Fon frowned and was puzzled.

Aizen smiled and said: “You don’t know? Please, I am helping your lover, Xia Yan, and at the same time, he has to help me a lot. Didn’t he tell you?”

“Help you a favor?” Soi Fon frowned, looks at Aizen and said, “He can’t let you go.”

Aizen smiled and said: “Of course, he won’t let me go, but before he will shut me up again, take me to see someone and kill him by hand.”

“Kill who?” Soi Fon coldly asked.

Aizen slowly spit out two words: “Soul King.”

At the moment of hearing the word ‘Soul King’, Soi Fon and Yamamoto Genryuusai changed their faces, and the latter said loudly: “Impossible.”

Soi Fon looked pale and said: “How could it be Soul King? Why did he kill Soul King? This is impossible.”

However, the next moment, a figure appeared next to Aizen, gently said: “Yes, my purpose is to kill Soul King and replace him.”

With the sound, Xia Yan’s figure slowly appeared in the air.

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