BSI Chapter 59 : Injured

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In the field, the sky suddenly dropped a thunder and attacked the two who were fighting.

Soi Fon instinctively felt the danger coming, a little step, quickly retreat to dodge, and escaped the thunder.

But at the moment when her figure appeared, a huge blue speed of light appeared in front of her.

Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō.


The sound of the current combined with the bang of the air hit the Soi Fon in an instant, destroying her.

Soi Fon had a Reishi on her toes and her body suddenly disappeared. The next moment appeared in the other direction.

With the Shunko of Soi Fon, the speed is coming to an extreme, and such a blow can’t catch her.

But at the moment when her toes fell, Soi Fon came straight up with a beam of light, an electromagnetic gun, eight times the speed of sound.

After Xia Yan made several pieces of bullets that could be used as short thorns, he continued to experiment and let his electromagnetic gun speed reach eight times the speed of sound.

Soi Fon made a dodge when he saw Xia Yan’s acceleration of the shells. The body moved a centimeter away and the electromagnetic gun had crossed the 20-meter distance.


However, the distance of this centimeter allowed Soi Fon to escape the bombardment of the electromagnetic gun. Although it was not hit, the energy of the electromagnetic gun directly took away the large flesh of Soi Fon’s arm.

At the moment of the injury, Soi Fon body appeared for a moment of stagnation, and at this time, a thunderstorm hit.

Soi Fon slammed his feet and sneaked away again, but in the process of moving backwards, he was hit by the second thunder.


Soi Fon body is stiff, can no longer support, falling from the sky.

Xia Yan quickly swayed the wings, flew under Soi Fon, and hugged Soi Fon. The left arm of  Soi Fon had exposed the bones, and the face full of painful colors, Xia Yan could not help but say: “Soi Fon Captain, I am sorry.”

Soi Fon bit her teeth and said, “It’s okay, I let you use full power.”

This battle is because Soi Fon wants Xia Yan to mobilize the whole strength to attack her. In the early battle, Soi Fon has many times to defeat Xia Yan, but he has to re-adjust the plan, and not able to verify his fighting limit.

However, Xia Yan can’t play his own limit, because the close-up Soi Fon can suppress his own movements and make himself unable to use all the Ability.

So Xia Yan thought of a better plan after several unsuccessful results.

First use the thunder to force the Soi Fon a distance, and then use Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō that needs to accumulate Strength to attack her, and Raikōhō to block Soi Fon.

Finally, the Soi Fon was attacked with the slowest electromagnetic gun to release it.

After the injury, Xia Yan did not stop, but attacked with a thunder, but she can still avoid, Xia Yan has long expected that, so a thunder will be prepared in the direction of her retreat.

If it is normal, Xia Yan reaction speed is not enough for the thunder to hit Soi Fon. After all, the speed of the thunder is fast, but Xia Yan needs to react in advance.

Soi Fon was injured this time and the speed slowed down, so she was hit and left a wound on Soi Fon. She was not Zaraki Kenpachi, and she fell to the limit.

This comparison test, although the result is Soi Fon losing, is based on the fact that she wants to try her own limits.

Then try it and die.

“Soi Fon Captain, I will take you to 4th Division for treatment.”

Xia Yan, holding Soi Fon, flew in the direction of 4th Division.

After coming to courtyard of 4th Division, after Xia Yan landed, he disbanded the thunder and rushed into the room.

Seeing Soi Fon, who was covered in blood, and the arm that was hit by the bleeding hole, the members of 4th Division could not be cured and called Unohana Retsu.

“Follow me”

Unohana Retsu shouted two people into the ward, and Xia Yan put Soi Fon on the hospital bed.

Unohana Retsu took a look at Soi Fon injury and said, “Don’t worry, I will treat her.”

Unohana Retsu walked up to Soi Fon, and both hands pressed in front of Soi Fon wound, the next moment, and the arm burst into a blue light.

Unlike the green light that treats the wound, this light is blue.

And Unohana Retsu treats injuries, mostly with one hand, but now uses both hands.

Under the blue envelope, Soi Fon missing muscles multiply.

Although Shinigami has blood, bones, heart and blood, it is essentially a Spiritual Body, so it can be repaired by Kaidō’s style.

However, if the entire arm is missing, you need a meat supplement or backtracking class.

Backtracking class is mostly Space backtracking or time backtracking. Due to location and time, Inoue Orihime can only recover one day, of course, not only to recover from injuries, but also objects.

Soi Fon treatment by Unohana Retsu, the wound quickly heal, and soon healed.

“Don’t resist.”

After Unohana Retsu finished, he took out Zanpakuto and shouted Shikai.

The next moment, the Zanpakuto suddenly becomes a huge Monster, the whole body is green, the body is like a devil fish, with one eye and three feet.

After Monster appeared, Open mouth spit Soi Fon into his mouth, and then Unohana Retsu smiled and said: “She has too many wounds and it is more troublesome to treat. It is better to use meat directly.”

Xia Yan said at Unohana Retsu, “many thanks Unohana Captain.”

“Not necessary.”

Unohana Retsu waved his hand and asked again: “How was Soi Fon injured? There is burning in the skin of the body, and there are many wounds, just like being thundered.”

Xia Yan scratched his head and said: “Soi Fon Captain and my spar, let me be full power, I accidentally wounded her.”

Unohana Retsu said with a smile: “It seems that Xia Yan already has a Captain-level Strength, and even Soi Fon can beat.”

Xia Yan quickly waved his hand and said: “I have not beaten Soi Fon Captain. She has been keeping her hands and letting me attack.”

Unohana Retsu smiled and said: “But you have not denied that you have Captain-level Strength. The last time I saw you two years ago, now you have grown to this point.”

“Where, I still need to keep working.”

It’s been two years since Xia Yan battle with Zaraki Kenpachi. Xia Yan is already 20 years old, and of course still has an eleven-year-old body.

Xia Yan even thought about whether he would like to find an opportunity to go to the boundary. There is a time flow of 2,000 times. You can cultivate in it to increase Strength and grow up.

Xia Yan thought, this time, Minazuki has already spit out Soi Fon, the landing Soi Fon is covered with Minazuki saliva, but there is no injury.

Soi Fon stood up and said to Unohana Retsu: “many thanks Unohana Captain.”

“It’s just a little effort.” Unohana Retsu took back the Minazuki while responding modestly.

Xia Yan went to Soi Fon and said, “I’m sorry Soi Fon Captain.”

Soi Fon waved her hand and said, “It’s okay, I let you do it.”

After saying this, Soi Fon looked at the liquid on her body and said to Unohana Retsu: “Unohana Captain, I will go back first and come back to visit you in a few days.”

Although the treatment is the responsibility of 4th Division, it is an extra bailout. It is not a battle injury. Soi Fon needs to express gratitude.

“Well, you should go back first.”

After Unohana Retsu finished, Xia Yan and Soi Fon left the 4th Division together.

The two leaped toward the 2nd Division. On the road, Xia Yan had been looking at Soi Fon and found that Soi Fon was very tempting now. Her criminal warfare was exposed, plus the liquid on her body. The feeling of blaming the attack.

In such a scenario, you can write a 30,000-word article, or a book.

Perceived Xia Yan gaze, Soi Fon asked with anger: “What are you looking at?”

Xia Yan laughed and lowered his head.

“Smirking again.”

Soi Fon groaned, but did not say anything, but at this time, a figure appeared in front of the two.

The black shadow slammed on the knees and said to Xia Yan: “Xia Yan, Shiba Miyako has left Seireitei, with a team.”

Shiba Miyako has left Seireitei with a large number of people, and finally started?

Soi Fon heard Shiba Miyako these words, frowned and asked, “Are you looking at Shiba Miyako?”

Xia Yan did not expect to be discovered by Soi Fon Captain. She is, after all, the commander-in-chief of Onmitsukidō, and the power of the Onmitsukidō troops is highly concentrated on the commander-in-chief. It is qualified to consult any information of the Onmitsukidō troops, and even qualified to jump over the authority three squad Captain, the nest of the worm.

Therefore, the team members will not avoid Soi Fon, so she is known.

But Xia Yan didn’t have time to explain, just said: “Captain, come back, I will explain it to you, I will leave first.”

Xia Yan left this sentence and let the supervisors take the lead.

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