BSI Chapter 45 : 11th Division

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“Roar, Zabimaru.”

Renji right hand grips the Zanpakuto and his left hand squats over the back of the knife. The next moment, Zanpakuto has changed shape and became a double-edged snake sword.

Like a machete, it has six serrations on it, for a total of seven knots.

After Shikai, Renji held the Zanpakuto and attack to Xia Yan.

Xia Yan toes are a little bit easy to escape and fall behind.

But his feet just landed, the knife in Abarai Renji’s hand suddenly extended, the blade flew out, and they were connected to each other by steel cables, and they bowed to Xia Yan.

Xia Yan body swayed slightly, avoiding the blow, but Zabimaru suddenly wandered around Xia Yan, and three blades were surrounded by steel cables to surround Xia Yan, and encircled the middle.

Just as the blade was about to touch Xia Yan skin, Xia Yan body shape disappeared and jumped up.

In the midair, the Zabimaru below hovered again and strangled Xia Yan.

But Xia Yan stepped on the blade, and the body disappeared, and came to Renji, with Zanpakuto in his hand on his neck.

“I lost.”

Renji release Zanpakuto in his hand and Zabimaru changed back to the shape of the knife.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “It’s already good. After two years in 11th Division, you can master Shikai.”

Renji said with a smile: “Even if Shikai is not as good as you, even your clothes can’t touch.”

Xia Yan shook his head and said: “Your Zabimaru is very formidable, but there is a drawback. It can only be hit three times from a long distance and must be recovered. So I took advantage of this opportunity to attack you or you can take the initiative. ”

Renji smiled and asked, “How did you find out, I only used it once.”

Xia Yan naturally can’t say that I have seen your Shikai instructions, just said: “Because of the gap between Attack, you didn’t encircle me after the third extension, I guess you can’t make the fourth Attack.”

Renji nodded and said, “It turns out.”

“Okay, it’s me.”

Not far from them, a figure came up and came to Xia Yan, laughing and said: “Xia Yan, we have not fought for a long time.”

The comers are  Ikkaku, 11th Division three seats, and Xia Yan is now in 11th Division, Renji was changed the fate, directly into 11th Division, and has been two years.

Now it is the star of 11th Division that has received much attention. Even Zaraki Kenpachi has high hopes. Followed by the Ikkaku training all the time, Strong has made great strides.

At this time, Xia Yan is 20 years old and joined the Onmitsukidō troops for six years. Renji and the others have also been graduated for two years.

But Xia Yan still does not master Shikai, he does not know why his Zanpakuto has been unable to recognize himself.

Xia Yan is very distressed, but he can only improve his own strengths, Shunpo, Hakuda, Zanjutsu and Kido.

As for the moment, Soi Fon has completed the outbreak of Kido and Hakuda, but how to integrate with Hakuda to form a unique combat skill, but also need to continue to explore, but the distance is completely completed, it is estimated that in this two years.

However, Xia Yan mastered some of the tricks, such as condensing speed on the both legs and concentrating on the arms to enhance the Strength.

Of course, this trick is regarded as a secret skill by Xia Yan, and it is easy to use it.

Ikkaku stood in front of Xia Yan and inserted the scabbard on the handle. He shouted: “Extend, Hōzukimaru.”

Zanpakuto became a long spear, and Ikkaku continued to shout: “Crushing, Hōzukimaru.”

As his words fell, the long spear split and turned into a three-section stick, except that one of them had a knife and a blade.

Ikkaku held the first quarter with his left hand in his hand, and the right hand held the section with the blade. The lunge stepped forward and stared at Xia Yan.

Xia Yan saw this scene and pulled out Zanpakuto. The toes stepped on the ground, and the whole person disappeared. When it appeared again, it came to the front of Ikkaku.

“So fast.”

The Ikkaku eyes shrink, and the left end grips the end of the long stick and lifts it up, blocking it in front of the knife.


Zanpakuto squatted on the three-section stick and made a muffled sound. The next moment, the first quarter of the right hand Ikkaku stabbed Xia Yan’s face.

Xia Yan did not dodge, pulled back Zanpakuto, everything in the horizontal.


This is the sound of Xia Yan cutting edge, blocking the stab on the opposite side.

Ikkaku left-handed baton hit it again, pointing to Xia Yan, but was blocked by Xia Yan Zanpakuto.

Ikkaku both hands open, constantly using the stick and knife Attack, but they are all blocked.

But Xia Yan does not have Attack. With only one knife, the left block is cut to the right, and the attack of Ikkaku is hidden invisible.

Ikkaku changed the attack style, and used a three-section stick to circumvent Xia Yan, but Xia Yan was responsive and calmly evaded.

The two men struggled with more than 100 strokes, regardless of the exit, and Ikkaku stepped back and said: “If you don’t fight, I still can’t win you.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “But I can’t beat the Ikkaku predecessor.”

“Is that right?”

Ikkaku took back Zanpakuto and sighed and said: “You challenged me five and a half years ago. With two Blade Moves, I forced my first form of Shikai, and you lost. Two years ago, you used two Blade Moves to force out the three-stick form, and you and I became a tie. And now, you can already level with my single power. If you use two Blade Moves, I am not your opponent. ”

Xia Yan current Strength, even without Kido and the second Blade Move, is already comparable to the Ikkaku.

Thanks to Xia Yan weekly training with Soi Fon Captain, the Hakuda technique is getting stronger and stronger, and  Shunpo that Onmitsukidō is good at is more sophisticated. In all the Vice-Captains, no one can movement speed and attack speed compared with Xia Yan.

His speed has a big advantage over Shinjiami, which is good at frontal battles like Ikkaku.

Moreover, the Zanpakuto of Ikkaku is a direct attack system, which cannot be attached to Strength and speed, and is even more diverse than Shikai of Renji.

If you deal with Matsukai Rangiku Shikai, Haineko, Xia Yan current performance, even with the second Blade Move is difficult to deal with.

In the future, Shikai of Kira Izuru, Shikai of Shiba Kaien, and Shikai of Chōjirō Sasakibe, Xia Yan also had some difficulties in dealing with it.

Xia Yan said to Ikkaku, “I can’t master Shikai yet.”

Ikaku smiled and said: “Maybe your Shikai is particularly formidable.”


Xia Yan heart is somewhat low. He knows his own strength, and he will go to Level 1 again with complete control.

However, Shunko is an extension of Hakuda technique, and Xia Yan hopes to master Zanpakuto.

But for seven years, I have been unable to Shikai for seven years in Zanpakuto. Xia Yan is very discouraged.

Sixth-class Reiatsu, the strength of the Vice-Captain series, why is it still not recognized?

Renji has mastered Shikai, and Hisagi Shuuhei has mastered Shikai. Why can’t he do it?

When Xia Yan thought of it, he felt a little discouraged. He said to the Ikkaku, “Ikkaku seniors, if it is ok, I will go back first.”

Renji came over and grabbed Xia Yan shoulder and said, “Don’t go, let’s go drinking, I will ask you.”

Xia Yan waved his hand and said: “I will go back today to deal with official duties.”

“All right.”

Renji nodded and smiled and said: “I will become stronger next time I meet again.”


Xia Yan is very much looking forward to, after saying goodbye, just went to the door and just went out, but the front was blocked by a figure.

“Little devil, your Strength has exceeded Ikkaku?”

Zaraki Kenpachi looked down at Xia Yan, and the corner of the mouth showed a smirk.

Xia Yan modestly replied: “Zaraki Captain, I just barely tied with Ikkaku predecessor.”

“No, you do have strength than his forformable.”

Zaraki Kenpachi corner of the mouth opened and said: “So, let me be your opponent today.”

Zaraki Kenpachi is his opponent?

What is Zaraki Captain saying? How can he win over him, even if he uses an incomplete Shunko, he can’t win him.

Xia Yan quickly said: “Zaraki Captain, how can I be your opponent, please…”

After Xia Yan has not finished speaking, he can only stop his words and reveal the color of fear.

In front of Xia Yan, Zaraki Kenpachi raised his sword high, and the corner of the mouth showed a smirk and said: “The hypocritical little devil, since it is not my opponent? Then you can only die here.”

With the words of Zaraki Kenpachi, the long sword in his hand suddenly fell and slammed into Xia Yan head.

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